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[cmake] clean the gcc version detection and handling
[simgrid.git] / tools / cmake / MakeLibWin.cmake
2015-10-13 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'S4U'
2015-10-03 Martin Quinson[windows] We don't use winsock2 since the death of...
2015-10-03 Martin Quinson[windows] don't mess with -m32 or -m64 gcc flags
2015-10-03 Martin Quinson[windows] pexport is a dead project anyway
2015-09-20 Martin Quinson[windows] fix the detection of 32/64 bits
2015-09-19 Martin Quinsondon't play cleaver games with MSVC. Build simgrid.dll...
2015-09-19 Martin Quinsondon't pass gcc link options to MSVC
2015-09-11 Martin Quinson[MSVC] don't pass gcc flags to MSVC, try to define...
2015-08-31 Martin Quinson[Cmake] small cleanup
2015-08-12 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' into S4U
2015-08-12 Martin Quinsonmove the cmake files in tools/cmake