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2019-10-24 Arnaud GierschRemove duplicate error message, and use xbt_assert.
2019-10-24 Arnaud GierschDon't shadow outer variable.
2019-10-24 Frederic Sutermake actors_at_boot_ private
2019-10-24 Frederic Suterboss not happy, partial revert
2019-10-24 Frederic Sutermake HostImpl::actor_list_ private
2019-10-24 Frederic Suteralmost useless old stuff... remove
2019-10-24 Frederic Sutersome process to actor renaming
2019-10-24 Frederic Suterremove direct accesses to pimpl_cpu
2019-10-22 Frederic Suterfix ns3
2019-10-22 Frederic Sutermake host's pimpl_netpoint private
2019-10-21 Martin QuinsonUse xbt_assert instead of 'if() xbt_die'
2019-10-21 Martin Quinsonsonar: kill commented code
2019-10-21 Arnaud GierschVariable is empty since... 2012!
2019-10-21 Arnaud GierschUpdate MANIFEST.in.
2019-10-21 Arnaud GierschFix another dead store caught by cppcheck.
2019-10-21 Martin Quinsonmake WifiLink depend on LinkImpl directly
2019-10-21 Martin Quinsondefault value for latency should be 0
2019-10-21 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in the wifi model
2019-10-21 Martin Quinsonsplit the wifi model into its own files
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschUse statically allocated stack.
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschAdd "explicit" keyword.
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschKill dead stores.
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschPrefer initialization list.
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschReduce scope for variables.
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschDie on error.
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschFix misspelling of "occurring".
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschSpell check.
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschTry to ensure test reproducibility.
2019-10-20 Arnaud GierschRemove remaining mentions of RngStream.
2019-10-19 Arnaud GierschKill dead code.
2019-10-19 Martin Quinsondocument recently merged MR
2019-10-19 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'noRngStream' into 'master'
2019-10-19 Yann DuplouyRemoving RngStream
2019-10-18 Martin Quinsondocument our policy for version numbering
2019-10-18 Martin Quinsonrewrite completely the releasing guide
2019-10-18 Martin Quinsondocument some recently closed bugs
2019-10-18 Frederic Suterremove some direct accesses to pimpl_cpu
2019-10-17 Arnaud GierschGitLab/CI: disable coverage.
2019-10-17 Arnaud GierschTravis/win: python has been upgraded.
2019-10-17 Arnaud GierschTypos.
2019-10-17 Arnaud GierschConvert to C++, and call get_pid() directly.
2019-10-17 Arnaud GierschThere is no need to use simix here.
2019-10-17 Arnaud GierschRemove file (deprecated since 16 months).
2019-10-17 Arnaud GierschRemove references to dead variables.
2019-10-17 Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Add "override" annotation.
2019-10-17 Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Capitalize constant name.
2019-10-16 Martin Quinsonimprove the docker generation scripts
2019-10-16 Martin Quinsoncmake: tell which version of SimGrid we are configuring
2019-10-16 Martin QuinsonUpdate the release guide
2019-10-16 Martin QuinsonRewrite the NEWS after the release O:-)
2019-10-16 Frederic Suterfix GH#305
2019-10-16 Frederic Sutercosmetics
2019-10-12 Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Remove commented out code.
2019-10-12 Arnaud Giersch[cppcheck] Reduce scope for variables.
2019-10-12 Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Factor common expression and don't duplicate...
2019-10-12 Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Remove unused "import".
2019-10-12 Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Use try-with-resource to correctly close the...
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschUpdate .mailmap.
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschDeprecate C API for SIMIX timers.
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschKeep deprecated features one more release (target:...
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschCosmetics: useless negation.
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschRemove defintion of msg_as_t, deprecated a long time...
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschMSG_task_receive_ext_bounded was indeed deprecated...
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschRemove features marked with XBT_ATTRIB_DEPRECATED_v325.
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschUndeprecate SIMIX_process_self_{get,set}_data.
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschTry to avoid error with mingw: function definition...
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschDon't try to run tests after build failure.
2019-10-11 Arnaud GierschUgly hack to remove temporary files on Windows.
2019-10-11 Frederic Suterplease clang and gcc10
2019-10-11 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of https://framagit.org/simgrid...
2019-10-10 Arnaud GierschDefine XBT_ATTRIB_DEPRECATED_v328.
2019-10-10 Arnaud GierschMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2019-10-10 Arnaud GierschStart the dev of v3.24.1.
2019-10-10 Frederic Suteruse CRTP to factor refcounting across activity types
2019-10-10 Frederic Suterupdate things
2019-10-10 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' into CRTP
2019-10-09 Arnaud GierschPrefer stderr to stdout.
2019-10-09 Arnaud GierschTravis: make "du" more verbose.
2019-10-09 Martin Quinsonsecond attempt at fixing 32bits. Am I stupid or something? v3.24
2019-10-09 Martin Quinsonfix 32bits builds
2019-10-09 Martin Quinsondocument more closed bugs
2019-10-09 Martin Quinsontry to release v3.24
2019-10-09 Martin Quinsonun-deprecate a redundent function
2019-10-09 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #334 from Mommessc/rework-energy...
2019-10-09 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' into rework-energy-plugin-2.0
2019-10-09 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:simgrid/simgrid
2019-10-09 Martin Quinsonsonar: kill an overriding method
2019-10-09 Martin Quinsonjava: automatically close the streams on error to pleas...
2019-10-09 Martin QuinsonAdd a TODO in the code
2019-10-09 Martin Quinsonplease clang-static by initializing p_idle only once
2019-10-09 Arnaud GierschTry to understand where/when space is missing on travis...
2019-10-09 Frederic Suterchange handling of nested <prop> declarations.
2019-10-09 clement-dell[Energy] cosmetics and comments
2019-10-09 clement-dell[Energy] Mark sg_host_get_idle_consumption as deprecated
2019-10-09 clement-dell(Energy] Add sg_get_idle_consumption_at function
2019-10-08 clement-dellRevert "[Energy] Can now retrieve idle power of specifi...
2019-10-08 clement-dell[Energy] Missing power profiles for a host defaulted...
2019-10-08 Arnaud GierschTry to understand where/when space is missing on travis...
2019-10-08 clement-dell[Energy] Enfore as many power profiles as pstates
2019-10-08 clement-dell[Energy] Can now retrieve idle power of specified pstate