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Add a platform with a bypass route. Add the test to cmake.
[simgrid.git] / buildtools / Cmake / AddTests.cmake
2011-11-15 NavarropAdd a platform with a bypass route. Add the test to...
2011-11-14 Martin Quinsonpcre is not optional anymore since a while -- reactivat...
2011-10-20 Christophe ThiéryThere is no contexts in SimDag
2011-10-20 NavarropTest the help command.
2011-10-20 Martin QuinsonMerge stuff again. Damn, I should pull before changing...
2011-10-20 Martin Quinsonmerge branches
2011-10-17 NavarropAdd example to kill a process.
2011-10-13 Christophe ThiéryMerge branch 'lua'
2011-10-05 Arnaud GierschAdd tests for tesh sorting and filtering of ouptut.
2011-10-04 NavarropAdd option --enable-coverage to test if code coverage...
2011-10-03 Christophe ThiéryLua: add a test to check that global values are correct...
2011-08-01 NavarropMake a tesh file for ns3.
2011-07-30 Quintin Jean-NoëlMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2011-07-18 Arnaud GierschGras tests are not broken anymore.
2011-06-23 NavarropFix detection of amd64 arch on mac.
2011-06-23 Martin Quinsonsorry, couldn't resist
2011-06-23 NavarropMake the difference between i386 and i686
2011-06-23 NavarropFind the system processor to know if we have raw ctx.
2011-05-24 Martin Quinsonmerge
2011-05-24 Lucas Schnorr[trace] removing volume case study, deprecated at 3.6
2011-05-12 NavarropAdd missing test before set properties.
2011-04-28 NavarropDeclare some tests failed for release 3.6
2011-04-26 NavarropSet some ucontext tests failed.
2011-04-26 NavarropOups HAVE_UCONTEXT_H and not CONTEXT_UCONTEXT.
2011-04-26 NavarropAdd test *-ucontext only if have the context ucontext
2011-04-21 Christophe ThiéryMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2011-04-21 Christophe ThiéryAdd Chord to the test suite
2011-04-19 Martin Quinsonfinish fixing my commit: use PROCESSOR_* as a variable...
2011-04-19 Martin Quinsondo not set properties on tests which were not added...
2011-04-19 Christophe ThiéryFix a syntax error
2011-04-19 Martin Quinsonreal life tests don't need to be tested for each contex...
2011-04-19 Martin Quinsononly activate tests with raw contextes on platform...
2011-04-12 NavarropUpdate test of graphicator.
2011-04-12 Christophe ThiéryMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2011-04-11 Lucas Schnorrmerging tracing changes
2011-04-11 Christophe ThiérySetting the context factory has no effect in SD (there...
2011-04-11 Christophe ThiéryMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2011-04-11 Christophe ThiéryWhen enable_pcre is OFF, disable RuleBased and Vivaldi...
2011-04-08 Pierre-Nicolas ClaussMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2011-04-08 NavarropMerge commit '521daa8271ac2778d8b2944be25daae65d3540a1...
2011-04-05 Christophe ThiéryThese tests can only work when assertions are enabled
2011-03-24 navarropCorrect lua tests with cmake.
2011-03-14 navarropAdd a graphicator test and use get_network_element_type...
2011-02-28 navarropRevert "Remove lua from cmake files."
2011-02-28 navarropRemove lua from cmake files.
2011-02-25 navarropCompletely remove ruby and java from simgrid project.
2011-02-16 thieryAll tesh files have the .tesh extension now
2011-01-31 navarropAdd token_ring example.
2011-01-25 navarropAdd a test for pipol.
2011-01-25 navarropChange tests for having raw thread and ucontext.
2011-01-24 navarropruby
2011-01-24 thieryAdd a flag --cfg=contexts/stacksize and rename other...
2011-01-13 navarropThis test was not out of source.
2011-01-10 navarropOut of sources build for those examples.
2011-01-10 navarropAdd new tests.
2011-01-06 navarropAdd an option to tesh : --cfg
2011-01-06 navarropUpdate tesh for mc.
2011-01-05 navarropCan compile out of source now.
2010-12-15 thieryMake the name of the tests more uniform
2010-12-06 navarropChange way to make tesh for win32.
2010-12-03 navarropCosmetics.
2010-12-02 alegrandAdd a simple exemple and test of multicore machine.
2010-12-02 mquinsonalso remove java tests. They live in another package now
2010-12-02 mquinsonSimGrid now refuse to get compiled without Perl. Removi...
2010-12-02 navarropDefinitively remove old variable PROJECT_DIRECTORY...
2010-12-01 navarropFix generated file for memcheck.
2010-11-30 navarropRemove testsuite/simdag.
2010-11-30 navarropRemove test of metaxml which is not compatible with...
2010-11-30 navarropKill old tests and update broken tests.
2010-11-30 navarropNew way to give LUA_CPATH.
2010-11-25 navarropCorrect Name of test.
2010-11-25 navarropCosmetics.
2010-11-23 mquinsonNew tesh file for the msg actions (plus some little...
2010-11-22 piniSupport for Fortran code in SMPI based on f2c, some...
2010-11-22 navarropAdd tests for floyd model.
2010-11-18 navarropUpdate liste of failure tests.
2010-11-18 velhoAdded test files for testing fullduplex TCP model.
2010-11-12 mquinsonAdd a test enforcing that the route redefinition (when...
2010-11-12 mquinsonAlways check for perl since we need it quite a lot...
2010-10-27 navarropAdd tests for fullduplex and symmetrical
2010-10-13 navarropChange order of tests for generate correctly memcheck...
2010-10-13 navarropPut some tests out of tesh test part for memcheck option.
2010-10-13 navarropPlace masterslave-console test into lua test.
2010-10-11 navarropAdd some tests for link check between clusters.
2010-10-11 navarropAdd two tests for check links between clusters.
2010-10-05 mquinsondo not hide the issues that are there and shouldn't
2010-10-04 navarropSet some tests are expected to fail.
2010-09-28 navarropAdd new tests for basic parsing.
2010-09-28 navarropAdd the flatifier test.
2010-09-28 navarropMake the new flatifier test
2010-09-28 navarropSimdag parser test must failed now.
2010-09-28 navarropUpdate tests for java
2010-08-10 schnorrnew tesh to check smpi tracing
2010-08-05 schnorrupdating gtnets examples with new tracing method, new...
2010-08-04 navarropFind gcov executable.
2010-08-04 navarropMake smpi tests work
2010-08-02 navarropAdd Waitany for icomms to cmake tests.
2010-07-30 navarropUpdate FAQ for cmake and gtnets.
2010-07-30 coldpeaceadd tesh file for masterslave_console
2010-07-21 navarropCosmetics.