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2016-09-02 Frederic Suterplug leak and cosmetics
2016-09-01 Frederic Suterfix rma
2016-09-01 Martin Quinsonyet another missing 'override' keyword
2016-09-01 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-09-01 Frederic Suterremove dict and dynar
2016-09-01 Martin Quinsonadd a missing 'override' to please paranoid compilers
2016-09-01 Martin Quinsonchange a function as a method of simix::Host
2016-09-01 Martin Quinsonahem. Fix compilation issues
2016-09-01 Martin Quinsondocument another possible way to model the energy
2016-09-01 Martin Quinsonredemption of a LMM function used by the energy plugin
2016-09-01 Martin Quinson[doc] fix a broken link
2016-09-01 Frederic Suterdynar to vector*
2016-08-31 Martin Quinsonmerge the HL13 VM model into the main VirtualMachine...
2016-08-30 Martin Quinsontiny cleanups in surf::VM
2016-08-29 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-08-29 Martin Quinsonsmpi/running-power is renamed to smpi/host-speed
2016-08-29 Martin Quinsonsmpi/cpu-threshold:-1 should become smpi/simulate-compu...
2016-08-29 Martin Quinsonmove some placeholder functions from VMHL13 to VirtualM...
2016-08-29 Martin Quinsonrename fields for consistency
2016-08-29 Augustin Degommeremove the else clause that should never be reached...
2016-08-28 Martin QuinsonUse a deque instead of an intrusive hook for all VMs
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonrename the VM callbacks for uniformity
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonkill two useless functions at once
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonplease sonar
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonwahou. This one is great
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonfurther cosmetics in simix VM, which really needs them
2016-08-28 Martin QuinsonVM: code simplification by ensuring that the piface...
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonanother useless function dies
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonone 'void*' less
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonhow many useless functions can this code possibly contain?
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in simix VM (much more to do)
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonkill a useless function
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsonuse a typed extension for simix::Host
2016-08-28 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2016-08-26 Martin Quinsonclasses can actually be created on demand
2016-08-26 Martin Quinsontry to initialize the class on demand
2016-08-26 Martin Quinsonplease sonar
2016-08-26 Martin Quinsongive the application a chance to not enter the deadlocks
2016-08-26 Martin Quinsonthe order of atexit() seem to be different on FreeBSD
2016-08-25 Martin Quinsondestroy the config set each time we allocate it
2016-08-25 degommeplug some more "leaks"
2016-08-24 Frederic Suterdynar to vector
2016-08-24 Martin Quinsonmatch new and delete
2016-08-23 Martin Quinson[java] new function: msg.Comm.waitAny()
2016-08-22 Martin Quinson[java] New function: msg.Comm.waitAll()
2016-08-22 Martin Quinsonstart objectifing simix::Host
2016-08-21 Martin Quinsonno need to manually compute the log2
2016-08-19 Martin Quinsondon't try to survive to native exceptions
2016-08-19 Martin Quinsonrename the Storage fields to follow our naming conventions
2016-08-19 Frederic SuterFloyd is dynar free
2016-08-19 Martin Quinsonstore the links directly, not the names
2016-08-19 Martin Quinsonaddress a FIXME
2016-08-19 Martin Quinsonuse std::map for sparse vectors. This simplifies things
2016-08-19 Martin Quinsoncosmetics
2016-08-19 Martin Quinsonreduce the amount of casts
2016-08-19 Frederic SuterMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2016-08-19 Frederic Suterplug memleak
2016-08-19 Frederic Suteruse vector for privateLinks_
2016-08-18 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #108 from adfaure/master
2016-08-18 Frederic Sutervertices_ is now a vector in routing
2016-08-18 Frederic Suterfix build on 32bit
2016-08-18 Frederic Sutergetting rid of dynar in instr (part 1)
2016-08-18 Frederic Suterwoops
2016-08-18 Frederic Suterfix build
2016-08-18 Frederic Sutercosmetics
2016-08-18 Frederic Suteryet another dynar to disappear
2016-08-18 Frederic Suter2 dynar less (but this code is ... improvable)
2016-08-17 Frederic Suterstore host and not names
2016-08-17 adfaure[s4u]Fix memory leak into s4u::Comm
2016-08-16 Frederic Suterdynar-- for hosts that restart
2016-08-16 Frederic Suterdynar-- for trace mgmt
2016-08-16 Martin Quinsonsmall sonar cleanup
2016-08-16 Martin Quinsonkeep polite and informative
2016-08-16 degommebetter handling of info_* in smpi to avoid leaks
2016-08-15 Martin Quinsonactivate global privatization by default in smpi
2016-08-15 Martin Quinsonfix NS3 builds
2016-08-15 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2016-08-15 Martin Quinsonplug two memleak in smpi, and cosmetics
2016-08-15 degommeleaks --
2016-08-14 Martin Quinsonrename smx_process_t to smx_actor_t
2016-08-14 Martin Quinsonsonar cleanups
2016-08-14 Martin Quinsonreduce the amount of mallocs (and plug a memleak)
2016-08-14 Martin Quinsonplug another memleak, in SMPI this time
2016-08-14 Martin Quinsonmv s4u/mailbox.hpp s4u/Mailbox.hpp now that it's clean
2016-08-14 Martin Quinsonfix lua builds, as a courtesy to frs69wq :)
2016-08-14 Martin Quinsonplease sonar with some cleanups
2016-08-13 Martin Quinsonkill unused type sg_mbox_t
2016-08-13 Martin Quinsoncleanups to please sonar, and add a FIXME for a bug...
2016-08-12 Martin Quinsonreduce the amount of unneed malloc
2016-08-12 Martin Quinsonadd a Mailbox::byName(std::string) function
2016-08-12 Martin Quinsonrewrite the s4u_launching example
2016-08-12 Frederic Suterdynar to std::vector for pstates
2016-08-12 Frederic Sutercosmetics
2016-08-11 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #107 from adfaure/master
2016-08-11 Frederic Suterplease sonar on double equality
2016-08-11 adfaure[s4u] add Actor::getPPid and this_actor::getPPid()
2016-08-11 Frederic Sutersimplify!
2016-08-11 Martin QuinsonMC request_enabled: add documentation and an explosive...
2016-08-10 Martin Quinsonkill the half backen setAffinity feature
2016-08-10 Martin Quinsonaccount for a file renaming in this script