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2010-07-06 navarrop[From Arnaud Giersch] Fix compilation warning about...
2010-07-06 navarrop[From Arnaud Giersch] Fix memory leak when MSG_create_e...
2010-07-06 navarrop[From Arnaud Giersch] In standard C, we are allowed...
2010-07-06 navarrop[From Arnaud Giersch] Fix the following problems in...
2010-07-06 navarrop[From Arnaud Giersch] Use Gcc attribute __unused__...
2010-07-06 navarrop[From A. Giersch] Fix the following compilation warning...
2010-07-06 navarrop[From A. Giersch] Fix the following compilation errors...
2010-07-06 navarropRemove doc/html with command make clean.
2010-07-06 coldpeaceadding some comment lines mentioned in the doc file
2010-07-05 navarropCompil with enable_warning and add new files to gitignore.
2010-07-05 navarropAdd an example for isend and ireceive functions.
2010-07-05 navarropAdd a function called after a MSG_comm_test.
2010-07-05 cristianrosaChange dependence function to mimic the one in AVOCS...
2010-07-05 navarropSorry but need to have type size_t.
2010-07-05 navarropAdd a new default path for cgraph.
2010-07-05 navarropShould be type void*.
2010-07-05 navarropChange Name CGRPAH by CGRAPH.
2010-07-05 quintincorrection to compile with warning and th indentation...
2010-07-02 navarropAdd path for cgraph by default ou by user.
2010-07-02 navarropRewriting for some compilers less permissive.
2010-07-02 navarropChange the type of return.
2010-07-02 navarropAdd simgrid dependency for bindings.
2010-07-01 quintinavoid the complilation of dot_test.c if graphviz wasn...
2010-07-01 quintinthe comment of some lines add a bug in the execution...
2010-07-01 quintinAdd a dot loader to have a connection with the random...
2010-07-01 navarropAdd some fct to simix for function wait in gos.c
2010-07-01 navarropPermits to add personal flags to compilation.
2010-06-30 navarropRedo messages while all needed tools are none install...
2010-06-30 navarropAdd tests in buildtools/Cmake/AddTests.cmake file.
2010-06-29 navarropUpdate the doc.
2010-06-29 navarropCosmetics.
2010-06-29 navarropBe compatible with Sed on Mac.
2010-06-28 navarropCosmetics.
2010-06-28 coldpeaceadd master_slave_bypass lua test
2010-06-28 coldpeacemodify masterslave_bypass tesh file
2010-06-28 navarropChange dependancies for libs.
2010-06-28 navarropAdd dependancies for libraries and testall.
2010-06-28 navarropNew way to make maintainer files.
2010-06-28 navarropWe dont need those lines now.
2010-06-24 navarropGenerate link for binding lua and ruby with ADD_CUSTOM_...
2010-06-24 navarropUse _XBT_WIN32 against _WIN32.
2010-06-24 navarropDisable mc with supernovae mode.
2010-06-24 navarropSome log default categories are already defined.
2010-06-24 navarropBe sure __mmalloc_current_heap is initialized.
2010-06-24 navarropAdd src to the path for make dist command.
2010-06-24 mquinsonPort GRAS to smx_network infrastructure. Kinda working...
2010-06-24 mquinsonNew function gras_msgtype_get_name()
2010-06-24 mquinsonno error checking were made for SIMIX_network_waitany...
2010-06-24 mquinsonSIMIX_sem_would_block() was blatantly wrong; missing...
2010-06-24 mquinsonmask bottom of stacks when using sysv ctx
2010-06-24 mquinsonthis test is supposed to check whether the net/cpu...
2010-06-24 mquinsonLet this code compile with the paranoid compiler flags on
2010-06-23 navarropUpdate tests for java.
2010-06-23 navarropNeed to have the HAVE_MMAP variable.
2010-06-23 navarropThose variables must be set here.
2010-06-23 navarropChange function called.
2010-06-22 coldpeaceremove unused lines
2010-06-22 coldpeacetalking about Ruby in FAQ
2010-06-21 coldpeacestart talking about lMSG [ on last commit > start ...
2010-06-21 navarropAdd DLL_STATIC flags.
2010-06-21 navarropNow call the file for windows.
2010-06-21 navarropAdd a new cmake file for windows. Cosmetics.
2010-06-18 navarropNeed gras_config.h.
2010-06-18 navarropVariables correctly set by cmake in gras_config.h.
2010-06-18 navarropRemove gras_config.h include.
2010-06-18 navarropSet variables for windows.
2010-06-18 navarropVariables setted by an other file.
2010-06-18 coldpeace respect MSG privacy : host case
2010-06-18 coldpeace respect MSG privacy : Using public setter and getter...
2010-06-18 navarropDefine correctly variables for windows.
2010-06-18 navarropUpdate ignored files.
2010-06-18 navarropDeclare variables at the beginning of the function.
2010-06-18 navarropDeclare LOG_DEFAULT_CATEGORY with LOG_NEW_DEFAULT_SUBCA...
2010-06-17 navarropMissing the word line for compiler.
2010-06-17 navarropNow sources are generated with #line.
2010-06-17 navarropDont set full path.
2010-06-17 coldpeacetalking about lua binding in FAQ
2010-06-17 suterforgot to remove this one before commit
2010-06-17 navarropFlags for coverage.
2010-06-17 navarropOups. Sorry.
2010-06-17 mquinsonunifiy the names of target building some bindings
2010-06-17 sutermention the new SimDag example
2010-06-17 suterAdd the new example to the build
2010-06-17 suterAdd a new example for simdag
2010-06-17 navarropDelete unused -fprofile-arcs flags.
2010-06-17 navarropGenerate doc only if it is necessary. Set enable_doc...
2010-06-17 suterAdd stuff to make compute tasks schedulable.
2010-06-16 mquinsonMake sure that created sequential tasks cannot look...
2010-06-16 mquinsonAdd a simgrid_java target to rebuild the jar file;...
2010-06-16 coldpeaceno need to set the number of host,link or route at...
2010-06-16 coldpeaceswitching to xbt_dynar_t for methods to bypass XMl
2010-06-16 coldpeacexbt_dynar_is_empty to check if a dynar is empty or not
2010-06-16 mquinsonOf course we only need to add /D DLL_EXPORT to CFLAGS...
2010-06-16 navarropDon't generate doc with windows.
2010-06-16 navarropUpdate COPING license file for ucontext and windows.
2010-06-16 navarropChange path for win32 ucontext files.
2010-06-16 navarropDeclare variable DLL_EXPORT for Libs.
2010-06-16 mquinsonmake sure that MSG_task_execute() is not called by...
2010-06-16 navarropAdd LGPL files for ucontext.
2010-06-16 suterenabling warnings as errors raised some problems due...