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tracing interface functions must be called after environment creation
[simgrid.git] / examples / msg / gtnets / gtnets.c
2011-04-08 Lucas Schnorrtracing interface functions must be called after enviro...
2011-03-24 agierschRemove usage of xbt_assert[0-9].
2011-03-01 thieryRemove side effects from xbt_asserts calls
2011-02-17 navarropRemove all xbt_assert.*(0,FALSE or NULL for xbt_die
2011-02-17 agierschUse new style logging macros.
2011-02-07 velhoRemoved master message to improve output readability.
2010-11-23 schnorrno longer need to call TRACE_start and TRACE_end on...
2010-10-28 schnorravoid inclusion of internal headers in user code
2010-10-27 navarropFix output problem with gtnets tests.
2010-10-11 alegrandIndent the rest of the code (examples, buildtools,...
2010-09-30 schnorrisolating latency bounded functions with ifdef's
2010-09-10 schnorrusing a trace marker to register the end of each flow...
2010-08-09 schnorrdeclaring mark in the gtnets example
2010-08-09 schnorrfullduplex support
2010-08-05 schnorrupdating gtnets examples with new tracing method, new...
2010-04-25 mquinsonFix copyright headers
2010-04-12 velhoPrevent the print o redundant messages.
2010-04-12 velhoCorrected GTNetS to cople with the tracing facillity.
2010-04-01 alegrandHuge import with Lucas tracing modifications.
2010-03-30 mquinsonRename configuration variables *_model into */model...
2009-05-26 mquinsonReindent everything (possibly breaking all branches...
2008-11-25 velhoRemoved bogus +1 while printing flow id coping with...
2008-11-25 velhoCommented debuging message to speedup experiments.
2008-11-25 velhoIncrease readability to plot results afterwards.
2008-11-25 velhoRemove memory management error.
2008-11-25 velhoAdded parameters to indicate flow id, so unique flows...
2008-10-10 velhoDisabled paje output, not working at the time.
2008-10-10 velhoAdded a reliable print mechanism, now flow labels depen...
2008-10-10 velhoImproved output message to help automated experiments.
2008-06-27 velhoEnhanced gtnets example program now remaining feature...
2008-06-25 velhocosmetics
2007-08-08 alegrandMore readable information.
2007-07-25 velhoAdded the GTNetS feature to examples/msg directory.