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2018-06-27 Arnaud GierschComment unused function parameters.
2018-06-27 Arnaud GierschRemove useless parentheses.
2018-06-27 Martin QuinsonTravis: actually get the packages I just made available
2018-06-27 Martin Quinsontravis: try to get boost 1.60 here
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschTry to reduce cognitive complexity for smpi_main (Sonar).
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschRemove redundant access specifier.
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschMake member variables "private".
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschTry to please Sonar about redundant forward declaration...
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschUnused parameter.
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschUse namespace aliases instead of "using" directives.
2018-06-25 Arnaud GierschRemove usage of bad style "using namespace" with little...
2018-06-25 Arnaud GierschUpdate.
2018-06-25 Arnaud GierschDefine XBT_ATTRIB_DEPRECATED_v324.
2018-06-25 Arnaud GierschRemove features marked with DEPRECATED_v321.
2018-06-24 Martin Quinsonwoops, fix the sonarcloud badge
2018-06-24 Martin Quinsonstart the v3.21 cycle
2018-06-24 Martin QuinsonREADME: Add a SonarCloud badge
2018-06-24 Martin Quinsondoc: further improve the release HOWTO
2018-06-24 Augustin Degommeleaks --. Maybe
2018-06-24 Martin QuinsonRelease v3.20 v3.20
2018-06-24 Martin Quinsonmake an unused parameter as such
2018-06-23 Martin QuinsonRevert "simplification"
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonproposal of a release name
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonsnake_case s4u::Host and improve doc
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonsnake_case routing::NetPoint
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonsplit NetZone and NetZoneImpl as it should in s4u realm
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonanother attempt at fixing the include madness in mc...
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonfix mac builds
2018-06-23 Martin QuinsonMention simgrid_convert_TI_traces.py in changelog
2018-06-23 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #272 from mpoquet/SMPI_convert
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonsnake_case RoutedZone
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonprivatize and snake_case some methods in DijkstraZone
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonsnake_case FatTreeZone
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonprivatize and snake_case some methods in DragonflyZone
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsonuntangle a bit mc header files
2018-06-23 Martin Quinsoncut some includes in MC
2018-06-22 Arnaud GierschRevert "Kill unused target."
2018-06-22 MERCIER Michael[Tools] Add TIT convertor script in installation
2018-06-21 Arnaud GierschPlease Sonar and kill useless declaration (again).
2018-06-21 Arnaud GierschKill unused target.
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[CHANGELOG] Added lowercased TIT actions
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action Irecv -> irecv
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action Isend -> isend
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action allToAll -> alltoall
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Update trace files for allToAll -> alltoall...
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action allToAllV -> alltoallv
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Update trace files for allToAllV -> alltoall...
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action allGather -> allgather
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action gatherV -> gatherv
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action reduceScatter -> reducescatter
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action scatterV -> scatterv
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] Rename TIT action waitAll -> waitall
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TRACING] allGatherV -> allgatherv
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Code changes for allReduce -> allreduce
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[TESH] Traces: allReduce -> allreduce
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[CMAKE] Rename actions_allReduce.txt for consistency
2018-06-21 MERCIER Michael[Tools] TIT convertor fix version header
2018-06-21 MERCIER Michael[Tools] TIT convertor script lower case + version ...
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[CMAKE] Fix 'make dist' broken by 9913e297eeba0983a5ff6...
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[REPLAY] Update replay.hpp
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Change name of #define value
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Add function declarations to replay.hpp
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Add #ifndef to the new header files.
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[CHANGELOG] Added section on tracing tags and MPI_Wait
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[Plugin/Hostload] Add plugin to already existing hosts...
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[HostLoad] Delete default constructors explicitly
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[HostLoad] Add two comments to class properties
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Cosmetics -- Fix wrong indentation
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Make the 'storage' variable static
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Move XBT_LOG_NEW_... statement to the top
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replay: Add/remove headers
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Groups: Remove old rank2index map
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[SMPI/INSTR] Trace MPI_Wait() calls correctly
2018-06-21 Christian Heinrich[CMAKE] SMPI: Merge commands for .c/.cpp files
2018-06-21 MERCIER MichaelTIT conversion script small fixes
2018-06-21 MERCIER MichaelAdd TIT trace conversion script
2018-06-20 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in the ChangeLog
2018-06-20 Martin QuinsonObey english typographic rules [noci]
2018-06-20 Arnaud GierschFix test name.
2018-06-19 Arnaud GierschParameter is not used.
2018-06-19 Arnaud GierschKill unused static function.
2018-06-19 Arnaud GierschKill unused parameter.
2018-06-19 Arnaud GierschAnonymize unused parameters.
2018-06-19 Arnaud GierschMissing XBT_PUBLIC.
2018-06-19 degommedocument new otpion
2018-06-19 Arnaud GierschMove item in the right section.
2018-06-19 Arnaud GierschFix make dist.
2018-06-19 degommeupdate changelog
2018-06-19 Frederic Sutersnake case another plugin
2018-06-19 Frederic Sutersnake_case link_energy plugin
2018-06-19 Frederic Sutercosmetics and snake_casing
2018-06-19 Frederic Sutersnake_case plugins too (part 1)
2018-06-19 Frederic Sutermore legacy MSG functions
2018-06-19 Frederic Sutertwo easy smells
2018-06-19 Martin Quinsonmpich3-pt2pt: go for threads if no raw context or if...
2018-06-19 Martin Quinsonsnake_case VivaldiZone
2018-06-18 Martin Quinsonjedule: privatize one field
2018-06-18 Martin Quinsonjedule: obey our coding standards
2018-06-18 Martin Quinsonsnake_case jedule
2018-06-18 Martin Quinsonsimplification: if jedule headers are loaded, jedule...