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New directory hierarchy with make check working.
[simgrid.git] / examples / msg / Makefile.am
2007-07-16 velhoNew directory hierarchy with make check working.
2007-07-04 mquinsonfinish the convertion of tests to TESH
2007-06-08 mquinsonsplit the tesh test in several files, and get them...
2007-03-26 alegrandUse tesh!!! It really works great! Thanks Martin!
2006-07-07 dimitrovdoing bandwith measurments with MSG
2005-10-20 mquinsonThis file is needed to do make distcheck
2005-10-17 alegrandstupid example of msg_process_suspend and resume
2005-08-16 alegrandBypassing the XML parser. Need to fix include directori...
2005-06-29 alegrandUseless file I had forgotten to remove.
2005-03-01 mquinsonDeal with msg_test.trace properly when created
2005-02-27 mquinsonAdd a dist-files target to all makefiles. It outputs...
2005-02-08 mquinsonlet make distcheck work
2005-02-08 mquinsonDo run the test on make check
2005-01-31 alegrandUpdating the documentation
2005-01-27 alegrandOoups I had forgotten this one...