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Kill the comments intending to explain which part of the autotools were converted...
[simgrid.git] / examples / msg / icomms /
2010-11-15 agierschFix memory leaks in msg/icomms examples.
2010-10-31 mquinsonfix file permissions
2010-10-11 alegrandIndent the rest of the code (examples, buildtools,...
2010-10-04 mquinsonupdate all the platforms file with the new s/:/_/ in DTD
2010-09-28 navarropNew platform files (just add AS tag)
2010-08-04 navarropChoice if we want have different communication size...
2010-08-02 navarropAdd Waitany for icomms to cmake tests.
2010-07-30 navarropAdd an example for waitany fct.
2010-07-21 navarropUpdate tesh file.
2010-07-21 navarropCosmetics.
2010-07-07 navarropAdd function MSG_comm_waitall for icomm and add one...
2010-07-07 navarropRename directory.