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rename surfxml.dtd into simgrid.dtd
[simgrid.git] / teshsuite / simdag /
2007-12-18 mquinsonrename surfxml.dtd into simgrid.dtd
2007-11-02 mquinsonThis time, hopefully, the files are in valid version...
2007-10-31 mquinsonUpdate the platform files: the root tag is now called...
2007-10-26 quasarupdate all the XML files
2007-10-12 alegrandAdding a new test.
2007-09-26 alegrandmoving basic tests + revalidating tesh files.
2007-09-26 alegrandAdding Louis-Claude Canon's tests.
2007-09-26 mquinsonA whole bunch of test units from Sascha and Fred. Many...