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Change SIMGRID_INSTALL_PATH to GRAS_ROOT. It's not as clear, but I had to
[simgrid.git] / tools / gras / stub_generator.c
2005-03-29 mquinsonChange SIMGRID_INSTALL_PATH to GRAS_ROOT. It's not...
2005-03-03 mquinsonUse kasher comments
2005-03-02 mquinsonstop saying bad things about Alvin and explain people...
2005-03-01 alegrandpaje has to be initialized at the very beginning
2005-02-27 mquinsonUseless cosmetics and plug harmless leaks
2005-02-23 alegrandNow SIMGRID_INSTALL_PATH can be different of INSTALL_PATH
2005-02-18 alegrandIt's time for deployment. Works well but benchmarking...
2005-02-18 alegrandKeep working on it.
2005-02-18 alegrandThat's the way, (aha aha) I like it (aha aha) !
2005-02-17 alegrandGenerate a convenient Makefile for remote compilation.
2005-02-16 alegrandDebug help
2005-02-13 mquinsonKill the useless xbt_free (was define'd to free)
2005-02-11 mquinsonThis is not used as format argument anymore, no need...
2005-02-11 mquinsonRemove the ton of compilation warnings
2005-02-11 alegrandcosmetics
2005-02-11 alegrandTaking into account last MSG modifications. No need...
2005-02-11 alegrandstub_generator reading XML files