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2018-07-06 Frederic Suteraddress FIXME and kill useless code
2018-07-06 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Remove specific encoding of MPI_DATATYPE_NULL
2018-07-06 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Make MPI_DATATYPE_NULL a non-null object
2018-07-05 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Assert: host_speed must be > 0, not >= 0.
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[CONFIG] Add smpi/plugin/lb/migration-frequency option
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Replace surf_get_clock with SIMIX_get_clock
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[S4U] Initialize s4u::Barrier in initializer list
2018-07-05 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2018-07-05 Frederic Suteradd C interface to s4u::Barrier
2018-07-05 Frederic Suterremove a dependency on MSG from SMPI
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[CI] Activate PAPI in Coverage checks.
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[DVFS] Make the Dvfs plugin available
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[SMPI/PAPI] Make PAPI counters compile again ;)
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[CMAKE] Fix grammar for SMPI built option
2018-07-05 Christian Heinrich[ENERGY] Move comment to the correct location
2018-07-04 Martin Quinsondisable the autorestart test for now, sorry
2018-07-04 Martin Quinsontry to fix the build on centos
2018-07-04 Frederic Suterstupid typo
2018-07-04 Frederic SuterAttempt to move msg_bar_t to S4U
2018-07-04 Martin QuinsonBoost.test must be >= v1.59 to be useful to us
2018-07-04 Martin QuinsonRevert "cmake: cleanups around Boost detection"
2018-07-04 Martin Quinsoncmake: cleanups around Boost detection
2018-07-04 Martin Quinsonbetter integration of the new MC unit tests
2018-07-04 Martin Quinsonfix make distcheck
2018-07-04 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Onesphore...
2018-07-04 Martin Quinsonremove the old-style MC unit tests
2018-07-04 Martin Quinsonmove libsosp into its own directory
2018-07-04 Martin Quinsonreduce the adhesion from wannabe libsosp to the rest...
2018-07-03 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2018-07-03 Frederic Sutersimplification
2018-07-03 Martin Quinsonobey our coding standards and cosmetics
2018-07-02 Martin Quinsonavoid a segfault triggered when debugging #131 [noci]
2018-07-02 Frederic Suteradd a broken test
2018-07-02 Martin Quinsonkill some include directives
2018-07-01 Martin Quinsonfix clang build
2018-07-01 Martin Quinsonmerge extension<simgrid::simix::Host>() into HostImpl
2018-07-01 Martin Quinsonreorder the compilations to fit my current needs
2018-07-01 Martin Quinsonobey a FIXME and factorize some code
2018-07-01 Martin Quinsonsimplify SIMIX_host_add_auto_restart_process
2018-06-30 Arnaud GierschFix context/context_ mismatches.
2018-06-30 Arnaud GierschCosmetics.
2018-06-30 Martin Quinsonreplace SIMIX_process_auto_restart_set() with ActorImpl...
2018-06-30 Martin QuinsonPartially snake_case ActorImpl
2018-06-29 Martin Quinsondocument recent changes
2018-06-29 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:simgrid/simgrid
2018-06-29 Martin QuinsonRevert "please sonar and remove unused types"
2018-06-29 Martin Quinsoncodacy: some cleanups in the new appveyor script
2018-06-29 Martin Quinsontravis, appveyor: no IRC notification on success, pliz
2018-06-29 Christian Heinrich[EXAMPLES] Fix wrong header
2018-06-29 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Also commit changes to the fortran part in smpi_...
2018-06-29 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #279 from sthibaul/breakpoint
2018-06-29 Samuel ThibaultFix breakpoint option
2018-06-29 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Deprecate functions in smpi_dvfs.cpp #278
2018-06-29 Christian Heinrich[ENERGY] Fix bug: Variables were re-declared in lower...
2018-06-29 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #271 from mpoquet/dynamic_replay
2018-06-29 Millian Poquet[smpi] replay: increase storage dynamicity
2018-06-29 Millian Poquet[smpi] replay: storage index: (pid-1) -> pid
2018-06-29 Millian Poquet[smpi] replay: storage var is now an ordered_map
2018-06-29 Frederic Suterplease sonar and remove unused types
2018-06-29 Martin Quinsontry to get IRC notifications on AppVeyor too
2018-06-29 onesphoreMinor changes
2018-06-29 Arnaud GierschFix some doxygen warnings.
2018-06-29 Arnaud GierschDefine __cplusplus for doxygen.
2018-06-29 Arnaud GierschReorder and complete doxygen input directories.
2018-06-29 Christian Heinrich[S4U] Actor: Add 'const' keyword to getter methods
2018-06-29 Christian Heinrich[S4U] Host: Add 'const' keyword to getter methods
2018-06-29 Christian Heinrich[SIMIX] Move std::function<void()> to simgrid::simix...
2018-06-29 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Remove outdated FIXME from smpi_deployment
2018-06-29 Martin Quinsonanother attempt to disable mmap on old MacOSX
2018-06-29 Martin Quinsontry to disable mmap priv on ancient Mac systems
2018-06-28 Arnaud GierschFix gforge-sync.
2018-06-28 onesphoreFragmented the tests into smaller test cases.
2018-06-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Colls: Remove that ugly lambda and just use...
2018-06-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Colls: Move description & name for colls to...
2018-06-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Remove code-generating macro
2018-06-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Add FIXME note for MSG_init() call.
2018-06-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Move argument from const char* to std::string
2018-06-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Remove copy of old argument
2018-06-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Move argument from const char* to std::string
2018-06-28 Christian Heinrich[SMPI] Remove old smpirun check
2018-06-27 onesphoreMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-06-27 Arnaud GierschSimplify expression.
2018-06-27 Arnaud GierschComment unused function parameters.
2018-06-27 Arnaud GierschRemove useless parentheses.
2018-06-27 onesphoreminor changes.
2018-06-27 Martin QuinsonTravis: actually get the packages I just made available
2018-06-27 Martin Quinsontravis: try to get boost 1.60 here
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschTry to reduce cognitive complexity for smpi_main (Sonar).
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschRemove redundant access specifier.
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschMake member variables "private".
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschTry to please Sonar about redundant forward declaration...
2018-06-26 onesphoreMinor cosmetic changes.
2018-06-26 onesphoreunit test file names changed.
2018-06-26 onesphorereplaced BOOST_TEST with BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL/BOOS_CHECK_M...
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschUnused parameter.
2018-06-26 Arnaud GierschUse namespace aliases instead of "using" directives.
2018-06-25 Arnaud GierschRemove usage of bad style "using namespace" with little...
2018-06-25 onesphoreremoved those files for now.
2018-06-25 onesphoreChanged the 2 unit tests, snapshot and PAGESTORE, into...