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2016-01-28 Frederic Suterno need to include lua stuff here?
2016-01-28 Frederic Suterdo not output empty tags, indent, and cosmetics
2016-01-28 Frederic Suterchanging jedule binding behavior
2016-01-28 Frederic Suterremove dummy test function
2016-01-28 Frederic Suterthis tentative of storage layer in SD was a bad idea.
2016-01-28 Frederic Suterdead code
2016-01-27 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-01-27 Martin Quinsonframe a concept of execution, that will become a s4u...
2016-01-27 Martin Quinsonwhat could have been the use of that construct?
2016-01-27 Martin Quinsonuseless cosmetics
2016-01-27 Martin Quinsonsort out related functions
2016-01-27 degommePlease fail when you can't compile.
2016-01-27 degommeDon't execute unsupported factories tests for memcheck
2016-01-27 Frederic Suterapply name changes to jedule too
2016-01-27 Frederic Suterdead code
2016-01-27 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-01-27 Frederic Suterno need for that declaration anymore
2016-01-27 Frederic Suterkill another dummy function
2016-01-27 Frederic Suterfurther cleaning in this rotten realm
2016-01-26 Frederic Suterkill dumb function
2016-01-26 Frederic Sutertidying and cosmetics
2016-01-26 Martin Quinsoncosmetics and kill dead code
2016-01-26 Martin QuinsonI said there is no need to copy before strcmp
2016-01-26 Martin QuinsonHooo my eyes, that hurts!
2016-01-26 Martin Quinsondon't use two variables for the same purpose
2016-01-26 Martin Quinsonno need to copy the strings before comparison
2016-01-26 Martin Quinsonno need to be protective against free(NULL), that's...
2016-01-26 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #54 from glesserd/master
2016-01-26 David GlesserAllows the bytes_amount argument of MSG_parallel_task_c...
2016-01-26 Martin Quinson[trace_mgr] cosmetics and simplifications
2016-01-26 Frederic SuterSimDag Revolution: SD_workstation becomes sg_host
2016-01-26 degommeThis triggered a segfault as argc and argv are null...
2016-01-26 degommetry again to fix out of source lua test
2016-01-25 Frederic SuterI said no sets, even in dicts
2016-01-25 Frederic Suternever trust distcheck
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterbody count++: routing_get_latency_and_bandwidth
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterset are dead. don't include this .h
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterkill sets! kill!
2016-01-25 Martin Quinsondon't set a property on tests that are removed
2016-01-25 Martin Quinsontry to fix that test when not built in dir
2016-01-25 Martin Quinsoncosmetics around surf traces
2016-01-25 Martin Quinsonkill a useless function
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterpartially revert modifications
2016-01-25 Frederic Sutera couple more asserts
2016-01-25 Martin Quinsondocument a function
2016-01-25 Martin Quinsonkill an unused parameter in the trace_mgr
2016-01-25 Martin Quinsonobjectifies the Future Event Set of trace events
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterassert when you should!
2016-01-25 Frederic Sutercleanup doesn't seem to be up. no extra leak. kill!
2016-01-25 Frederic Suteruncovered code in test is dead code. kill!
2016-01-25 Frederic Suteruncovered code in test is dead code. kill!
2016-01-25 degommedesperate attempt :
2016-01-25 degommebuild with verbosity
2016-01-25 degommeThis was useless, as it seems
2016-01-25 degommedont configure/build twice for dynamicanalysis
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterplease 32-bit archs too
2016-01-25 Frederic Sutersqueeze that one too
2016-01-25 degommesilence some warnings when generating memchek tests
2016-01-25 degommevalgrind version checking rule did not match 3.10.0
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterget rid of simdag tracing. was superficial anyway
2016-01-25 Frederic Suterstart to use s4u in simdag internally
2016-01-25 degommeuseless comment --
2016-01-25 degommeEnable model checking again for coverage, as slave...
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsondon't mark inline the functions that are exported
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsonkill the right XML files
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsonanother attempt at fixing travis
2016-01-24 Martin Quinson[travis] remove coverity as it seems to break everything
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsontidyify a large XML file
2016-01-24 Martin Quinsonremove big useless deployment files
2016-01-23 Martin QuinsonCompile trace_mgr with g++. Next step: objectification
2016-01-23 Martin Quinsonexplain in comment why we don't even test pthread on...
2016-01-23 Martin Quinsonkill some more dead code from the C API to surf
2016-01-23 Martin Quinson[java] do not load winpthread-1 on windows
2016-01-23 Martin Quinsondo not even test pthread on windows
2016-01-23 Martin Quinsonadd some advertisement for Simulacrum
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterthis file is not here anymore
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterdeduplication and tidying
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonwe will never distribute a windows installer again
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterremove these huge generated files used with gtnets
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsondedupplicate the platform files in the archive
2016-01-22 Martin QuinsonDo not look for the files that I just removed
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonkill large unused useless dumb deployment files
2016-01-22 Frederic Sutercoverage madness in examples
2016-01-22 Martin Quinson[jenkins] disable coverage of MC (libdw too ancient...
2016-01-22 Martin Quinson[java] dont even try to load boost_context
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonkill dead code in the C interface to surf
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterplug a leak when ptask_LO7 is used
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterimprove coverage in teshsuite
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsondo not include libboost-context in the jar
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsontypo in comments
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonkill dead code. Simgrid internals are Pure Magic
2016-01-22 degommeadd missing call in host (available in MSG, used in...
2016-01-22 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak
2016-01-22 Frederic Sutercompletely useless commit (reindent repetitive xml)
2016-01-22 degommeRevert "[jenkins] also exclude generated files from...
2016-01-22 degommeEnable everything I can think of for coverage
2016-01-22 Frederic Suterchange argument testing method (100% coverage)
2016-01-22 degommerequalify tesh
2016-01-22 degommefix compilation with jedule and limited by latency