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This function could be useful.
[simgrid.git] / src / simdag / sd_global.c
2006-07-10 thieryThis function could be useful.
2006-07-07 thieryUse action_free to free the actions
2006-07-06 thieryRemove a huge memory leak
2006-07-04 thieryAdd functions SD_workstation_get_computation_time,...
2006-07-03 thieryAdd functions SD_link_get_list() and SD_link_get_number...
2006-07-03 thieryAllow how_long to be negative
2006-07-03 thieryUse macros DEBUG and INFO instead of printf
2006-06-29 thieryForgot to remove some debug information
2006-06-29 thieryOptimize SD_simulate and fix bugs
2006-06-28 thieryFinish SimDag documentation
2006-06-27 thieryAdd a state SD_READY to the tasks to optimize SD_simulate
2006-06-27 mquinsonCreate a proper channel hierarchie for SD
2006-06-26 thieryFix SD_simulate return value
2006-06-26 thieryFix SimDag compilation warnings.
2006-06-26 thieryUpdate function SD_simulate.
2006-06-23 thieryDetect when a task reaches a watch point.
2006-06-23 thieryUse swags to handle task states and change structure...
2006-06-21 thieryImplement SD_task_schedule, SD_task_unschedule and...
2006-06-20 thieryRemove field name from strucure SD_link_t.
2006-06-20 thieryImplement functions SD_workstation_route_get_list,...
2006-06-19 thieryImplement link names in SimDag.
2006-06-19 thieryAdd a function get_available_speed in Surf workstation...
2006-06-16 thieryUpdate workstation handling in SimDag. Change the prefi...
2006-06-15 thieryUpdate destructors and test access to surf structures
2006-06-15 thieryAdd private structures and functions + wrapping for...
2006-06-14 thieryFixed a mistake.
2006-06-14 thieryWorking on SimDag.