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2004-02-13 mquinsonmv gs/ DataDesc/
2004-02-12 mquinsonmv gs/ DataDesc/
2004-02-12 mquinsonmv gs/ DataDesc/
2004-02-06 mquinsonNew version
2004-02-06 mquinsonFix make dist
2004-02-04 mquinsonAdapt to lastest changes in dict: Create dicts before use
2004-02-04 mquinsonDo not use neither type parsing nor the mixed sequence...
2004-02-04 mquinsonpass the received arguments to the slaves
2004-02-04 mquinsonDo compile the tests of GS
2004-02-04 mquinsonMake the number of element configurable at compile...
2004-02-03 mquinsonReduce overengeneering around datadesc, put stubs in...
2004-01-29 mquinsonmake dist now works
2004-01-29 mquinsonFix the location of the gras library (again)
2004-01-29 mquinsonmv core Core
2004-01-29 mquinson/me is stupid. Making a directory called core breaks...
2004-01-29 mquinsonadd the first percent of a wannabe module mecanism...
2004-01-28 mquinsonautomatic update
2004-01-28 mquinsonSet the cursor to NULL before use in an iteration
2004-01-28 mquinsonDefault debug level=verbose; tries to free the dict...
2004-01-28 mquinsonDefault debug level=verbose (instead of debug); plug...
2004-01-28 mquinsonRedirect tests stderr to &1 to be usable in a |less
2004-01-28 mquinsonbasic support for automatic testing easing problem...
2004-01-28 mquinsonNew testing framework to make pb repporting easier
2004-01-28 mquinsonuse iterators
2004-01-28 mquinsonuse iterators; try to traverse the empty dynar, just...
2004-01-28 mquinsonRationalize iterators over dict (using the ones over...
2004-01-28 mquinsonrationalize the iterators over dynar
2004-01-28 mquinsoncompile out the Common dir for now. It's not ready yet
2004-01-28 mquinsonmv test_log log_usage
2004-01-28 mquinsonunifiate the name of test
2004-01-27 mquinsonInitial revision
2004-01-27 (no author)New repository initialized by cvs2svn.