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2006-08-27 mquinsonAlso shut amok down
2006-08-27 mquinsonOk, Paje is in a sorry state, but this leads to segfaul...
2006-08-27 mquinsonoldies
2006-08-27 mquinsons/_deployment.xml/.xml/
2006-08-27 mquinsonSTFU
2006-08-27 mquinsonCheck PROPERLY whether there is more data to consume...
2006-08-27 mquinsonSome more debuging
2006-08-27 mquinsonStick to the file naming scheme used in the tutorial
2006-08-27 mquinsonThis output may be interesting
2006-08-27 mquinsoncleanup a bit the parser code; Do not use attribute...
2006-08-26 mquinsonPubli++ (YUHU)
2006-08-26 mquinsonA thumbnail of the poster
2006-08-26 mquinsonMove the poster in the right section
2006-08-26 mquinsonPubli++
2006-08-24 casanovaAdded the SimGrid poster to the list of publications
2006-08-24 mquinsonupdates
2006-08-24 mquinsonLayout fixups
2006-08-24 casanovaTwo new publications added
2006-08-24 mquinsonImport the makefile chunk to generate the gras temporar...
2006-08-24 mquinsonstick to the file naming convention presented in the...
2006-08-24 mquinsonstick to the file naming convention presented in the...
2006-08-24 mquinsonSIGURS1 is not defined on windows (but signal() and...
2006-08-23 mquinsonThree publications from University of Victoria, Canada
2006-08-22 mquinsonDon't bother emptying empty dicts in dict_reset
2006-08-22 mquinsonUse the new dict_reset function to improv perfs a bit
2006-08-22 mquinsonAnd now, remove the typo to the forname of FS ;)
2006-08-22 mquinsonAdd a publication of FS
2006-08-22 mquinsonReformat so that the year separation come more clearly
2006-08-22 mquinsonImplement a dict_hash_ext function able to deal with...
2006-08-22 mquinsonuseless cosmetics
2006-08-22 mquinsoncosmetics (add missing braces so that adding debugging...
2006-08-22 mquinsonAlso run the memcopy test
2006-08-22 mquinsonhexa_str prototype changed to allow right-to-left displ...
2006-08-22 mquinsonLet xbt_dict_hash work also with non-null terminated...
2006-08-22 mquinsonThis function is private thus static
2006-08-22 mquinsonImprove the hexa displayer by separating raw and hex...
2006-08-22 mquinsonCheck that we can have the content being different...
2006-08-22 mquinsonImprove a bit the test on searching non-existant data
2006-08-22 mquinsonAdd a missing file to the archives
2006-08-22 mquinsonthe option --enable-maintainer-mode should be used...
2006-08-20 thieryThis file didn't compile
2006-08-18 thieryAdd documentation for Surf
2006-08-15 thieryAdd functions to remove elements from a set
2006-08-15 thieryAdd a function xbt_dynar_shrink
2006-08-14 thieryThis dict was not freed
2006-08-14 thieryUse mallocators for dictionaries
2006-08-12 mquinsonMove this article to the right section (none of us...
2006-08-12 mquinsonMake the context test a bit more expressive to newcommers
2006-08-12 casanovaAdded the reference to the article:
2006-08-11 thieryFix a seg fault when xbt_exit is called more than once
2006-08-10 mquinsonRevert last change. context in SG mean the API we have...
2006-08-10 mquinsonDo not check our context code on hosts where configure...
2006-08-10 thieryRemove useless and costly strdups in platform file...
2006-08-10 thieryUse a mallocator for MSG tasks
2006-08-09 thieryMalloc instead of calloc
2006-08-09 thieryForgot to initialize a field
2006-08-09 thieryUpdate SimDag example
2006-08-09 thieryThere was too many reallocs
2006-08-09 thieryUse malloc instead of calloc because reset_f is called...
2006-08-09 thieryUse a mallocator for the fifo items
2006-08-08 thieryFix uninitialized values
2006-08-08 thieryDon't malloc a new dict each time in execute_parallel_task
2006-08-08 thieryUse a mallocator for Surf variables
2006-08-08 thieryUse malloc instead of calloc
2006-08-08 thieryAdd mallocators into Makefile
2006-08-04 mquinsonDocument the name of type descriptions created with...
2006-08-04 thieryChange parameter names from 'head' to 'dict'. Add two...
2006-08-04 thieryImprove the function SD_task_get_state
2006-08-04 thieryRemove useless reallocs
2006-08-04 thieryOptimize function SD_route_get_list()
2006-08-04 thieryBad comment
2006-08-04 thieryAdd Doxygen documentation for mallocators
2006-08-04 thieryReplace an exception by an assertion
2006-08-04 thieryAdd mallocators in ChangeLog
2006-08-03 thieryReset an object only when the user needs it
2006-08-03 thieryAdd a mallocator system to recycle unused objects inste...
2006-08-03 thieryReimplement dictionaries as hashtables
2006-08-02 mquinsondocument my last change (unit selection in testall...
2006-08-02 mquinsonAdd a clean-unit target which removes any extracted...
2006-08-02 mquinsonAllow the user to specify which tests should be run...
2006-08-02 mquinsonPlug memleaks in the runned tests. Yeah, I'm vicious...
2006-08-02 mquinsonMake sure that mod won't go undefined when an exception...
2006-08-02 mquinsonDocument a bug fix, and cosmetics
2006-08-02 mquinsoncosmetics
2006-08-02 mquinsonKill old unused stuff
2006-08-02 mquinsonkill unused struct
2006-08-01 mquinsonMake room for the other lessons on data description
2006-08-01 mquinsonLesson 9 is done
2006-08-01 mquinsonFix a vicious bug: TCP socket use a buffer and read...
2006-07-31 mquinsonMake room for the simpledata lesson
2006-07-31 mquinsonimprove my helping target
2006-07-31 mquinsonMassive file renaming (stupid CVS) so that we can have...
2006-07-31 mquinsonMassive file renaming (stupid CVS) so that we can have...
2006-07-31 mquinsonDocument lastly added FAQ
2006-07-31 mquinsonNew entry: how to repport bugs
2006-07-31 mquinsonOups, previous commit was a bit premature. Properly...
2006-07-31 mquinsonGroup valgrind related entries
2006-07-31 mquinsonGroup valgrind related entries
2006-07-31 mquinsontypo
2006-07-31 mquinsonMake more clear that some entries are MSG specific