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2005-08-07 mquinsonkill dead cruft
2005-08-07 mquinsonUseless cleanup
2005-08-06 mquinsonONGOING work on exceptions plus minor cleanups.
2005-08-02 alegrandupdate the changelog :)
2005-08-02 alegrandAdd a loopback if needed...
2005-08-02 alegrandMake valgrind happy by initializing variables and corre...
2005-08-02 alegrandstupid me ! :) Thanks for noticing Alan.
2005-08-02 alegrandupdate the changelog :)
2005-08-02 alegrandAdd MSG_task_cancel and MSG_task_get_computation_remaining
2005-08-02 alegrandAdd msg_get_host_speed
2005-08-02 alegrandadd a get_speed function to the cpu and enabled the...
2005-07-25 alegrandadding a slave on the master
2005-07-25 alegrandcosmetics and helped me a lot for debuging... :)
2005-07-25 alegrandAdd FAT_PIPE
2005-07-25 alegrandExtending the maxmin solver to take into account shared...
2005-07-25 alegrandextending the parser
2005-07-25 alegrandbugfix
2005-07-25 alegranddo not create a parallel task is it does not consume...
2005-07-25 alegrandhelp readability
2005-07-25 alegranduseless stupid affectation
2005-07-25 alegrandmore flexible regexp
2005-07-23 alegranddo not forget to take into account parallel tasks.
2005-07-23 alegrandcosmetics
2005-07-23 alegrandupdate MSG_task_destroy for parallel tasks
2005-07-22 alegrandAdding parallel tasks to MSG
2005-07-22 alegranddoc fix
2005-07-22 alegrandcosmetics
2005-07-22 alegrandadding parallel task to SURF workstations
2005-07-22 alegrandrouting table goes public
2005-07-22 alegrandtrivial API extension of the maxmin solver
2005-07-22 alegrandI know using different loging levels demonstrate the...
2005-07-22 alegranddoc fix.
2005-07-21 alegrandadd references
2005-07-05 alegrandgetting rid of unused variables
2005-07-05 alegrand%lg -> %g ...
2005-07-02 mquinsonI killed this file a while ago
2005-07-02 mquinsonThis is needed during make dist, which may occure befor...
2005-07-02 mquinsonreduce the amount of loaded headers
2005-07-02 mquinsonOups, forgot a point
2005-07-02 mquinsonAlmost a complete rewrite to sort out my ideas before...
2005-07-02 mquinsonfollow the lastest macro renaming in xbt_ex
2005-07-02 mquinsonRename all macros to follow more closely the habits...
2005-07-02 mquinsonAdd a link to exception support on the main page
2005-07-02 mquinsons/TRY/TRYOLD/ I'd like to introduce a TRY macro in...
2005-07-02 mquinsonImprove documentation and put the examples in another...
2005-07-02 alegrandMake context exception-aware. I don't know whether...
2005-07-02 alegrandHelp doxygen to display this documentation.
2005-07-02 mquinsons/sg/xbt/ ; s/code/category/; document this stuff
2005-07-02 mquinsons/sg/xbt/ ; s/code/category/
2005-07-02 mquinsondocument exceptions
2005-07-01 mquinsonkill useless cruft
2005-07-01 alegrandmoving the doc to another location on gforge
2005-07-01 mquinsonfit libex into SimGrid (with an axe, I admit)
2005-07-01 mquinsonAdd a pimple^W^W an helper function
2005-07-01 mquinsons/_XBT_GNUC_FUNCTION/_XBT_FUNCTION/ (that's how to...
2005-07-01 mquinsonfit libex into SimGrid (with an axe, I admit)
2005-07-01 mquinsonPrototypes to some *printf functions in public interfac...
2005-07-01 mquinsons/_XBT_GNUC_FUNCTION/_XBT_FUNCTION/ (that's how to...
2005-07-01 alegranddetect va_copy and provide a replacement. Code stolen...
2005-07-01 alegranduse a nice va_copy if none was provided by the system
2005-07-01 alegrandcosmetics
2005-07-01 mquinsonWe now use vasprintf
2005-07-01 mquinsonmove comments around so that they don't induce a syntax...
2005-07-01 alegrandSee! I document my work! ;)
2005-07-01 alegrandMSG_process_resume did not work if you tried to resume...
2005-07-01 mquinsoninclude libex
2005-07-01 mquinsonasprintf replacement
2005-07-01 mquinsonTest libex
2005-07-01 mquinsonasprintf & friends replacement
2005-07-01 mquinsonInclude libex and snprintf replacement
2005-07-01 mquinson-Wformat=2 chokes on the snprintf replacement because...
2005-07-01 mquinsonMake sure we have an implementation of asprintf, even...
2005-07-01 mquinsonInclude the original version of the libex library....
2005-07-01 alegrandmoving to 2.96
2005-07-01 alegrandmajor doc reorganization to get something that works...
2005-07-01 alegrandfix references broken due to trailing ":"
2005-07-01 alegrandthese references could not work... disable reference...
2005-07-01 alegrandhelp doxygen to stop complaining about documentation...
2005-07-01 alegrandhelp doxygen to stop complaining about nested groups
2005-07-01 alegrandfix reference (especially the trailing ":")
2005-07-01 alegrandtell the world that MSG_set_verbosity is deprecated.
2005-07-01 alegrandfix documentation
2005-07-01 alegrandfix a reference
2005-07-01 mquinson.
2005-06-30 alegrandmoving to 2.95
2005-06-30 alegrandsome compiler don't like this return void... :)
2005-06-30 mquinsonSome stuff were done, another one were added here
2005-06-30 alegrandremove this damn fflush that spoils the performance...
2005-06-29 alegrandremoving MSG_process_start from the documentation
2005-06-29 alegrandIt's amazing how a well-placed ! can make such a differ...
2005-06-29 mquinsonstupid me
2005-06-29 mquinsonDocument some of the lastest changes
2005-06-29 mquinsondisable MSG_get_msgload until we find a good specificat...
2005-06-29 mquinsonPass the args to the child
2005-06-29 mquinsonAdapt to API change (I was too quick, I guess)
2005-06-29 alegrandI had forgotten a few functions last time. It could...
2005-06-29 alegrandAdd a select for Martin.
2005-06-29 mquinsonAdapt to upcomming changes in MSG even before Arnaud...
2005-06-29 mquinsonput the great MSG_config stuff in the libs
2005-06-29 mquinsonxbt_cfg_set_vargs() and xbt_cfg_set() now handle only...