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2014-02-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Avoid parsing /proc/self/maps if possible
2014-02-14 Gabriel Corona[mc] Doxygen mc_dpor.c (and some mc_liveness.c)
2014-02-14 Gabriel Corona[mc] Disable MC_DEBUG (enabled by mistake)
2014-02-11 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make usage of state hash a runtime parameter ...
2014-02-11 Gabriel Corona[mc] Code for evaluation of the impact of the hash
2014-02-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cache stack unwindinwg
2014-02-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix broken type lookup code
2014-02-10 Gabriel CoronaMerge branch 'mc' into mc-perf
2014-02-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless code (get SP register)
2014-02-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use optimized local implementation of libuwind...
2014-02-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Restore old behaviour when comparing pointers...
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix sefault where a variable has no name
2014-02-07 Gabriel CoronaMerge branch mc into mc-perf
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Split address/location in dw_variable_t (which...
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix segfaults when type->name==NULL
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Disable communication pattern code (segfault)
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove dead code for ignoring variables
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove old hash code
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Avoid useless zero-initialisations in the hot...
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Avoid type lookups and calls to get_type_description()
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Pass mc_object_info_t arguiments in many places...
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Preprocess type lookup
2014-02-07 Gabriel Corona[mc] Compute a single hash (64 bits) of the current...
2014-02-04 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove code for finding an array byte size
2014-02-03 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix broken type in compare_heap_area_with_type
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Enforce some assumption about the relationship...
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add comments to compare_areas_with_type
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not ignore DW_TAG_const_type
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] In compare_global_variables only compare values...
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] DRY in snapshot_compare
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Have a more complete/accurate view of an given...
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix element count computation for a givena array...
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix handling of location
2014-01-31 Gabriel Corona[mc] Comment logging in order to fix the unit tests
2014-01-17 Marion GuthmullerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/libdw2'
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add DW_TAG_formal_parameter as variables in the...
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use literal values in DWARF constant to name mappings
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup mc_dwarf.c
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless argument in MC_dwarf_at_location
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add comments/doxygen
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Free memory for object_info
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove objdump code
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove code for location of .plt and .got.plt
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use libdw for location list
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use libdw for functions and local variables
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use libdw for global variables
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Deduplicate address location resolution in MC_dwar...
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_dwarf_tag_type()
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add dwarf_global field to dw_variable_t
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] libdwarf integration for types
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use DWARF constants for type tags
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Link against libdw
2014-01-17 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix warnings
2014-01-16 Marion Guthmullermodel-checker : first steps for the study of MPI commun...
2014-01-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove type DW_TAG_enumerator type (because it...
2014-01-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Split byte_size and element_count in mc_object_info_t
2014-01-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove spurious return in MC_find_object_address
2014-01-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add comments
2014-01-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Restore lightweight MC initialisation procedure
2014-01-10 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup mc_object_info_t code
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mv] Remove global {start,end}_{plt,got}_{libsimgrid...
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add plt/got in mc_object_info_t
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move start_text, start_data, start_bss into mc_obj...
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Include ELF file name in object_info_t
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remvove mc_{global_variables,local_variables,varia...
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not use mc_{global_variables,local_variables...
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Refactor, group some informations about a given...
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use LANG=C when calling objdump
2014-01-09 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add some documentation to the MC DWARF code
2014-01-06 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix bug in recurive call of compare_heap_area_with...
2013-12-20 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix bug when parsing /proc/self/maps
2013-12-20 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix broken objdump parser with new versions of...
2013-11-08 Arnaud GierschRelease version 3.10-rc2. v3_10_rc2
2013-11-08 Arnaud GierschThis part is not relevant anymore.
2013-11-08 Arnaud GierschGive smpiff the directory to libf2c.
2013-11-08 Arnaud GierschDon't add include directories when f77 support is disabled.
2013-11-08 Arnaud GierschTry to fix temp file creation.
2013-11-08 Augustin Degommebe a little more tricky and hopefully more portable
2013-11-08 Augustin Degommemore bash->sh changes
2013-11-08 Augustin Degommethanks to Matthieu Volat, freebsd build may work again...
2013-11-08 Augustin Degommeflto has not the right effect with clang
2013-11-08 Augustin DegommeI blame someone else for this
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschSupport for F90 also needs f2c.
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschLook for gfortran before enabling support for smpif90.
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschName the release (following frs69wq's advice).
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschFree group_lookup at finalize.
2013-11-07 Augustin Degommethis test used too much memory for build slaves, divide...
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschFix build of jar file with cmake >= 3.12 (try #2).
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschThis test does not work with MC.
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschIncrease junkarea to 4kiB.
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschFix 32 bits builds.
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschAdd Fortran examples for smpi+dvfs.
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschAdd Fortran bindigns for smpi+dvfs.
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschAdd example for smpi+dvfs.
2013-11-07 Arnaud GierschExport DVFS functionality for smpi (experimental).
2013-11-07 Augustin Degommesmpi build without F2C was broken since 58ea5966
2013-11-06 Augustin Degommechangelog
2013-11-06 Augustin Degommepotential fixes
2013-11-06 suterleak --(cherry picked from commit dd1330c53beec9c5abb8b...
2013-11-06 Arnaud GierschCosmetics: adjust spaces.