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Add script file to help compil with windows.
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2010-10-08 alegrandKeep adding missing function required when using SimDAG.
2010-10-08 alegrandImplement the get_link_latency function for SD (and...
2010-10-08 alegrandEnable using other workstation models than ptask_L07...
2010-10-07 navarropFix bug when call function get_route.
2010-10-07 navarropAdd a function to have type of an element.
2010-10-07 navarropAdd a test for function is_router.
2010-10-06 navarropUpdate maintainer source.
2010-10-06 navarropAvailable the tag config.
2010-10-06 navarropClean DTD and add tag config.
2010-10-06 navarropImplementation of function is router
2010-10-06 schnorronelink_routes revision: removing a comment
2010-10-06 schnorrbetter handling of resource utilization tracing methods
2010-10-06 schnorrcosmetics on tracing mechanism
2010-10-06 piniUpdated README for SMPI.
2010-10-05 navarropFix lib pcre use.
2010-10-05 coldpeacefix lua console application for SimDag module
2010-10-05 schnorrcleaning some old surf tracing code
2010-10-05 schnorrremoving one space in the beginning of the trace files
2010-10-05 schnorrdo not trace loopback links
2010-10-05 schnorronly trace link-related data if tracing mechanism know...
2010-10-05 schnorrregistering the source and destination of all onelink...
2010-10-04 schnorrfirst implementation of floyd's get_onelink_routes
2010-10-04 schnorrimplementing recursive call to get_onelink_routes
2010-10-04 schnorrimplementation of full_get_onelink_routes
2010-10-04 schnorrmemory address is the unique identifier of links in...
2010-10-04 schnorrfunctions to get_onelink_routes must return an array...
2010-10-04 navarropNow cluster Tag don't necessary need libpcre.
2010-10-04 schnorrcosmetic fix: generic_set_bypassroute was being logged...
2010-10-04 schnorrpreparing get_onelink_routes and is_router for each...
2010-10-04 schnorrfix: small changes to make surf_routing.c compile
2010-10-04 mquinsonupdate all the platforms file with the new s/:/_/ in DTD
2010-10-04 mquinsonstop misusing : in the DTD. use _ as a separator instead
2010-10-04 mquinsonmerge
2010-10-01 coldpeacereimplement lua bingdings code to support the new platf...
2010-10-01 coldpeacedefine new methods to call surf_routing 'parse' methods...
2010-10-01 coldpeacedefine two kind of 'parse' methods, parse_#type_#elemen...
2010-10-01 coldpeaceadd new methods to reimplement the lua console respecti...
2010-10-01 schnorrlet snprintf decide how many digits use for timestamps
2010-10-01 schnorrtracing router existence with the new parser
2010-10-01 schnorrremoving old and no longer used tracing functions
2010-10-01 schnorrproper closing the LINK containers at the end of the...
2010-10-01 schnorrtrace cosmetics
2010-10-01 schnorrTRACE_surf_[host|link]_declaration responsible for...
2010-10-01 cristianrosaFix for msg_icomms test. Do not pass the address of...
2010-10-01 mquinsonProperly let the main thread wait for the startup of...
2010-10-01 mquinsonFix xbt_strbuff test from testall [Arnaud Giersch].
2010-10-01 mquinsonFix misbalanced parentheses in checks for va_copy....
2010-10-01 mquinsonFix typos [Arnaud Giersch]
2010-09-30 schnorrisolating latency bounded functions with ifdef's
2010-09-30 schnorrproper initialization of get_latency_limited on vivaldi...
2010-09-30 cristianrosaFix race condition during the creation of the listeners...
2010-09-29 piniSqueeze any block with a given delay (in flops).
2010-09-28 schnorrfixing indentation by removing tags and including spaces
2010-09-28 schnorrwipe out old code based on ids for nodes
2010-09-28 schnorrusing correct variables name when getting route from...
2010-09-28 schnorronly need src and dst_name when tracing
2010-09-28 schnorrremoving misplaced code (was moved from here before...
2010-09-28 navarropMake simgrid compil with Full Flags.
2010-09-28 cristianrosaFix a 3 years old bug in the dictionary's function...
2010-09-28 navarropCorrect implementation of start/end tags when bypassing...
2010-09-28 navarropClean code.
2010-09-28 navarropAdd Lib path correctly.
2010-09-28 navarropCluster tag revival attempt.
2010-09-28 navarropBring back useful functions for the bypass from before...
2010-09-28 navarropHuge set of modifications to restore more uniform APIs...
2010-09-28 navarropNew platform files (just add AS tag)
2010-09-28 navarropadd to the rule-based model the loopback routes
2010-09-28 navarropChange way to call get_route
2010-09-28 navarropchange regex into the tag cluster
2010-09-28 navarropModify DTD and files for cluster Tag
2010-09-28 navarropTag cluster test
2010-09-28 navarroptest of sd_test
2010-09-28 navarropAdd cluster tag
2010-09-28 navarropDelete this message for being compatible with old tesh...
2010-09-28 navarropNew maintainer sources for simgrid dtd
2010-09-28 navarropRemove unuse variables
2010-09-28 navarropfirst version of rule base routing model
2010-09-28 navarropmore clean code
2010-09-28 navarropformat
2010-09-28 navarropclean code and remove foreach and set
2010-09-28 navarropclean the dtd file
2010-09-28 navarropcomment all the lines for route:multi and cluster....
2010-09-28 navarropclean the hierarchical routing code
2010-09-28 navarropformat changes
2010-09-28 navarropfix mistake small mistake in the routing algorithm...
2010-09-28 navarropdisable the debug function
2010-09-28 navarropsmall fix for a uninitialized variable
2010-09-28 navarropadd the bypasss route mechanims
2010-09-28 navarropadd functions to check the correct process of make...
2010-09-28 navarropadd the dijkstra routing and cache too
2010-09-28 navarropadded the floyd algorithm first version
2010-09-28 navarroppre version hierarchical routing, fix memory leak
2010-09-28 navarropadd a free dynar
2010-09-28 navarroppre version of hierarchical routing, make in a recursiv...
2010-09-28 navarropI comment all the calls to used_routing, in order to...
2010-09-28 navarropchanges for solve warrings
2010-09-28 navarropadd the floyd approach
2010-09-28 navarropadd the floyd algorithm for a routing schema
2010-09-28 navarropadd the floyd algorithm for a routing schema L
2010-09-28 navarropThe new directives for parsing the hierarchical routing