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Massive mv to use cmake as the default compilation infrastructure.
[simgrid.git] / buildtools / Cmake /
2010-03-23 navarropMassive mv to use cmake as the default compilation...
2010-03-23 navarropRename gras_config.h.in to c_gras_config.h.in in order...
2010-03-23 navarropJava sources.
2010-03-22 navarropCorrection of a bug.
2010-03-22 navarropBy default active lua and ruby.
2010-03-22 navarropJava doesn't work on MAC for the moment...
2010-03-18 navarropVerif lua with Darwin.
2010-03-18 navarropFAQ and remove a test properties.
2010-03-17 navarropAdd subsection to FAQ.
2010-03-15 navarropFAQ update for Cmake.
2010-03-12 navarropRestruct
2010-03-12 navarropCorrect dependences for simgrid.
2010-03-12 navarropAdd Cmake to FAQ.
2010-03-11 navarropRename CPACK to Cmake.
2010-03-11 navarropRefresh directories.
2009-12-24 mquinsonRemove the version built from buildname so that cdash...
2009-12-23 mquinsonInclude the svn version in the build name
2009-12-23 mquinsonTry harder to identify darwin on pipol
2009-12-23 mquinsonSpecify the trigger site for ctest
2009-12-23 mquinsonReduce verbosity of cmake
2009-12-23 mquinsonThis test fails in a really strange way. Mark it expect...
2009-12-23 mquinsonPut all the will_fail together, and add a word of expla...
2009-12-23 navarropCompare Architecture 32 or 64 with size of long
2009-12-23 navarropAdd some test properties for tests which are expected...
2009-12-22 mquinsonRename CTestCustom.ctest -> CTestConfig.cmake (so that...
2009-12-22 mquinsonFix a typo in cmake files
2009-12-22 mquinsonOnly one file to configure ctest
2009-12-22 mquinsonkill useless files
2009-12-22 mquinsonMake sure that every tests existing in autotools are...
2009-12-22 mquinsonMore work on cmake/ctest cruft
2009-12-22 mquinsontry harder making ctest configuration visible to ctest
2009-12-22 mquinsonThese files don't get built by regular make, but are...
2009-12-22 mquinsonAdapt to the new location
2009-12-22 mquinsonsome more files for cmake/ctest
2009-12-22 mquinsonMove scripts not specific to cmake to a scripts/ directory
2009-12-22 mquinsonThis file is the core of the Cmake stuff
2009-12-22 mquinsonOptimize: do not rebuild from scratch when something...
2009-12-22 mquinsonThis file is mandatory for ctest to run
2009-12-22 mquinsonFix some small glitches
2009-12-22 mquinsonconvert to shell functions
2009-12-22 mquinsoncosmetics
2009-12-22 mquinsonNew script: wait the distribution to be in position
2009-12-22 mquinsonWe also need transfig to build a dist
2009-12-22 mquinsonSearch the config file in the right location
2009-12-22 mquinsonfix some glitches in make_dist.sh
2009-12-22 mquinson2 new scripts: a central config file, and a distributio...
2009-12-22 mquinsonTiny cleanups
2009-12-22 mquinsonTry to cleanup a bit the cmake-related scripts