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[DOC] Fixed even more errors.
[simgrid.git] / src / surf /
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[DOC] Fixed even more errors.
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Docs] Fixed doc generation errors.
2016-01-20 Christian Heinrich[Lua] Removed lua simulation support
2016-01-20 degommefix potential segfault happening when only -trace is...
2016-01-19 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of github.com:mquinson/simgrid
2016-01-18 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #50 from mpoquet/master
2016-01-18 Millian PoquetMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mquinson...
2016-01-18 Martin Quinsonfix my borken english
2016-01-18 Millian PoquetWarning fix: addition of the override specifier for...
2016-01-18 Martin Quinsonrecompile the dtd, just to check that I can do so
2016-01-18 Martin Quinsonreindent
2016-01-17 Martin Quinsonone step to make VM usable with any Cpu model
2016-01-17 Martin Quinsoninline a static function
2016-01-16 Martin Quinsonreindent
2016-01-16 Martin Quinsonmove the vanilla def of executeParallelTask in HostModel
2016-01-16 Martin Quinsonsimplify the prototype of CpuAction::onStateChange
2016-01-15 Martin Quinsonkill (inline) useless functions
2016-01-15 Gabriel Corona[s4u] Host snake_case
2016-01-15 Gabriel CoronaRemove surf_on_host_created() declaration
2016-01-14 Gabriel CoronaRemove sg_platf_*_add_cb, use the signal<T> directly
2016-01-14 Gabriel CoronaUse signals for platform callbacks
2016-01-13 Martin Quinsonsome simple cleanups in the routing code
2016-01-13 Martin Quinsonmove some content from AsNone into As (AsNone should...
2016-01-13 Martin Quinsonport NS3 to simgrid::s4u::Host
2016-01-13 Gabriel CoronaMerge simgrid::Host into simgrid::s4u::Host
2016-01-13 Martin Quinsondocument the update mechanisms
2016-01-13 Martin Quinsonmore documentation in surf::Routing
2016-01-13 Martin Quinsonport NS3 to the new signals in simgrid::Host
2016-01-13 Gabriel CoronaMove the signals from simgrid::surf::Host to simgrid...
2016-01-13 Gabriel CoronaPublic simgrid::xbt:signal<F> class
2016-01-12 Gabriel CoronaRemove surf_host_model_execute_parallel_task()
2016-01-12 Gabriel CoronaRemove surf_host_* functions
2016-01-12 Martin Quinsonre-move content into separate callback functions (and...
2016-01-12 Gabriel CoronaAdd missing XBT_ALWAYS_INLINE
2016-01-12 Gabriel CoronaFix aliased template parameter name
2016-01-12 Gabriel CoronaRevert "remove a C-like pimple"
2016-01-11 Martin Quinsonsg_functions should be wrapping the C++ public API...
2016-01-11 Martin Quinsonkill an unused static function
2016-01-11 Martin Quinsonsurf::Host don't need no netcard
2016-01-11 Martin Quinson[energy] sanitize what's a simcall and what's not;...
2016-01-11 Gabriel CoronaRewrite the energy plugin using the extension mechanism
2016-01-11 Gabriel Corona[energy] C++-ification, remove nested xbt_dynar
2016-01-11 Martin Quinsonremove completely the energy concern from the core
2016-01-10 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2016-01-09 Martin Quinsonmake it easier to mark execution paths as DEADCODE...
2016-01-09 Martin QuinsonC++-ifies a wrapper function, and kill it
2016-01-09 Martin Quinsonbypass simix in simcall to surf::Cpu::setPState
2016-01-09 Martin Quinsonkill 2 useless calls
2016-01-09 Martin Quinsoncompile with -Wmissing-declarations to catch more errors
2016-01-09 Martin Quinsonkill useless code
2016-01-08 Martin Quinsondon't free VM's netcard: is not a wrapper anymore but...
2016-01-08 Martin Quinsonkill a now unused function
2016-01-08 Gabriel CoronaBypass the C binding layer (surf_action and surf_host)
2016-01-08 Martin Quinsonwoopsie, sorry
2016-01-07 Martin QuinsonRoutingEdgeWrapper is probably the dumbest wrapper...
2016-01-07 Martin QuinsonMerge pull request #45 from mpoquet/master
2016-01-07 Martin Quinsonbetter leaking than segfaulting
2016-01-07 Martin Quinsonuntangle resource::state (ON/OFF) and VM::state (STARTE...
2016-01-07 Martin Quinsongive simgrid::Host a getState() method, and use it
2016-01-07 Martin Quinsonshallow cleanups in net_cste: overide markers and kill...
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonkill methods overriding super to the same content
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonarguable cosmetics
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in comments and error messages
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonremove a C-like pimple
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonplug a memleak
2016-01-06 Martin QuinsonNetworkCM02: various cosmetics
2016-01-06 Martin Quinsonkill an unused function prototype
2016-01-05 Martin Quinson[energy] react sainly when the host speed is 0
2016-01-05 degommeadd some missing prototypes
2016-01-05 Martin Quinsonreindent
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsoninline two C calls in surf
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsontiny cosmetics
2016-01-04 Martin QuinsonDo the right thing in CpuL07::onSpeedChange
2016-01-04 Martin QuinsonSimplify the code taking Cpu::m_speedPeak changes into...
2016-01-04 Martin Quinsonadd a comment explaining the current state of the code
2016-01-04 Martin QuinsonCpuTI cleanups: initialize fields, dont overide with...
2016-01-03 Martin Quinsoncleanups in CpuCas01: overrides, initialize fields...
2016-01-03 Martin Quinsoncleanups in CpuTi: overide markers, initialize fields...
2016-01-03 Martin Quinson[CpuTI] don't override pstate handling with THROW_UNIMP...
2016-01-03 Martin Quinsonkill dead code in Cpu constructors
2016-01-02 Martin QuinsonMark another execution path for deletion
2016-01-01 Martin Quinsonsome cleanups in the CPU constructor hierarchy
2015-12-31 Martin Quinsoninitialize fields at declaration, to improve readability
2015-12-30 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2015-12-29 Martin QuinsonGive a p_netcard to simgrid::Host instead of relying...
2015-12-27 Martin QuinsonRename RoutingEdge into NetCard
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsonthis is C++
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsongive simgrid::Host a p_cpu field instead of relying...
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsonkill the numerical SURF_HOST_LEVEL
2015-12-27 Martin Quinsonkill dead code
2015-12-26 Martin Quinsonempty surf::Host into simgrid::Host
2015-12-25 Martin Quinsonrename executeParallelTask into L07Action ctor
2015-12-25 Martin Quinsongive a default value at field declaration, not everywhe...
2015-12-25 Martin Quinsonkill methods overriding super to the exact same content
2015-12-25 Martin Quinson[ptask] kill the last global: the maxmin system is...
2015-12-25 Martin Quinson[ptask] remove some static variables
2015-12-25 Martin Quinsoncosmetics and informative comments
2015-12-25 Martin QuinsonMake the energy plugin usable with ptask (but not DVFS...
2015-12-24 Martin Quinsonport NS3 to the new extension mechanism
2015-12-23 Martin Quinsonrevert a cleanup in Storage that left the lmm_constrain...