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2015-12-11 Martin Quinsonmake it compile with paranoid flags activated
2015-12-11 Gabriel Corona[msg] Switch MSG to .cpp
2015-12-11 Gabriel Corona[java] Switch Java bindings to .cpp
2015-12-11 Martin Quinson[cmake] Mark as advanced some internal variables
2015-12-11 Martin QuinsonOnly rebuild doc on demand, not every time
2015-12-11 Martin Quinson[cmake] rename the doc target because there is a doc...
2015-12-10 Gabriel Corona[xbt] Move XBT_PRIVATE definition with its friends
2015-12-10 Gabriel Corona[xbt] Fix XBT_PUBLIC definition for ELF/*nix
2015-12-10 Gabriel CoronaMove simgrid::surf::Link declaration with its friends...
2015-12-10 Gabriel Corona[java] Fix a tesh test
2015-12-10 Gabriel Corona[surf] Move some code in a simgrid::surf namespace
2015-12-09 Gabriel CoronaTry to fix header dependency hell
2015-12-09 Gabriel CoronaRemove 'using namespace foo;' in headers
2015-12-08 Gabriel Corona[xbt] Some doc about xbt_lib
2015-12-08 Gabriel CoronaAdd some missing #include
2015-12-08 Gabriel Corona[simix] Encapsulate main function, argc and argv in...
2015-12-08 Gabriel Corona[java] Remove the argc hack
2015-12-08 Gabriel Corona[java] Remove org.simgrid.msg.Process to xbt_main_func_...
2015-12-08 Gabriel Corona[java] Delcare some local variables where they are...
2015-12-08 Gabriel Corona[java] Fix signedness warning
2015-12-07 Martin Quinsonsome documentation fixes
2015-12-07 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[simix] Fix SMPI+MSG
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[simix] Port JavaContext to C++
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[simix] Kill cojava
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[simix] Port RawContext to C++
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[simix] Port UContext to C++
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[simix] Port ThreadContext to C++
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[simix] Move BoostContext to C++
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[doc] Documentation about GDB+SMPI
2015-12-07 Gabriel Corona[xbt] Remove C++ std::is_trivial verification for xtd_new
2015-12-06 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2015-12-05 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2015-12-04 Martin Quinson[java/cmake] try to add boost_context to the jar when...
2015-12-04 Martin QuinsonRevert "When the lib is embeeded in jar, don't use...
2015-12-04 Martin Quinsondoc improvement
2015-12-04 Martin QuinsonWhen the lib is embeeded in jar, don't use boost_context
2015-12-04 Martin QuinsonRename power->speed in the inner layer of the parsing
2015-12-04 Martin Quinsonfurther rename power to speed in surf internals
2015-12-04 Martin Quinsonevery occurence of power in surf should be renamed...
2015-12-03 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-12-03 Martin Quinsonkill hollow doxygen comments
2015-12-03 Gabriel Corona[simix] Switch to .cpp files
2015-12-02 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2015-12-02 Martin Quinsonno need to override stuff to the exact same content
2015-12-02 Martin Quinsoninitialize fields at declaration, for clarity
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Move the basic cluster creation logic out of...
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove code for the cpu tag
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_ASRoute_cb
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_bypass{,AS}Route_cb
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_trace_cb
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_trace_connect_cb
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_cabinet_cb
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_prop_cb
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_route_cb
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_peer_cb
2015-12-02 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_host_cb
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_host_link_cb
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove orphaned declaration
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_ callbacks for AS
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_router_cb
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove one sg_router_cb
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove one router callback
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Removed orphaned declaration
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_mount_cb
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_mstorage_cb
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove unused stuff in storage
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_storage_type_cb
2015-12-01 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove sg_platf_storage_cb
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[surf] Rename callback registration functions
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[surf] Expose (and use) storageCreatedCallbacks in C
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[surf] Expose (and use) hostCreatedCallbacks in C
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[simix] Fix warning
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[simix] Fix signatures of callbacks (timer and kill_pro...
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[platf] Move sg_platf_new_process in platf.cpp
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[platf] Kill sg_process_cb
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[simix] Make some static variables local
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[surf] Move the host ns3 hook to routingEdgeCreatedCall...
2015-11-30 Gabriel Corona[surf] Add routingEdgeCreatedCallbacks for RoutingEdge
2015-11-29 Martin Quinsonno need to override the super() method to the exact...
2015-11-29 Martin Quinsonrename some symbols around Link::isShared to make their...
2015-11-28 Martin Quinsonreimplement energy plugin using Host callbacks (not...
2015-11-28 Martin Quinsonprotect against multiply create hosts in one location...
2015-11-28 Martin Quinsonuseless cosmetic
2015-11-28 Martin Quinsonpass netElm&CPU as parameter to the host constructor
2015-11-28 Martin Quinsonthe fabric of RoutingEdges should return the create one
2015-11-27 Gabriel Corona[surf] Change routing_parse_init() into routing_add_host()
2015-11-27 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove some layers of indirections in sg_platf_n...
2015-11-27 Gabriel Corona[surf] Remove power related methods from CpuL07
2015-11-26 Gabriel Corona[surf] Switch instr_routing to C++
2015-11-26 Gabriel Corona[surf] Move host creation callbacks of Infiniband to...
2015-11-26 Gabriel Corona[ns3] Move host creation callbacks to hostCreatedCallbacks
2015-11-26 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add missing copyright notices
2015-11-26 Gabriel Corona[mc] Better #includes
2015-11-26 Gabriel Corona[java] Sync code generation with generated source code
2015-11-26 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove .. in #includes
2015-11-26 Gabriel Corona[ns3] Fix ns3 compilation
2015-11-25 Martin QuinsonMake HostL07 behave more like the regular Host
2015-11-25 Martin Quinsonhollow comments
2015-11-25 Martin Quinsonremove an obsolete file (designed for SimGrid 3.4)