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2014-03-21 Gabriel CoronaIncrease the MC heap size as a quickfix for the heap...
2014-03-21 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-21 Pierre VeyreWorkstation::open() improvement
2014-03-21 Paul BédarideFix issues for destroy callbacks
2014-03-21 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-21 Pierre VeyreLeak --
2014-03-20 Arnaud GierschFix cfg=path for test sorage_basic.
2014-03-20 Arnaud GierschDon't use xbt_assert for error checking.
2014-03-20 Arnaud GierschTypo.
2014-03-20 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-20 Pierre VeyreFix bug and leak for msg_file_open
2014-03-20 Paul BédarideFix swig compile error
2014-03-20 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-20 Pierre VeyreUpdate storage_basic tesh file
2014-03-20 Pierre VeyreRemove debug info
2014-03-20 Paul BédarideFix cmake for swig
2014-03-20 Paul BédarideFix cmake for swig
2014-03-20 Luka Stanisicsmall fix to benchmarking code
2014-03-20 Luka StanisicImproving benchmarking code
2014-03-19 Paul BédarideAdd java surf plugin
2014-03-19 Pierre Veyrefix Java_org_simgrid_msg_File_open one more time
2014-03-19 Pierre VeyreFix Java_org_simgrid_msg_File_open() again
2014-03-19 Pierre VeyreFix MSG_file_open java banding
2014-03-19 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-19 Pierre VeyreModify MSG_file_open() implementation
2014-03-19 Arnaud GierschAdd explicit initialization for the f77 field.
2014-03-18 Arnaud GierschAlways link with libstdc++ when not compiling with...
2014-03-18 Arnaud GierschAvoid to compare addr with random value with gfortran.
2014-03-18 degommeYet another BSD patch from M. Volat, anticipating chang...
2014-03-18 degommeNo, it's not ...
2014-03-18 degommeMerge branch 'master' of git://scm.gforge.inria.fr...
2014-03-18 degommelet's try and say that freebsd is mmap compatible ...
2014-03-18 degommesince guard for stack size has been implemented, this...
2014-03-18 degommemissing includes
2014-03-18 degommebe more friendly to systems where gcc is not used anymore
2014-03-18 degommelinking stuff, needed to compile on FreeBSD 10
2014-03-18 Arnaud GierschTry again, with a reduced size.
2014-03-18 Arnaud GierschRevert "Reduce stack size for test allreduce_coll_large."
2014-03-18 Arnaud GierschReduce stack size for test allreduce_coll_large.
2014-03-18 Arnaud GierschMark tests as known to fail on Mac OS X.
2014-03-18 Arnaud GierschChangeLog update.
2014-03-18 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2014-03-18 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschUse a smaller stack for stack-overflow test.
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschCheck return value for posix_memalign.
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschForgot to add those files.
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschAdd test to check the stack overflow protection.
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschInstall signal handler for SIGSEGV.
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschUse context/guard_size to protect context stacks agains...
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschAdd configuration parameter for contexts/guard_size.
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschNew function: xbt_os_thread_setguardsize (like pthread_...
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschBe less coarse on error recovery: try first with a...
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschInitialize default thread attrs in xbt_os_thread_mod_pr...
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschAdd proper error checking.
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschParameters were in wrong order.
2014-03-17 Arnaud GierschCache the size of a memory page for the current system.
2014-03-14 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-13 Arnaud GierschFactorize valgrind stuff.
2014-03-13 Arnaud GierschAlign stack on a 16 bytes boundary in raw_makecontext.
2014-03-13 Pierre VeyreUse surf_parse_error() rather than xbt_die() during...
2014-03-13 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-13 Pierre VeyreImplement a disk attachment check and add a tesh test...
2014-03-13 Arnaud GierschFix parameters given to MC_new_stack_area.
2014-03-13 Arnaud GierschAlso remove forward declaration for removed function.
2014-03-13 Arnaud GierschRemove useless function: smx_ctx_sysv_create_context_sized
2014-03-13 Arnaud GierschUse these simple smpi tests to test all context factories.
2014-03-12 Arnaud GierschFactorize stack creation.
2014-03-12 Arnaud GierschNo need to duplicate default value.
2014-03-12 Arnaud GierschStack size is expressed in KiB. Keep the same unit...
2014-03-12 Arnaud GierschFree allocated string.
2014-03-12 Augustin Degommeadd mpich3 topo tests
2014-03-12 Augustin DegommeChange default stack size in simgrid to 8MiB.
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschCheck for null pointer.
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschCheck that table[0].name is defined.
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschFix dereference of a null pointer.
2014-03-11 Pierre VeyreMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-03-11 Pierre VeyreFix __SD_storage_create() bug
2014-03-11 Pierre VeyreManage storage user data at msg level
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschSplit another xml file (memory leaks in the parser).
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschSlight reindent.
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschFix wrong timings in msg/process.tesh.
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschCheck if process was suspended while it was sleeping.
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschAdd some debug messages.
2014-03-11 Arnaud GierschAdd more tests in msg-suspend.
2014-03-10 Arnaud GierschComment unused field when !HAVE_MC.
2014-03-10 Arnaud GierschRemove function SIMIX_process_create_with_parent.
2014-03-10 Arnaud GierschMaestro can't be it's own parent. Use -1 for its PPID.
2014-03-10 Pierre VeyreMSG_storages_as_dynar() bug fix
2014-03-10 Pierre VeyreAdd SD_storage_get_host() and MSG_storage_get_host()
2014-03-10 Pierre VeyreFix comments
2014-03-10 Pierre VeyreMSG_host_get_attached_storage_list and SD_workstation_g...
2014-03-08 Arnaud GierschFilename is not valid anymore after MSG_file_close.
2014-03-08 Arnaud GierschFree all fields for file.
2014-03-08 Arnaud GierschKey may be part of obj, remove it at the last.
2014-03-08 Arnaud GierschFree file_lib on exit.
2014-03-08 Arnaud GierschFix doxygen warnings.
2014-03-08 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2014-03-08 Martin Quinsonkill an unused private field
2014-03-08 Martin Quinsonkill some unused static functions
2014-03-08 Martin Quinsonignore more generated files