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2010-03-25 navarropAdd context to ccmake option.
2010-03-25 navarropEnable code coverage by option.
2010-03-25 piniCompile without profiling flags by default
2010-03-25 navarropEnsure that we can launch mk_supernovae.sh after a...
2010-03-25 piniRemoved trailing whitespace
2010-03-25 piniMore MPI calls support in SMPI
2010-03-25 piniAdded MPI_COMM_SELF.
2010-03-25 piniIgnore some more temporary files.
2010-03-25 pinigcc likes it when you say 'please'.
2010-03-25 piniEnsure smpicc is executable.
2010-03-25 navarropAdd necessary files to distrib.
2010-03-25 coldpeacecheck result when sending/receiving tasks
2010-03-25 navarropFix a bug with Fedora.
2010-03-25 navarrop??? What is it ???
2010-03-25 navarrop??? What is it ???
2010-03-25 navarropCompile smpi examples with smpicc. Fix lualib location...
2010-03-25 coldpeacecleanups
2010-03-25 coldpeacegit-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/simgrid...
2010-03-25 coldpeaceadd MSG_task_has_data function
2010-03-25 coldpeacetrying to pass lua task as a data instead new allocation
2010-03-25 piniCleanup.
2010-03-25 mquinsonuse the smpi(cc|run).in which are in the source tree...
2010-03-24 coldpeace(allHost method :using MSG_get_host_number(/table)...
2010-03-24 coldpeacegit-svn-id: svn+ssh://scm.gforge.inria.fr/svn/simgrid...
2010-03-24 coldpeacefixing some privacy violation ( no more #include "msg...
2010-03-24 coldpeacemore respect to others privacy
2010-03-24 navarropChanges way to find lualib.h and lauxlib.h.
2010-03-24 mquinsonAdd a MSG_task_set_data() function
2010-03-24 mquinsonone more FIXME/TODO for medhi
2010-03-24 mquinsonTiny optimization: save a call to xbt_swag_size() if...
2010-03-24 mquinsonfurther cleanups
2010-03-24 navarropDelete old file.
2010-03-24 navarropDelete a redefine warning.
2010-03-24 navarropCompact source code for Making Doc.
2010-03-24 navarropVerification of the bibtex2html version before make...
2010-03-24 navarropRename lib simgrid_static to libsimgrid.
2010-03-24 navarropDelete dash files after generate doc.
2010-03-24 navarropMake doc coorection.
2010-03-24 navarropAdd make html command to cmake.
2010-03-24 coldpeace"new ruby host method"
2010-03-24 coldpeaceRename MSG_TIMEOUT_FAILURE into MSG_TIMEOUT
2010-03-23 mquinsonRename MSG_TIMEOUT_FAILURE into MSG_TIMEOUT for sake...
2010-03-23 mquinsonDocument the fact that lua works, and some facts about...
2010-03-23 mquinsonLua works!
2010-03-23 mquinsonFix the commit introducing MSG_task_ref by actually...
2010-03-23 mquinsonuse local variable in each user code so that they don...
2010-03-23 mquinsontry to get it compiling with paranoid gcc flags
2010-03-23 mquinsonadd a dangerous MSG_task_ref() needed by lua to not...
2010-03-23 navarropAdd files to .gitignore and add a command line to FAQ.
2010-03-23 navarropAdd a -I flag for lua.
2010-03-23 mquinsonignore timing errors since they are really useless
2010-03-23 mquinsonStupid typo
2010-03-23 mquinsonlame attempt to fix it, but I guess I should remove...
2010-03-23 navarropUpdate sources for java.
2010-03-23 navarropTake into account the new cmake infrastructure plus...
2010-03-23 navarropRemove automatically generated files.
2010-03-23 mquinsonmake git happy with cmake
2010-03-23 mquinsonAdd to cmake a file that I just added to the source...
2010-03-23 mquinsonbegin conversion of lua contextes to sysv ones to ensur...
2010-03-23 mquinsonMake the sysv context mechanism inheritable (lua will...
2010-03-23 mquinsonSanitize the includes of context objects declarations...
2010-03-23 navarropRemove useless files.
2010-03-23 navarropMassive mv to use cmake as the default compilation...
2010-03-23 navarropRename gras_config.h.in to c_gras_config.h.in in order...
2010-03-23 genaudOops. Forgot to commit these ones
2010-03-23 mquinsonbummer. Let's add all the needed files to the svn ...
2010-03-23 genaudMPI_MAXLOC & MPI_MINLOC + all associated datatype MPI_D...
2010-03-23 genaudwarning unused variable i prevent from building
2010-03-23 genaud- implemented MPI_MAXLOC & MPI_MINLOC in operations
2010-03-23 mquinsonFix last commit of Medhi so that the Java bindings...
2010-03-23 mquinsonImport reorganization (thanks eclipse)
2010-03-23 mquinsonFactorize a lot of code in context factories through...
2010-03-23 mquinsonKill MSG_WARNING and MSG_FATAL return codes
2010-03-23 mquinsonKill MSG_WARNING and MSG_FATAL return codes
2010-03-23 coldpeaceremoving NativeExpection and adding others
2010-03-23 coldpeaceplease add path to MakeFile
2010-03-23 navarropJava sources.
2010-03-23 mquinsonmore verbose on error
2010-03-23 mquinsonfixes to make dist
2010-03-23 mquinsonkill arg 'old_ctx' of function resume in context factor...
2010-03-23 mquinsonreimplement SIMIX_process_kill() without SIMIX_process_...
2010-03-23 mquinsonMerge context_start into context_new to simplify the...
2010-03-22 genaudadded MPI_Get_processor_name()
2010-03-22 mquinsonfurther cleanups of the java bindings
2010-03-22 mquinsonUse nanosecond timers if found
2010-03-22 coldpeaceHost Methods
2010-03-22 navarropCorrection of a bug.
2010-03-22 navarropBy default active lua and ruby.
2010-03-22 mquinsonSecond try at lua. Still does not work: I get a 'attemp...
2010-03-22 mquinsonvarious cosmetics improvements
2010-03-22 mquinsonMore informative error message
2010-03-22 mquinsonless printfs, more proper debug
2010-03-22 mquinsonmore robustness in the code by not ignoring situations...
2010-03-22 mquinsontypo--
2010-03-22 mquinsonkill dead code, and unallocate argv
2010-03-22 mquinsontiny improvement of error messages
2010-03-22 mquinsonOne more FIXME to achieve for code simplification
2010-03-22 mquinsontiny improvement of error messages
2010-03-22 mquinsontiny optimizations
2010-03-22 mquinsonremove typos