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2019-08-18 Augustin Degommeupdate changelog
2019-08-18 Augustin DegommeThis particular RMA test is filled with stupid calls...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommefix request and coll failing tests
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommetopo was a bit too eager to return errors.
2019-08-18 Augustin DegommeDon't return an error when a key is not found in an...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommeour coll-* tests include bad calls for coverage, they...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommeset default error handler to MPI_ERRORS_ARE_FATAL,...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommedisalign tags for collectives from their nonblocking...
2019-08-18 Augustin Degommeadd tests for errhandlers
2019-08-18 Augustin DegommeAdd support for MPI Errhandlers in Comm, File, Win.
2019-08-18 Martin QuinsonApply the default settings of 'smpi/buffering' too
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonmore informative error message when checking params...
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonappveyor: don't build python as it was not tested anywa...
2019-08-18 Martin QuinsonMPI_Scatterv: sendcounts and displs params can be NULL...
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonmore informative error messages on parameter checks...
2019-08-18 Martin QuinsonFix tesh for the new mc-sendsend test
2019-08-18 Martin Quinsonfix make dist and python dist
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonadd a test of MC detecting blocking send/send patterns
2019-08-17 Martin QuinsonNew MC option: smpi/buffering, to control MPI buffering
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonsmpirun: add a -quiet argument, allowing failing tests...
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonmore informative message when setting inexistant config...
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsondocs: fix borken links
2019-08-17 Martin QuinsonPMPI_Cart_create: check that each dim is positive
2019-08-17 Martin QuinsonHave SMPI fail on MPI_ERR_* in MC mode
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonfix non-MC builds
2019-08-17 Martin Quinsonuse assignment to non-trivial class rather than artific...
2019-08-15 Martin QuinsonRestore triviality of s_smx_simcall to please GCC
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonfix java build
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonsmall comments improvements around a complex code
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonnow, kernel::actor::simcall_blocking can return a value
2019-08-15 Martin QuinsonLet simcall.py produce valid code after recent renamings
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsoncode simplification + replace a FIXME with an assert
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonsmall simplifications around simcalls
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonsmall logic simplification
2019-08-15 Martin QuinsonIntroduce a class mc::SimcallInspector, that allows...
2019-08-15 Martin QuinsonMC: rename processes to actors
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonobey our coding standards, and snake_case some parts...
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonstart to make generic simcalls observable from the MC
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsontransparent cleanups around simcalls mechanism
2019-08-15 Martin Quinsonmove the simcall template to the kernel::actor namespace
2019-08-13 Frederic Suterprotect accesses to cnst->cnst_light_
2019-08-10 Martin QuinsonPort simcall_process_suspend to the modernity
2019-08-10 Martin Quinsongetters don't have to be simcalls
2019-08-10 Martin Quinsonconvert simcall_process_sleep to modernity
2019-08-10 Martin Quinsonreduce the use of simcall_process_sleep() -> this_actor...
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonport a blocking simcall to the modernity
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonsmall simplification
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonintroduce a simcall_blocking(), and improve the comments
2019-08-09 Martin QuinsonFix GCC+MC builds
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonconvert SIMIX_simcall_answer() into ActorImpl::simcall_...
2019-08-09 Martin Quinsonchange SIMIX_simcall_handle() into ActorImpl::simcall_h...
2019-08-08 Martin Quinsonanother assert to make one segfault more explicit
2019-08-08 Martin Quinsonnamespacify a global function of SIMIX
2019-08-08 Martin Quinsonshy attempt at simplifying the simcall mechanism
2019-08-02 Martin Quinsonforcefully kill exiting actors even if their host is...
2019-08-02 Martin Quinsonimprove debug msg
2019-08-02 Martin Quinsonrun Actor::on_destruction even if the actor was killed...
2019-08-02 Martin QuinsonNew signal: Actor::on_termination (when its code termin...
2019-08-02 Martin Quinsonactivity-lifecycle: make tests shorter to ensure that...
2019-08-01 Martin QuinsonActor: make the refcount observable, and improve debug...
2019-08-01 Martin Quinsonsmpicxx: obey the VERBOSE environment variable and...
2019-08-01 Martin QuinsonActor::by_pid: also search through the dead actors
2019-08-01 Martin QuinsonActorImpl: postpone the on_destroy signal to the destructor
2019-08-01 Martin QuinsonRestore the -no-privatize to the ampi example
2019-08-01 Martin Quinsonfix ampi example by not cleaning the tracing submodule...
2019-08-01 Martin Quinsonadd a dependency of this test to mpi, as required on...
2019-08-01 Martin QuinsonSMPI: redesign the end of actors/ranks' lifetime
2019-08-01 Martin Quinsonsort out the functions on MPI init/fini
2019-08-01 Martin Quinsonsmall simplification of MPI initialization
2019-08-01 Martin QuinsonMPI: we don't mess with argc/argv anymore nowadays
2019-08-01 Martin Quinsonsmpi_deployment: obey our coding rules
2019-07-31 Martin QuinsonI'd like to turn process_data into a regular extension...
2019-07-31 Martin QuinsonSMPI: prefer xbt_assert to 'if () xbt_die'
2019-07-31 Martin QuinsonMPI init: inline a function and various small cleanups
2019-07-31 Martin Quinsonsmpi::ActorExt: this constructor parameter is not used
2019-07-31 Martin QuinsonMPI init: inline a function
2019-07-31 Martin QuinsonSMPI init: stringify and rename a variable
2019-07-29 Martin Quinsonkill smpi_process_count(), use smpi_get_universe_size...
2019-07-29 Martin Quinsoncmake: build smpi internals before the collectives
2019-07-29 Martin QuinsonMC: kill a useless function
2019-07-29 Martin Quinsonsmpi: some useless cleanups while I read this code
2019-07-27 Augustin Degommeavoid mixing travis builders
2019-07-27 Martin Quinsondocs: fix some typos reported by Gene
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommetypo...
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommemerge before pushing, next time
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommereally build on mojave
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommetry to fix broken detection of boost_stacktrace on...
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommeadd color for travis and appveyor builds
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommetypo
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommeadd some comments on tests we don't pass
2019-07-26 Augustin DegommePartially revert 2b4dcee56 and activate a test.
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommeactivate a fortran test
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommestandard says : "The names attached to opaque objects...
2019-07-26 Augustin Degommeappveyor's back
2019-07-26 Martin QuinsonMake SG_BARRIER_SERIAL_THREAD visible from C files too
2019-07-26 Martin Quinsonsafety: give some basic logging at verbose level already
2019-07-26 Martin QuinsonMove 'unit-tests' binary from 'all' target to 'tests'
2019-07-26 Martin Quinsonsmpi: cut some includes
2019-07-26 Augustin DegommeChange a bit F2C handling
2019-07-24 Augustin Degommedon't referenece missing symbol