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2013-07-17 Augustin Degommetypo + compile without fortran
2013-07-17 Augustin Degommesmpif90 changes (force gfortran for now), replace ...
2013-07-17 Augustin Degommeadd fortran 90 tests
2013-07-17 Augustin DegommeFix potential segfault
2013-07-17 Augustin Degommeadd one binding
2013-07-17 Augustin Degommefix behavior of waitany
2013-07-17 suteroups forgot to describe new parameter
2013-07-17 suterdon't allow java to attach user data to file (for now...
2013-07-17 suterupdate examples with new prototype for open
2013-07-17 suterAllow users to attach arbitrary data to opened files
2013-07-16 degommeremove f77 attr tests
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommemissing file
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommeonly use MPI_SOURCE when necessary
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommeswitch cmake variable names
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommecmakelists cleanup
2013-07-16 Augustin DegommeAdd (some) mpich3 f77 tests
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommehave smpiff work on temporary file copies
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommecorrect a few mistakes with waitall, waitany, wait
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommemake fortran new bindings almost functional
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommeadd two more functions
2013-07-16 Augustin Degommefix MPI_Initialized
2013-07-15 Augustin DegommeUpdate changelog
2013-07-15 Augustin Degommeremove references to old test suite
2013-07-15 Augustin Degommewrong (but still unimplemented) function was used
2013-07-15 Augustin Degommeadd "a few" fortran bindings
2013-07-12 degommeremove problematic (and unused for now) test from build
2013-07-12 Arnaud GierschInclude directory is in source_dir, not in binary_dir.
2013-07-12 Arnaud GierschFix doxygen warning about parameter name that did not...
2013-07-12 Arnaud GierschRemove useless file.
2013-07-12 degomme(try to) fix tests
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommemissing files
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommemissing file for test
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommefix build and dist, add missing folder
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommeremove older mpich test suite
2013-07-12 Augustin DegommeAdd mpich3 test suite, to replace older one.
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommechange some behaviors with MPI_IN_PLACE
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommechange algo chosen for pairwise, to work with non power...
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommeinitialize variable
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommeusless and buggy line
2013-07-12 Augustin Degommeremove MPI_COMM_WORLD references from star-mpi collectives
2013-07-12 Arnaud GierschIncrease timeout for test java-async.
2013-07-12 Pierre VeyreFix MSG_storage_get_free_size() and add MSG_storage_get...
2013-07-11 Augustin Degommefix unitialized
2013-07-11 Augustin Degommeremove a few leaks and memory errors
2013-07-11 Augustin DegommeMPI_Iprobe should return flag=true when asked with...
2013-07-11 Augustin DegommeMPI_UNIVERSE_SIZE is initialized at runtime with MPI_CO...
2013-07-11 Augustin Degommefix MPI_Group_range_excl
2013-07-11 Augustin Degommefix usage of MPI_Initialized before run
2013-07-11 Augustin Degommeexscan non commutative fix
2013-07-11 Augustin DegommeCopy the group when doing a comm_split, to avoid to...
2013-07-11 Augustin DegommeCrash with message when trying to use a log level that...
2013-07-11 suterrevalidate tesh file with dump output
2013-07-11 suterwant the value not the address
2013-07-11 suterFinally succeed to bring back all the needed informatio...
2013-07-11 sutersome cleanup
2013-07-11 suterbummer, have to strdup value
2013-07-11 suterset field value
2013-07-10 Pierre VeyreAdd MSG_host_get_storage_list() function
2013-07-10 suteradd missing prototype declarations
2013-07-10 sutertiny conflict resolution
2013-07-10 suterunimplemented MSG_file_dump function
2013-07-10 suteradd content type to storage structure
2013-07-10 suterstore name and content type when creating storage resource
2013-07-10 suteruseless comment to delimit sections
2013-07-10 Pierre VeyreAdd msg_storage_t structure, msg_storage_get_free_size...
2013-07-09 Arnaud GierschRemove double declaration for Cmake option "enable_debug".
2013-07-09 suterid -> storageId in mount tags + example of content_type...
2013-07-09 suterhandle modifications of the DTD in surf
2013-07-09 suteradd a content_type attribute to the storage and storage...
2013-07-09 suteradd the example of storage content in windows format...
2013-07-09 suterthe name field of a msg_file_t is actually a full name...
2013-07-09 suteradd an example of storage content in the windows format
2013-07-09 suterchange mind, fullname will be easier to deal with....
2013-07-09 sutersplit name into path+name in content file
2013-07-09 Arnaud GierschDon't break when there are spaces between tesh file...
2013-07-09 Arnaud GierschRemove space before closing parenthesis.
2013-07-09 Arnaud GierschSlightly improve error message.
2013-07-08 Augustin Degommehandle non commutative case for scan/exscan
2013-07-08 Augustin Degommemake sure refcount of a comm is really 1 when initialized
2013-07-08 Augustin Degommequick and naive implementation of the MPI_Exscan collective
2013-07-08 Augustin DegommeMPI_Waitsome and MPI_Testsome can actually handle NULL...
2013-07-08 Augustin DegommeMPI_Translate_ranks should return MPI_PROC_NULL if...
2013-07-08 Augustin Degommetestany should work and return a flag if we test 0...
2013-07-08 Augustin DegommeImplement MPI_IN_PLACE behavior for collectives
2013-07-08 Augustin DegommeFix MPI_Comm_Split, to increment reference counter...
2013-07-08 Augustin Degommeadd a reference counter in order to avoide deleting...
2013-07-08 Augustin Degommehave persistent communications use a PREPARED flag...
2013-07-08 Augustin DegommeMake internal collective flags negative (incorrect...
2013-07-05 Augustin Degommefix tracing issue with some communicators
2013-07-05 Arnaud GierschMake distcheck succeed.
2013-07-05 Arnaud GierschUse the same parameter name in the code and in the...
2013-07-05 Arnaud GierschFix paths for msg/energy tests.
2013-07-05 Arnaud GierschMake it build again after commit 152117af2fbcf4c99d0da5...
2013-07-05 Augustin Degommeadd one missing test
2013-07-05 Augustin Degommefix dist build
2013-07-05 acarpenaMerge branch 'dvfs'
2013-07-04 acarpenaadded tesh tests for DVFS
2013-07-04 acarpenaadded tesh tests for dvfs
2013-07-03 suteradd MSG_host_get_process_list() function.
2013-07-03 sutercosmetics