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2012-04-13 navarroFix some link problème.
2012-04-13 navarroPrint simgrid_lib (dbug)
2012-03-26 Arnaud GierschBuild argv properly.
2012-03-05 navarroReplace MSG_get_host_number with MSG_hosts_as_dynar.
2012-02-16 Laurent BobelinProcess kills now seems to work. May need some addition...
2012-02-16 unknownCosmetics
2012-02-16 navarroLoad SG_java but rename libSG_java for SG_java on windows.
2012-02-16 navarroProtect windows specific needs.
2012-02-16 unknownLoad libSG_java instead of SG_java
2012-02-16 unknownRemove deprecated function getErrCode.
2012-02-16 unknownUse and create dll for simgrid java.
2012-02-16 unknownDon't try to use git with windows and cmake
2012-02-13 navarroUpdate commands to install simgrid-java
2012-02-13 navarroMake a pdf for simgrid-java
2012-01-31 Martin Quinsonmsg.h lives in a subdir, actually
2012-01-31 Martin Quinsongive more hints to that stupid cmake
2012-01-27 Martin Quinsondoc cleanups
2012-01-27 Martin Quinsonalso fix the way we look for the simgrid library
2012-01-27 Martin Quinsonproperly look for the SimGrid header files; stop relyin...
2012-01-27 Martin QuinsonI changed that path recently
2012-01-27 Martin Quinsonlook for msg.h instead of gras.h (cosmetics only: GRAS...
2012-01-19 navarroWrite doc for how to use examples
2012-01-06 ChristophoClean smx_ctx_java_stop, but it does not work yet
2012-01-06 ChristophoDon't destroy the Java thread object yet, we still...
2011-12-19 NavarropWith DMSG_USE_DEPRECATED we can use function MSG_get_er...
2011-12-19 NavarropUpdate way to have processes to run from Simgrid 3.7
2011-11-16 Laurent BobelinCorrected typos as I had 5 minutes to waste before...
2011-11-14 Laurent BobelinCorrected some typos, clarified the index.
2011-11-14 NavarropAdd button for website.
2011-11-10 NavarropAdd a remove section from simgrid documentation.
2011-11-10 NavarropAdd a sync target.
2011-11-10 Laurent BobelinAdded an index page for javadoc
2011-11-10 NavarropFind for javadoc.
2011-11-10 NavarropRemove unused tools.
2011-11-10 NavarropMake a doc for java
2011-10-19 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2011-10-19 Martin Quinsonsplit simulation run and simulation cleanup so that...
2011-10-19 NavarropUse a test list to set environment variables.
2011-10-19 Martin Quinson1000 lines in already enough in this file, let's kill...
2011-10-19 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2011-10-19 Martin Quinsonget ride of some supurious warnings
2011-10-19 NavarropLook for simgrid into $SIMGRID_ROOT. If lib simgrid...
2011-10-18 NavarropClean code. Remove unsused jobject.
2011-10-18 NavarropAdd a new example to kill a process.
2011-10-18 Martin Quinsonlaurent's eclipse was a bit too greedy
2011-10-18 Laurent BobelinImproved javadoc (yet not totally corrected). Added...
2011-10-14 PierreRewrite the example in order to make clear on how a...
2011-10-14 PierreAdd a new example for java with bypass of deployment.
2011-10-06 NavarropChange SVN version for GIT version.
2011-10-05 NavarropAdd a make dist command.
2011-10-04 Christophe... Replace push by addFirst, compatible with older version...
2011-09-22 NavarropNow it is git.
2011-09-07 navarropFix execution on mac but need to be uncommented later.
2011-09-07 navarropOn mac we must set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to find libsimgrid...
2011-06-28 navarropAdd flag -Wno-error=unused-but-set-variable if gcc...
2011-06-23 navarropDon't had LD_LIBRARY_PATH if it is empty.
2011-06-23 navarropAdd previous LD_LIBRARY_PATH to tests.
2011-05-09 agierschThe smx_ctx_*_runall function should not reset the...
2011-05-09 agierschField get_thread_id does not exist anymore in smx_conte...
2011-04-26 thieryRename Process.changeHost to process.migrate to match...
2011-03-25 agierschUpgrade xbt_assert in simgrid-contrib.
2011-03-23 coldpeaceremove the usless function : smx_ctx_java_get_data...
2011-03-01 navarropMake test on pipol succed.
2011-02-28 navarropAdd note to submit
2011-02-28 navarropAdd svn and cdash to java project.
2011-02-25 navarropTarget "make install" works for java and ruby.
2011-02-24 thieryWhen exiting a process, replace MSG_process_kill by...
2011-02-23 navarropCorrectly use of xbt_die in java.
2011-02-22 thieryThe cleanup function is already called by SIMIX when...
2011-02-22 navarropNo need to be in cmake 2.8
2011-02-22 thieryReorganize gitignore files for Java
2011-02-18 navarropRename DEBUG, INFO... for XBT_DEBUG ... in simgrid...
2011-02-18 navarropRemove old script to launch java examples.
2011-02-16 navarropDon't need private files without this command line
2011-02-16 navarropNeed to add -I<path_to_jni_md.h> if it is != to -I...
2011-02-16 navarropChange fprintf for DEBUG
2011-02-16 navarropWe need cmake 2.8 to compile simgrid
2011-02-15 navarropDue to __thread smx_current_context we need to have...
2011-02-15 navarropDebug flags
2011-02-15 navarropFind simgrid version
2011-02-15 navarropreplace message FATAL by STATUS
2011-02-14 navarropComsetics.
2011-02-10 navarropAdd some functions.
2011-02-09 navarropHuge commit for java with simgrid3_5
2010-12-06 mquinsontake from main archive the last bits that merit to...
2010-12-03 mquinsonIt may even work, soon
2010-12-03 mquinsonI guess that I removed the examples *instead of library...
2010-12-03 mquinsonAhem. When exactly did I kill my good examples?
2010-12-02 mquinsonat some point, I commited a lot of cruft. Sorry
2010-12-02 mquinsonReorganize java sources
2010-12-02 mquinsonend of previous commit. Sorry for the noise, I'm doomed...
2010-12-02 mquinsonkinda working again: only a segfault at termination
2010-12-02 mquinsoninitial (almost working) release of a separate package...