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2016-01-25 Frederic Sutercleanup doesn't seem to be up. no extra leak. kill!
2016-01-25 Frederic Suteruncovered code in test is dead code. kill!
2016-01-25 Frederic Suteruncovered code in test is dead code. kill!
2016-01-25 degommedesperate attempt :
2016-01-25 degommebuild with verbosity
2016-01-25 degommeThis was useless, as it seems
2016-01-25 degommedont configure/build twice for dynamicanalysis
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterplease 32-bit archs too
2016-01-25 Frederic Sutersqueeze that one too
2016-01-25 degommesilence some warnings when generating memchek tests
2016-01-25 degommevalgrind version checking rule did not match 3.10.0
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterget rid of simdag tracing. was superficial anyway
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterstart to use s4u in simdag internally
2016-01-25 degommeuseless comment --
2016-01-25 degommeEnable model checking again for coverage, as slave...
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsondon't mark inline the functions that are exported
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsonkill the right XML files
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsonanother attempt at fixing travis
2016-01-24 Martin Quinson[travis] remove coverity as it seems to break everything
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsontidyify a large XML file
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsonremove big useless deployment files
2016-01-23 Martin QuinsonCompile trace_mgr with g++. Next step: objectification
2016-01-23 Martin Quinsonexplain in comment why we don't even test pthread on...
2016-01-23 Martin Quinsonkill some more dead code from the C API to surf
2016-01-23 Martin Quinson[java] do not load winpthread-1 on windows
2016-01-23 Martin Quinsondo not even test pthread on windows
2016-01-23 Martin Quinsonadd some advertisement for Simulacrum
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterthis file is not here anymore
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterdeduplication and tidying
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonwe will never distribute a windows installer again
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterremove these huge generated files used with gtnets
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsondedupplicate the platform files in the archive
2016-01-22 Martin QuinsonDo not look for the files that I just removed
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonkill large unused useless dumb deployment files
2016-01-22 Frederic Sutercoverage madness in examples
2016-01-22 Martin Quinson[jenkins] disable coverage of MC (libdw too ancient...
2016-01-22 Martin Quinson[java] dont even try to load boost_context
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonkill dead code in the C interface to surf
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterplug a leak when ptask_LO7 is used
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterimprove coverage in teshsuite
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsondo not include libboost-context in the jar
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsontypo in comments
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonkill dead code. Simgrid internals are Pure Magic
2016-01-22 degommeadd missing call in host (available in MSG, used in...
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak
2016-01-22 Frederic Sutercompletely useless commit (reindent repetitive xml)
2016-01-22 degommeRevert "[jenkins] also exclude generated files from...
2016-01-22 degommeEnable everything I can think of for coverage
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterchange argument testing method (100% coverage)
2016-01-22 degommerequalify tesh
2016-01-22 degommefix compilation with jedule and limited by latency
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonremove two broken tests. Who use ptask anyway? ;)
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonrevalidate tesh files when maestro is given a process...
2016-01-22 Martin QuinsonKill another GRAS leftover: SG/RL thread portability...
2016-01-22 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Removed MSG from Lua
2016-01-22 Christian Heinrich[LUA] Removed another outdated lua function
2016-01-22 degommetry to fix build with jedule/latency bound
2016-01-22 degommechangelog update
2016-01-21 Martin Quinsonkill another GRAS leftover: xbt_peer_t
2016-01-21 Martin Quinsonsome more renamings in the traces
2016-01-21 Martin Quinson[jenkins] also exclude generated files from the coverage
2016-01-21 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:mquinson/simgrid
2016-01-21 Martin QuinsonDid I broke travis?
2016-01-21 Martin QuinsonFirst round of refactoring in the event trace stuff
2016-01-21 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #52 from EtienneM/patch-1
2016-01-21 EtienneMDocumentation for parallel tasks
2016-01-21 EtienneMTypo in Task javadoc
2016-01-21 degommeexclude teshsuite folder from coverage reports, as...
2016-01-21 Martin Quinson[xbt] Kill the queue datacontainer: it made more sense...
2016-01-21 degommerequalify soome tesh files
2016-01-21 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in teshsuite/msg/host_on_off -- don't ask why
2016-01-21 Martin Quinsonwoops revalidate some tesh files
2016-01-21 Martin Quinsonignore more generated files
2016-01-21 degommeUsing openMPI selector in this case possibly led to...
2016-01-21 Martin QuinsonAlso run the energy tests with ptask_L07 model.
2016-01-21 Martin Quinsonallow to add log settings to the executed commands
2016-01-21 Martin QuinsonDocument some important changes introduced in this...
2016-01-21 Martin Quinsonfix make distcheck
2016-01-21 Martin Quinsonintegrate Adrien's example for Java VM energy as a...
2016-01-21 degommeenable mpich3 tests for coverage reports on ci
2016-01-21 Christian Heinrich[LUA] Fixed compile time warnings, 2/2
2016-01-21 Christian Heinrich[LUA] Fixed compile time warnings
2016-01-20 degommeadd a test for IB network model as well
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[CMAKE] Fixed build system by removing lua crap
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[DOC] Fixed even more errors.
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Gitignore] Blacklisted mpich3-test files.
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Docs] Fixed doc generation errors.
2016-01-20 degommedrop n-ary bcast/barrier that was not actually working...
2016-01-20 degommeSome weird codes actually call MPI_Init from C, then...
2016-01-20 Frederic Sutermore useless code trimmed
2016-01-20 degommeanother fix to avoid issues with .f or .F in f77
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Removed remains from older codebase
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Removed orphaned comments
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Added new 'dump()' debug function for lua
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Removed lua_utils.c for lua_debug.c
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Further removal of unnecessary lua glue code
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Tests][Lua] Fixed wrong Lua platforms test
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Removed lua simulation support
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Renamed host 'power' to 'speed' for hosts