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2019-01-03 Martin Quinsonyet another example: actor-suspend.py
2019-01-03 Martin Quinsongitlab-ci: don't build with sonar, as it does not work
2019-01-03 Martin Quinsonrename an example to stick to the function name
2019-01-03 Martin Quinsonpy: another example: actor-join
2019-01-03 Martin QuinsonPython: many improvements; add a new example (actor...
2019-01-03 Martin Quinsonsphinx autodoc needs the package to be built before...
2019-01-03 Martin QuinsonInstall unzip to get sonar on framagit
2019-01-03 Martin QuinsonInstall curl to get sonar on framagit
2019-01-03 Martin Quinsontry to activate sonar on framagit
2019-01-03 Martin Quinsonpy: Try to add properties to the Host class
2019-01-03 Martin QuinsonDocument recent pyton examples
2019-01-02 Martin Quinsontypo
2019-01-02 Martin Quinsonpy: document the this_actor submodule
2019-01-02 Martin Quinsontravis: increase the build paralelism
2019-01-01 Martin Quinsontravis: pybind11 is not in xenial either
2019-01-01 Martin Quinsontravis: don't specify the boost version we need, to...
2019-01-01 Martin Quinsontravis: try to activate xenial images
2019-01-01 Martin QuinsonRevert "try to hide a bug in tesh"
2019-01-01 Martin QuinsonAdd a missing file in the archive
2019-01-01 Martin Quinsontry to hide a bug in tesh
2019-01-01 Martin Quinsonuse named parameters instead of overloads for py::execute
2019-01-01 Martin Quinsontesh: try harder to not loose the cwd between threads
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonxbt::Path: do not ignore the return value of getcwd
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonimprove an error message when a file cannot be open
2018-12-31 Martin QuinsonNew function: xbt::Path() gets the CWD
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonpython: reorg to allow 'from simgrid import *' in scripts
2018-12-31 Arnaud Giersch[travis] Add -j2 here too.
2018-12-31 Arnaud Giersch[travis] Try to improve running time with parallel...
2018-12-31 Arnaud Giersch[sonar] Remove deprecated properties.
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsondisable python on travis, as Trusty is too old
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsontrailing spaces
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonpy: fix out of tree build testing
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonpython: two more examples, the basics are here
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonpython: rename register_function into register_actor...
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonpython: fix register_function when passed a class
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonpython: extend the bindings
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonemission does not seem to be the correct word here
2018-12-31 Martin Quinsonpython: improve the documentation
2018-12-28 Augustin Degommecosmetics.
2018-12-28 Augustin Degommeupdate description of SImgrid ci job with NS3 and Python
2018-12-27 Martin Quinsoncompile simgrid_python with c++14
2018-12-27 Martin Quinsonfix out of tree builds
2018-12-27 Martin QuinsonOld pybind11 cannot be used
2018-12-27 Martin Quinsonwe cannot use PYBIND11 without PYTHONLIBS
2018-12-27 Martin Quinsonkill deprecated templates that don't compile in C++14
2018-12-27 Martin QuinsonDrop sg_cmdline. Please use xbt_cmdline instead (+inclu...
2018-12-27 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:simgrid/simgrid
2018-12-27 Martin QuinsonOnly test python bindings if they are enabled
2018-12-27 Martin Quinsonactually include the python examples in the archive
2018-12-27 Frederic Sutera host and not an host
2018-12-27 Martin Quinsonfix make dist
2018-12-27 Martin Quinsonns3: comment asserts that fail on clusters
2018-12-27 Martin Quinsonpython: First working example
2018-12-26 Martin Quinsoneven more ignorable cruft
2018-12-26 Martin Quinsonfix make dist
2018-12-26 Martin Quinsonpython: add the docstrings
2018-12-26 Martin Quinsoninitial support for pybind11: Python bindings of S4U...
2018-12-26 Martin QuinsonIgnore more stuff
2018-12-25 Martin Quinsons4u.hpp: add a missing include file
2018-12-25 Martin Quinsonhide deprecated methods from doxygen
2018-12-25 Martin Quinsonns3: assert that the sent amount is as expected
2018-12-19 Martin Quinsonignore another example
2018-12-18 Arnaud GierschKill unused static function.
2018-11-30 Martin Quinsoncorrect cmake version for this fix
2018-11-29 Martin Quinsonlink_energy: make sure that the watts ranges are always...
2018-11-29 Martin QuinsonDoc polishing
2018-11-29 Martin QuinsonTiny doc improvement
2018-11-28 Millian Poquet[smpi] smpi::Host ext init: smpi_main -> SMPI_init
2018-11-27 Millian Poquet[examples] smpi-replay-mm: trace w/ collectives
2018-11-26 Millian Poquet[doc] tuto MPI: fix smpirun cmd, verbosity++
2018-11-26 Millian Poquet[docs] tuto MPI: update smpirun replay syntax
2018-11-26 Millian Poquet[doc] spacing cosmetics
2018-11-26 Frederic Suterrevalidate tesh files with correct ranks (starting...
2018-11-26 Frederic Sutercrude hack to display the "right" rank in Paje traces...
2018-11-26 Frederic Suterlimit the conversion trick for non-replayable types...
2018-11-23 Frederic Suter(#318) should please pj_dump
2018-11-23 Frederic Suterbetter to save file before commit and push ...
2018-11-23 Frederic Suterfix #318: return "NA" when no size can be displayed
2018-11-22 Arnaud GierschMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2018-11-22 Arnaud GierschFix vector access out of range.
2018-11-22 Augustin Degommemake ugly regexp a bit more robust to corner cases
2018-11-22 Augustin Degommehopefully last one
2018-11-22 Augustin Degommeyet another attempt at a trivial thing.
2018-11-22 Augustin Degomme-=
2018-11-22 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #315 from simgrid/smpirun-replay
2018-11-22 Augustin Degommeonly install when branch is master (avoid installing...
2018-11-22 Augustin Degommetest some tracing options
2018-11-22 Augustin Degommefix crash with tracing/smpi/display-sizes:yes
2018-11-21 Martin Quinsontiny doc improvement
2018-11-21 Martin QuinsonDocker: one rule to regenerate them all
2018-11-21 Millian Poquet[misc] spacing cosmetics
2018-11-21 Millian Poquet[smpi] replay from `smpirun -replay <tracefile>`
2018-11-21 Arnaud Gierschtuto-msg was removed 3 months ago.
2018-11-21 Arnaud GierschStabilize output by sorting.
2018-11-21 Millian Poquet[smpi] add smpireplayrun binary
2018-11-21 Millian Poquet[misc] remove smpimain from libsimgrid
2018-11-21 Augustin Degommeadd include to lift potential ambiguity for std::abs
2018-11-21 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:simgrid/simgrid
2018-11-21 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of framagit.org:simgrid/simgrid
2018-11-21 Martin Quinsondocument recent changes