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2007-02-12 mquinsonAdd a link to next lesson, minor improvement
2007-02-09 cheriermthe makefile file for stub_generator for Borland Builder
2007-02-09 cheriermthe borland main file for stub_generator
2007-02-09 cheriermthe borland project file for stub_generator
2007-02-09 cheriermstub_genarator.c adaptation for Borland Builder Compiler
2007-02-09 alegrandFirst try of a simix "specification".
2007-02-08 mquinsonDocument a bit the tricky symbol definition for windows...
2007-02-08 mquinsonInitialized globals must not be imported, only exported
2007-02-08 cheriermallow for stuff to be exported into the DLL on need...
2007-02-08 cheriermcatgories must be exported in any case (so that they...
2007-02-08 cheriermthis is public
2007-02-08 cheriermany log category must be public
2007-02-07 cheriermno isatty declaration for win32
2007-02-07 cherierm_XBT_CALL decoration for inthandler function (signal...
2007-02-07 cheriermchange free by xbt_free_f
2007-02-07 cheriermchange free function by xbt_free_f
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo
2007-02-07 mquinsonthis is not public
2007-02-07 cheriermdo not export the functions of this header in the dll
2007-02-07 mquinsonDupplicate extern keyword
2007-02-07 cheriermchange free be xbt_free_f
2007-02-07 cheriermdo not export private functions in the dll (win32 specific)
2007-02-07 mquinsonThat's not public
2007-02-07 mquinsonthat's not public
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo in windows DLL cruft
2007-02-07 cheriermdefine _XBT_CAlLL in this file for win32 c function...
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo in windows DLL cruft
2007-02-07 cheriermnow contains xbt_free_f implementation
2007-02-07 cheriermnow contains only xbt_free_f declaration
2007-02-07 mquinsonSome more conversion to windows decoration cruft
2007-02-07 mquinsontypo+indentation
2007-02-07 mquinsonDo not put the extern keyword several times (XBT_PUBLIC...
2007-02-07 cherierma default
2007-02-07 cheriermsorry a stupid error
2007-02-07 cheriermtake care of new dll import and dll export in Windows
2007-02-07 cherierma single xbt_free_f function used to handle calling...
2007-02-07 cheriermnew dll export an dll import mechanism for Windows.
2007-02-07 mquinsonCleanup XBT_PUBLIC stuff under windows
2007-02-02 casanovaCleaned up the GTNetS interface based on e-mail discussion
2007-02-02 mquinsonthe DAG model is implemented, now
2007-02-01 alegrandGlups. Second bug of the week on FATPIPES in the maxmin...
2007-01-31 casanovafoo
2007-01-31 casanovaFirst draft integration of SURF and GTNetS. The code...
2007-01-30 alegrandFix argument check.
2007-01-29 alegrandKeeping up with last trace modifications.
2007-01-26 mquinsonsome improvement to explain how to install from cvs
2007-01-26 mquinsonOther try to fix the FS breakage
2007-01-26 mquinsonFS found a new way to break the bootstrap
2007-01-26 alegrandbug fix
2007-01-24 alegrandStupid me! Bug fix in the maxmin algorithm (occurs...
2007-01-19 velhoUpdate to cope with testsuite/Makefile.am modifications.
2007-01-19 velhoAdding tests for sdp.
2007-01-19 velhoAlmost working!
2007-01-19 velhoMaking lmm_print public.
2007-01-19 mquinsonCopy/paste error. This is a matrix, not a dynar. Let...
2007-01-19 cheriermused in windows process build
2007-01-19 velhoAdded some variables and code in order to map the maxmi...
2007-01-18 cherierman other lapse of memory
2007-01-18 eyraudlUse the correct value for the number of elements in...
2007-01-18 alegrandCompile sdp.c only if we have found a working libsdp.
2007-01-17 mquinsonThis file is generated in maintainermode => must be...
2007-01-17 mquinsonThis file is generated in maintainermode => must be...
2007-01-17 mquinsonThis file is generated in maintainermode => must be...
2007-01-17 mquinsonMissing file
2007-01-17 mquinsonBe a nice boy and don't saturate with 512*1024 messages...
2007-01-17 mquinsonDebug messages improvement
2007-01-17 alegrandAdding sdp.c and the bunch of modified Makefile.in...
2007-01-17 alegrandcosmetics
2007-01-16 cheriermupdate PAJE_PROCESS_PUSH_STATE, change the null string...
2007-01-16 mquinsonignorable
2007-01-16 mquinsonSort images in a specific subdir to clean up the place...
2007-01-16 mquinsonAnother doc improvement
2007-01-16 mquinsonadd a robots.txt for the search engines spiders
2007-01-16 alegrandFix the doc.
2007-01-15 cheriermRemove unused paje type definitions
2007-01-15 cheriermRemove deprecate swith macro ALVIN_SPECIAL_LOGING,...
2007-01-12 mquinsonignorable
2007-01-12 mquinsonAlso export the diagram of the upcomming module split...
2007-01-11 alegrandbug fix in the Paje traces. Unfortunately, it does...
2007-01-08 mquinsonRemove the generated from the .cvsignore files now...
2007-01-08 mquinsonRemove a AC_MSG_CHECKING not paired with any AC_MSG_RES...
2007-01-08 mquinsonHarden the detection of broken makecontext: check that...
2007-01-08 mquinsonStupid me
2007-01-08 mquinsonOuups, skel_rewriter is not ready for release yet
2007-01-08 mquinsonAdd generated files to the CVS so that the use of autot...
2007-01-08 mquinsonAdd generated files to the CVS so that the use of autot...
2007-01-05 mquinsonIf the user wants to force the use of ucontext on a...
2007-01-03 cherierminput files for surf usage2 test suite
2007-01-03 cherierminput file for surf usag2 test suite
2007-01-03 cherierminput files for maxmin bench test suite
2007-01-03 cherierminput file for maxmin bench test suite
2007-01-03 cherierminput files for maxim usage test suite
2007-01-03 cherierminput file for maxim usage test suite
2006-12-21 cherierma project group to build all projects on one click
2006-12-21 cheriermall borland make files
2006-12-21 cheriermall borland project files
2006-12-21 cheriermall bpf files
2006-12-21 cherierma directory for all builds
2006-12-21 cheriermnow we don't need this file
2006-12-21 cheriermthis file is now in build directory