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use a user level mallocator on the task content
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2011-06-23 Arnaud GierschUse CATCH_ANONYMOUS whenever possible, and remove unuse...
2011-03-24 agierschUse new macros THROWF and RETHROWF.
2011-02-17 agierschUse new style logging macros.
2011-01-05 navarropCan compile out of source now.
2010-11-28 mquinsonAllow out of source builds
2010-11-22 navarropAdd verification for LUA_CPATH for use require.
2010-11-18 navarropFix lua detection on apple and re-enable option lua...
2010-11-12 coldpeaceupdate lua(bypass) examples
2010-10-14 navarropAuto set the library extension for links.
2010-10-13 navarropAdd simgrid dependency for ping_generator.lua
2010-10-11 alegrandIndent the rest of the code (examples, buildtools,...
2010-10-05 coldpeacefix gras_platform_script
2010-09-06 navarropLink to lib simgrid work when compil out of build source.
2010-08-11 coldpeaceremove dependency line
2010-08-11 coldpeaceadd gras console example, illustrating the use of lua...