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Rename some variales and cosmetics.
[simgrid.git] / .gitignore
2010-05-18 navarropRename some variales and cosmetics.
2010-05-07 navarropAdd mc bins to ignored files.
2010-05-05 mquinsonignore binaries in examples of tracing
2010-05-05 mquinsonNew module: mmalloc (mapped malloc)
2010-04-19 navarropAdd files to gitignore generated by build.
2010-04-15 navarropAdd lucas bins to ignored files.
2010-04-09 mquinsonignore supernovae cruft
2010-04-09 mquinsonignore units
2010-04-09 navarropFix path for simgrid library.
2010-04-07 navarropRe-add doc files.
2010-04-07 navarropOups remove one file necessary.
2010-04-07 navarropAdd command make all-clean.
2010-04-01 schnorrproper use of the HAVE_TRACING variable defined by...
2010-03-30 navarropAdd make distcheck command and rename make package...
2010-03-25 piniIgnore some more temporary files.
2010-03-25 navarropAdd necessary files to distrib.
2010-03-24 navarropAdd make html command to cmake.
2010-03-23 navarropAdd files to .gitignore and add a command line to FAQ.
2010-03-23 navarropAdd a -I flag for lua.
2010-03-23 navarropTake into account the new cmake infrastructure plus...
2010-03-23 mquinsonmake git happy with cmake
2009-12-22 mquinsonSome more files to ignore, generated by cmake/ctest
2009-12-22 mquinsonsome more files for cmake/ctest
2009-12-22 mquinsonIgnore some more files
2009-10-15 mquinsonIgnore (in git) more example binaries
2009-10-06 mquinsonignore more generated files in git
2009-06-30 mquinsonIgnore the lastest smpi example from git
2009-06-25 mquinsonIgnore the smpi examples from the git (sorry, too lazy...
2009-06-25 mquinsonignore new files generated from lastest libtool
2009-05-11 mquinsonFix a bug in task exchange which broke MSG_task_get_sen...
2009-05-07 mquinsonAdd an example of process migration in examples/msg...
2009-05-05 mquinsonfirst draft of the action runner
2009-04-06 mquinsonalso ignore java cruft in git
2009-03-10 mquinsonignore more ignorable
2009-02-04 mquinsonyeah, right all of us use git-svn these days. No need...