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Bugfix: return after answering the sleep request when running in MC mode.
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2011-01-20 alegrandUntested update to take deployment file into account.
2011-01-18 mquinsondon't use lock file to protect against parallel invocat...
2011-01-06 navarropAdd an option to tesh : --cfg
2010-12-14 schnorrmoving graphicator from teshsuite to tools/graphicator/
2010-12-14 mquinsonKill tesh2 out of the source tree
2010-12-10 thieryRemove debugging fprintf
2010-12-10 mquinson[tesh] allow to specify the length of the sorting prefix
2010-12-02 thieryBiggest commit ever (SIMIX2): the user processes can...
2010-12-01 agierschDo not duplicate rctx_wait_bg in rctx_exit
2010-12-01 agierschFix usage of testsuite_name.
2010-12-01 alegrandStupid me.
2010-11-30 mquinsonkill ANCIENT junk (souvenirs souvenirs)
2010-11-30 navarropRemove Makefile.am from autotools.
2010-11-30 navarropPrepare the out of source build.
2010-11-29 mquinsonMore informative messages when using the new --setenv...
2010-11-29 schnorrscript to put events of paje trace files in order
2010-11-29 mquinsonAdd --setenv command line options to tesh
2010-11-29 navarropFix generated documentation.
2010-11-28 alegrandCope with recent doxygen modifications...
2010-11-28 mquinsoncmake cleanup: redo the documentation generation
2010-11-28 mquinsonlet unit testing stuff build out of source
2010-11-28 mquinsonchange the way unit testing is handled by cmake. Put...
2010-11-26 mquinsoncosmetics
2010-11-23 agierschSynchronize threads before exit on armageddon.
2010-11-18 velhoAdd more precision to the output for colorize.pl
2010-11-09 agierschTesh updates:
2010-10-12 agierschReally do the s/:/_/ in platform upgrading script.
2010-10-11 alegrandIndent the rest of the code (examples, buildtools,...
2010-10-08 navarropBe compatible with windows
2010-10-04 mquinsonteach the platform upgrading script about the s/:/_...
2010-10-01 mquinsonFix tesh [Arnaud Giersch]:
2010-09-30 mquinsonprotect the changes related to the v3 in an appropriate...
2010-09-30 mquinsonreindent this script (no real change). I'm wondering...
2010-09-30 navarropUnuse file.
2010-09-30 navarropUpdate the script for transform platform into v3.
2010-09-29 navarropScript to transform v2 platfrom into a v3.
2010-09-13 navarropOups this is a mistake.
2010-09-13 navarropNot test with WIN32 but BORLAND because on windows...
2010-09-13 navarropUpdate CMakeLists for windows
2010-09-13 navarropWindows compatibility.
2010-08-24 alegrandFix bug in the documentation.
2010-07-26 navarropWithout this line paranoid mode doesn't work.
2010-07-06 alegrandCope with recent version of doxygen.
2010-06-23 navarropThose variables must be set here.
2010-06-18 navarropDefine correctly variables for windows.
2010-06-18 navarropDeclare variables at the beginning of the function.
2010-06-17 navarropMissing the word line for compiler.
2010-06-17 navarropDelete unused -fprofile-arcs flags.
2010-06-15 mquinsonfix a bug breaking every navigation tabs. Damn changing...
2010-05-18 navarropRename some variales and cosmetics.
2010-05-18 navarropGenerate files correctely with gras_stub_generator.
2010-05-18 mquinsonA working 'make install' target
2010-05-18 mquinsonfurther cleanups to the cmake files. We now have a...
2010-05-07 mquinsoncosmetics (kill unused var, and kill/improve debug...
2010-05-06 mquinsonFight for better integration of mmalloc, mc and xbt
2010-05-06 mquinsonLet xbt_exit() issue a warning stating that this is...
2010-04-25 mquinsonFix copyright headers
2010-04-25 mquinsonKill old $Id$ command dating from CVS
2010-04-19 navarropAdd version to shared lib and full path for sources.
2010-04-19 velhoCople with ctest 2.8 still compatible with previous...
2010-04-15 velhoAdded a tesh colorizer simple script.
2010-04-14 navarropSecond commit for cmake in an other directory.
2010-04-13 alegrandBugfix + better output
2010-03-31 mquinsonuse differing temporary directory names so that the...
2010-03-31 mquinson2 bugs in 5 lines, gone under radar for 6 months (until...
2010-03-23 navarropMassive mv to use cmake as the default compilation...
2010-03-23 mquinsonmore verbose on error
2010-02-02 alegrandWork even when names have ":"
2009-12-03 alegrandAutomatically generare html files from our bibtex file.
2009-08-19 mquinsonmissing file in the archive
2009-07-13 mquinsonbe a bit more paranoid: if a line looks like something...
2009-05-26 mquinsonReindent everything (possibly breaking all branches...
2009-04-06 mquinson-Wall by default
2009-04-06 mquinsonGive tesh the ability to get the CWD to use from the...
2009-02-04 mquinsonactually, I have some more gitignore files
2008-11-11 mquinsonKill all the autogenerated I've found. Feel free to...
2008-11-10 mquinsonAdd some basic file locking to prevent parallel invocat...
2008-11-10 mquinsonautogenerated files (sorry)
2008-11-10 mquinsonChange sg_unit_extractor so that it takes all units...
2008-10-03 mquinsontypo in comments
2008-10-03 mquinson64bits portability buglet
2008-10-03 mquinsonUse mkfile mechanism or similar instead of stream redir...
2008-10-03 mquinsonDocument the new mkfile buildin command
2008-10-03 mquinsonIntroduce a mkfile buildin command to be used in place...
2008-10-03 mquinsonAlso add the variables defined in the script to the...
2008-10-01 mquinson64bit portability bug
2008-10-01 mquinsonUse variable substitution in the command line before...
2008-09-12 cheriermcorrection of the definition of a preprocessor macro...
2008-09-11 cheriermthe is_not_found field is defined for WIN32 only
2008-09-10 mquinsonReindent
2008-09-10 mquinsonremove trailing spaces
2008-09-10 mquinsonKill dead commented code
2008-09-09 mquinsonSearch the binary to run in the path, if not in this dir
2008-09-09 mquinsonKill old manual makefile
2008-09-08 mquinsondo not execle (/bin/sh), but execve directly the comman...
2008-09-08 mquinsons/NOTRECEIPT/NOTRECEIVED/ (plus some reindent)
2008-08-19 cheriermlast changes of Tesh tools
2008-08-11 cherierman absent-mindedness
2008-08-11 cheriermRemove all indefinite variables
2008-08-11 cheriermIf the length of the description is more than 76 charac...