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measurement sockets ARE functionnal; add function gras_socket_is_meas()
[simgrid.git] / include / gras / datadesc.h
2005-06-06 mquinsonchange the prototype of datadesc_get_name to return...
2005-06-04 mquinsonability to send dynars transparently; type cb now recei...
2005-05-23 mquinsonTypo in doc
2005-02-27 mquinsoncode is now splint'able
2005-02-14 alegrandTypos : a lot of mecanism -> mechanism and functional...
2005-02-13 mquinsondoxygen cleanups
2005-02-07 mquinsondoxygenification
2005-02-07 mquinsonexplain why I hate doxygen so much tonight, and go...
2005-02-07 mquinsonhide the macro body
2005-02-07 mquinsonContinue doxygenification
2005-02-07 mquinsondoxygenification
2005-01-29 alegrandupdating the doc
2004-12-09 mquinsonFix (C) dates; minor documentation improvements
2004-12-08 alegrandFixed licence and copyright. No more reference to da...
2004-11-03 alegrandRenamed any gras stuff that was in xbt and should there...
2004-11-02 mquinsonThe change Arnaud wanted so much: Big Star Erradication
2004-10-06 mquinsonCurrent state. See changelog, sorry, I'm out of time
2004-10-04 mquinsonInterface revolution: do not try to survive to malloc...
2004-08-11 mquinson Version 0.6 (protocol not changed; ABI expended)
2004-08-10 mquinson Version 0.5 (protocol not changed; ABI changed)
2004-07-27 mquinson2004-07-26 Martin Quinson
2004-07-24 mquinsonSome cbps now return a gras_error_t ;)
2004-07-22 mquinsonMake a proper gras/ directory in the include one, and...