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2016-04-22 Gabriel CoronaFix 32 bit compilation procedure
2016-04-22 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-04-22 Martin QuinsonUse std::deque instead of xbt_fifo within mailboxes
2016-04-22 Martin Quinsondon't include a smx private header in xbt implem
2016-04-22 Martin Quinsonfix doxygen comments ordering
2016-04-21 degommetry not to oversuppress
2016-04-21 degommeupdate suppression to account for https://gcc.gnu.org...
2016-04-21 Martin Quinsonremove some half baken functions cluttering the mailboxes
2016-04-21 Martin Quinsonprune some useless code in mailboxes
2016-04-21 Martin Quinsoncleanups in mailbox module init/fini
2016-04-21 Martin Quinsonuseless global variable, hindering MC equality
2016-04-21 Martin Quinsonkill an unused function
2016-04-21 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-04-21 Martin Quinsonrefactor rdv to mailbox for consistency
2016-04-21 Martin Quinsonrename a struct for consistency
2016-04-21 Gabriel Corona[doc] Add documentation about compiling to 32bit on...
2016-04-21 Gabriel Corona[cmake] Use the correct multiarch triple instead of...
2016-04-21 Martin QuinsonJava: simplify a bit Task.receive()
2016-04-21 degommeDon't crash when we deliberately feed this script with...
2016-04-21 degommeleaks --
2016-04-21 Frederic Sutertry to read/freshen/improve/... our doc
2016-04-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Ingnore the output of the liveness test and only...
2016-04-21 Frederic Suterend of unalvinifaction of msg tutorial
2016-04-20 degommeAttempt to improve lifecycle of MPI_Comm and MPI_Group.
2016-04-20 degommeoops for windows
2016-04-20 Martin Quinsonlog to stderr to fix an output ordering issue on windows
2016-04-20 Christian Heinrich[INSTR] Remove duplicated code in new_pajePushState()
2016-04-20 Martin QuinsonPlug 2 memleaks
2016-04-20 Martin Quinsonanother leak dies
2016-04-20 Martin Quinsonspellchecking instead of sleeping
2016-04-20 Martin Quinsonupdate appveyor to latest renamings in examples/java
2016-04-19 Martin Quinsonkill MSG_gpu_task_create. Was unused and unusable
2016-04-19 Martin Quinsonplug some easy memleak
2016-04-19 Martin Quinsonupdate the NS3 documentation
2016-04-19 degommedon't leave debug messages
2016-04-19 degommeAdd an informative verbose message when entering MPI...
2016-04-19 degommememleaks -=2
2016-04-19 degommeTry to handle more cleanly MPI Datatypes. Still not...
2016-04-19 degommeThis caused an invalid read in replay_multiple, as...
2016-04-19 degommesuppress a libc problem from valgrind output
2016-04-19 Gabriel Corona[mc] Increase the timeout of the liveness tests
2016-04-19 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix error in computation of Frame range when DW_AT...
2016-04-19 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix ObjectInformation address computation
2016-04-19 Gabriel Corona[mc] Disable (for now) umpire test which never worked
2016-04-19 degommeRMA requests were not marked as detached, causing some...
2016-04-19 degommesometimes, maxdims is too much
2016-04-18 degommekeep in mind the size of sub-datatype, to avoid some...
2016-04-18 degommedon't break mpich3 tests with coverage on
2016-04-18 Frederic Suterwip... unalvining the tutorial
2016-04-18 Frederic Sutercommit log highlighted another typo ;)
2016-04-18 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-18 Martin Quinsonfix a typo in the Makefile we propose to our users
2016-04-18 Frederic Sutersave a couple more lines
2016-04-18 degommeoops
2016-04-18 degommeactivate mpich3 tests on dynamicanalysis jenkins
2016-04-18 degommeAllow mpich3-tests to run with valgrind
2016-04-18 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add missing XBT_PUBLIC() in config.hpp
2016-04-18 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix loop bound checking using heaplimit
2016-04-18 Martin Quinsonplug a bunch of memleaks
2016-04-18 Martin Quinsonfix the documentation of the statefiles
2016-04-18 Gabriel CoronaClear errno when throwing an errno exception
2016-04-18 Gabriel CoronaAdd documentation (and errno_code()) to system.hpp
2016-04-18 Gabriel CoronaUpdate the changelog
2016-04-18 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-18 Frederic Sutertrim what you can't kill
2016-04-18 Gabriel CoronaRevert "What's not malloced cannot be leaked"
2016-04-18 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-18 Frederic Suterplay with mpich3 cmake files
2016-04-18 Gabriel CoronaRewrite/simplify the C++ flag declaration
2016-04-18 Gabriel CoronaUse new/delete for s_xbt_cfgelm_t
2016-04-18 Gabriel CoronaMove the config.c code in C++
2016-04-18 Frederic Suterend of MSG examples doc revision
2016-04-17 degommeAllow parallel dynamicanalysis
2016-04-17 Frederic Suterrevise I/O examples doc
2016-04-17 Martin Quinsonstorage: plug a dumb memleak
2016-04-17 Martin QuinsonWhat's not malloced cannot be leaked
2016-04-17 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak in Threaded maestro creation
2016-04-17 Martin QuinsonNS3 tests: reduce the amount of exchanged data to speed...
2016-04-17 Martin Quinsonplug some more memleaks
2016-04-17 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak
2016-04-17 Martin Quinsonremove an old cruft from MS Visual
2016-04-17 degommeremove now useless files
2016-04-16 degommeDon't cleanup valgrind files in coverage ...
2016-04-16 degommeFile now has a new name.
2016-04-16 degommeremove include
2016-04-16 degommenew cleaner attempt, using TESH_OPTION
2016-04-16 degommeAttempt to have dynamicanalysis working again.
2016-04-15 Frederic Suterfix and correct async detailed example
2016-04-15 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-15 Frederic Suterrevise ns3 documentation
2016-04-15 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-04-15 Martin Quinsonrefresh the 'Setting up your own code' part of the...
2016-04-15 Frederic Suterrevise documentation of tracing examples
2016-04-15 Frederic Suterrevise documentation of async examples
2016-04-15 Frederic Sutertypos and useless register
2016-04-15 Frederic Suteruseless MSG_function_register
2016-04-15 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-04-15 degommewrong option in the test gave rarely different timings...
2016-04-15 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-04-14 degommegcc 6 warning --