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Move msg_send/recv to a RL specific file, so that we can provide a SG specific versio...
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2005-08-25 casanovaReplaced all task->name by MSG_task_get_name(task)
2005-08-24 casanovaFixed spelling and grammar in some comments
2005-08-16 alegrandminor fix
2005-08-16 alegrandBypassing the XML parser. Need to fix include directori...
2005-08-09 alegrandoops. forgot a msg_getClock...
2005-08-09 alegrandgetting rid of deprecated functions
2005-08-07 mquinsonSeed exenv with $SG_TEST_EXENV for mass-valgrinding
2005-08-07 mquinsonUniformize the test_{sg,rl} scripts, rename the wine...
2005-08-07 mquinsonLast bits of convertion from xbt_error_t to exceptions...
2005-08-07 mquinsonAnd now, a version which compile. Next time, a version...
2005-08-07 mquinsonSome cleanups, plus add some details to an error message
2005-08-06 mquinsonONGOING work on exceptions plus minor cleanups.
2005-07-25 alegrandadding a slave on the master
2005-07-25 alegrandcosmetics and helped me a lot for debuging... :)
2005-07-22 alegrandI know using different loging levels demonstrate the...
2005-07-05 alegrandgetting rid of unused variables
2005-07-05 alegrand%lg -> %g ...
2005-07-02 mquinsons/TRY/TRYOLD/ I'd like to introduce a TRY macro in...
2005-06-29 mquinsonPass the args to the child
2005-06-29 mquinsonTry to use the MSG configuration stuff
2005-06-29 alegrandUseless file I had forgotten to remove.
2005-06-29 mquinsonamok separate library is dead
2005-06-28 mquinsonreduce amount of login for the new default loop count
2005-06-28 mquinsonNo instruction before the last variable declaration...
2005-06-28 mquinsonReduce a bit the amount of logs at INFO level
2005-06-28 mquinsonreduce the number of loops to do to not kill the old...
2005-06-28 mquinsonStupid C++ comments breaking AIX compilers
2005-06-27 mquinsonKill defaultlog
2005-06-27 mquinsonWait until the end of the experiment before testing...
2005-06-27 mquinsoncleanups
2005-06-23 mquinson.
2005-06-23 mquinsonclean(?) reimport
2005-06-23 mquinsonlibc is really brain-dead on debian
2005-06-23 mquinsonPut the maestro on Jupiter so that there is a direct...
2005-06-23 mquinsonlet the maestro explictly kill the sensors so that...
2005-06-23 mquinsoncleanup
2005-06-23 mquinsoncosmetics
2005-06-23 mquinsoncosmetics
2005-06-23 mquinsonyeah, amok comes back already
2005-06-23 mquinsonuse temps-gras-stub.mk to cleanup
2005-06-23 mquinsonput the parts common to each gras/amok example in one...
2005-06-23 mquinsonNew GRAS example: simple/static token ring implementation
2005-06-23 mquinsoncleanups
2005-06-23 mquinsonNew example: tokenS
2005-06-23 mquinsonGenerated file
2005-06-23 mquinsonForget about amok for now
2005-06-06 mquinsonignore some cruft
2005-06-06 mquinsonRevival of the bandwidth test to help me ensuring that...
2005-06-06 mquinsonAdd some example/tests to amok
2005-06-06 mquinsoninfrastructure
2005-05-10 mquinsonAlso loop on a simple malloc and on an integer incremen...
2005-04-28 mquinsonIt's dead, my friend. Don't look for it anymore
2005-04-28 mquinsonkilkil useless
2005-04-28 mquinsonRework the example so that it fits beter its new doxyge...
2005-03-31 alegrandcruft
2005-03-30 alegrandForget about messages and use native xbt logs...
2005-03-29 mquinson+=timer.trace
2005-03-29 mquinson+=ping.trace
2005-03-29 mquinson+=chrono.trace
2005-03-04 alegrandClean clean clean
2005-03-04 alegrandmoving to the right location.
2005-03-01 mquinsonAdd the rules to remove the dependency of make dist...
2005-03-01 alegrandpaje has to be initialized at the very beginning
2005-03-01 mquinsonDeal with msg_test.trace properly when created
2005-02-28 mquinsonPass debugging flags to binary
2005-02-28 mquinsonsimplify the output now that loggin' stuff displays...
2005-02-28 mquinsonActivate Paje even if it's not really successful for now
2005-02-28 mquinsonwin32 cross-compil needs love
2005-02-28 mquinsonmingw32 cross-build needs love
2005-02-28 mquinsonlet VPATH build work again
2005-02-27 mquinsonPass options to the simulator
2005-02-27 mquinsonAdd a dist-files target to all makefiles. It outputs...
2005-02-26 alegrandGRAS_rl does not depends on MSG anymore.
2005-02-25 mquinsonArgh, revert last change which was for debugging and...
2005-02-25 mquinsonDocument last changes (better SG/RL separation)
2005-02-23 alegrandTypo
2005-02-23 alegrandUpdate
2005-02-23 mquinsonIgnore ignorable autogenerated crufts
2005-02-23 mquinsonAdapt to API changes on gras_os_sleep
2005-02-23 mquinsonuniformize gras_os_sleep prototype (seconds are double...
2005-02-23 mquinsonFix the copy/paste
2005-02-23 alegrandSimilar to chrono.c but should be linked with atlas...
2005-02-18 alegrandMinor bugfix requested off-list
2005-02-17 alegrandFunctionnal benchmarking macros :
2005-02-16 alegrandAdding everything needed to develop GRAS benchmarking...
2005-02-13 mquinsonAdd timer
2005-02-13 mquinsonChange the timer regression test to an example
2005-02-13 mquinsontypo
2005-02-13 mquinsonalways compile the examples, not only on make check
2005-02-11 mquinsonContinuation of the long double->double convertion
2005-02-11 mquinsonrename the tool
2005-02-11 mquinsonuse the deployment file to specify the host where the...
2005-02-11 mquinsonthe server is not on in simulation mode
2005-02-11 alegrandRunning GRAS on top of MSG
2005-02-11 alegrandXML is... well we're using it.
2005-02-10 mquinsongeneralize it so that others may use if
2005-02-10 mquinsonthis is not the way to doccument examples
2005-02-10 mquinsonImprove documentation so that it can be included in...
2005-02-08 mquinsonUseless cleanup
2005-02-08 mquinsonlet make distcheck work