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2007-03-02 velhoAdded round trip time contraint to the SDP program...
2007-03-02 cheriermupdate the double extern declaration bis
2007-03-02 cheriermupdate the double extern declaration
2007-03-02 alegrandAdding debuging informations.
2007-03-01 cheriermget_pid() for Windows is GetCurrentProcess()
2007-03-01 cheriermexport some function declared in trace_mgr.h
2007-03-01 cheriermexport some function declared in surf.h
2007-03-01 cheriermadapt the macro XBT_LOG_NEW_CATEGORY to the windows DLL
2007-03-01 donassbrCopyright corrected.
2007-03-01 mquinsonCleanups: macro renaming, improve documentation
2007-03-01 mquinsonsrc/Makefile.am:195: whitespace following trailing...
2007-03-01 donassbrSimix Initial structure
2007-03-01 donassbrSupport for Simix log.
2007-03-01 donassbrInitial structure. Nothing works yet.
2007-02-28 cheriermdefine the XBT_IMPORT_NO_PUBLIC macro for imported...
2007-02-28 cheriermconsider log to windows dll
2007-02-28 alegrandStupid me! Now the enable-simix option works.
2007-02-28 alegrandMaking --enable-simix work.
2007-02-28 alegrandReverting last changes.
2007-02-28 alegrandUpdate
2007-02-28 alegrandMaking room for simix.
2007-02-28 alegrandHomogeneous prototype.
2007-02-28 alegrandsdp headers have nothing to do in our CVS. Just configu...
2007-02-28 alegrandHelp debug.
2007-02-23 donassbrSmall bug, unbalanced parentheses
2007-02-23 velhoBug fix. Do nothing in sdp_solve when flows=0.
2007-02-20 velhoAdded a comentary given credit to the author of CSDP...
2007-02-20 velhoFiles containing the data structures to make the CSDP...
2007-02-20 velhoFinal adjustments, debugging information and memory...
2007-02-16 cheriermsome functions of the maxmin api are now exported in...
2007-02-16 cheriermthe xbt_os_time() function is now exported in the windo...
2007-02-16 cheriermremove some commented code
2007-02-16 cheriermborland compiler use now windows thread (instead of...
2007-02-16 cheriermfile implementation of windows thread functions versus...
2007-02-16 cheriermsome windows thread functions versus pthread for contex...
2007-02-15 mquinsonFix a warning (comment within comments)
2007-02-15 alegrandUpdate
2007-02-14 velhoAdded SDP support into surf.
2007-02-14 velhoMaking a surf workstation model using csdp. How simple...
2007-02-14 velhoMoving sdp tests in maxmin_usage (to have the same...
2007-02-14 velhoC files also need to know whether they're compiling...
2007-02-14 velhoShut libcsdp mouth!
2007-02-14 velhoExport sdp_solve only when compiling with csdp!
2007-02-14 velhoUseless file!
2007-02-14 velhoFix many bugs.
2007-02-14 velhoImproved debbugging information.
2007-02-13 mquinsonUpdate 'Where is the get_host_load function hidden...
2007-02-13 velhoCorrected a major bugus.
2007-02-13 mquinsonAdd some links to the new example here and there
2007-02-13 mquinsonUpdate the flexml memory limitation entry to reflect...
2007-02-12 mquinsontypo
2007-02-12 mquinsonGRAS paper was published, sort the 2006 entries chronol...
2007-02-12 mquinsonLink howtos into the compilation schema
2007-02-12 mquinsonNew lesson on explicit message waiting
2007-02-12 mquinsonadd a toc, add the lastly added tour lesson, and link...
2007-02-12 mquinsonAdd some info on this topic, even if it's veeery far...
2007-02-12 mquinsonLink to the HOWTOs
2007-02-12 mquinsonA HOWTO on how to design GRAS application as it seems...
2007-02-12 mquinsonThe files needed for the example of lesson 11 (explicit...
2007-02-12 cheriermexport the interface of the context type in the win32...
2007-02-12 cheriermnow define the macro NEED_ASPRINTF
2007-02-12 cheriermAutomaticaly find the directory used to store the simgr...
2007-02-12 mquinsonAdd a link to next lesson, minor improvement
2007-02-09 cheriermthe makefile file for stub_generator for Borland Builder
2007-02-09 cheriermthe borland main file for stub_generator
2007-02-09 cheriermthe borland project file for stub_generator
2007-02-09 cheriermstub_genarator.c adaptation for Borland Builder Compiler
2007-02-09 alegrandFirst try of a simix "specification".
2007-02-08 mquinsonDocument a bit the tricky symbol definition for windows...
2007-02-08 mquinsonInitialized globals must not be imported, only exported
2007-02-08 cheriermallow for stuff to be exported into the DLL on need...
2007-02-08 cheriermcatgories must be exported in any case (so that they...
2007-02-08 cheriermthis is public
2007-02-08 cheriermany log category must be public
2007-02-07 cheriermno isatty declaration for win32
2007-02-07 cherierm_XBT_CALL decoration for inthandler function (signal...
2007-02-07 cheriermchange free by xbt_free_f
2007-02-07 cheriermchange free function by xbt_free_f
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo
2007-02-07 mquinsonthis is not public
2007-02-07 cheriermdo not export the functions of this header in the dll
2007-02-07 mquinsonDupplicate extern keyword
2007-02-07 cheriermchange free be xbt_free_f
2007-02-07 cheriermdo not export private functions in the dll (win32 specific)
2007-02-07 mquinsonThat's not public
2007-02-07 mquinsonthat's not public
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo in windows DLL cruft
2007-02-07 cheriermdefine _XBT_CAlLL in this file for win32 c function...
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo in windows DLL cruft
2007-02-07 cheriermnow contains xbt_free_f implementation
2007-02-07 cheriermnow contains only xbt_free_f declaration
2007-02-07 mquinsonSome more conversion to windows decoration cruft
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo+indentation
2007-02-07 mquinsonDo not put the extern keyword several times (XBT_PUBLIC...
2007-02-07 cherierma default
2007-02-07 cheriermsorry a stupid error
2007-02-07 cheriermtake care of new dll import and dll export in Windows
2007-02-07 cherierma single xbt_free_f function used to handle calling...
2007-02-07 cheriermnew dll export an dll import mechanism for Windows.
2007-02-07 mquinsonCleanup XBT_PUBLIC stuff under windows