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The server timeouts after a while instead of running for ever (useful for solaris...
[simgrid.git] / examples / ping / ping.c
2004-07-11 mquinsonThe server timeouts after a while instead of running...
2004-07-06 mquinsonexit gras in server, and say process are done when...
2004-07-06 mquinsonEradicate fprintf, use proper logging function
2004-07-06 mquinsonEach process have to run gras_init/exit (one day, they...
2004-07-05 mquinsonPlug memleaks on exit (I know, it's useless)
2004-07-03 mquinsonLet it work in RL (yuhu)
2004-06-21 mquinsoncosmetics
2004-06-11 mquinson [Data description]
2004-04-26 mquinsonWork to port on new API, to be terminated
2004-01-27 mquinsonInitial revision