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don't open master socket before we declared the messages, or remote may be faster...
[simgrid.git] / examples / gras / all2all / all2all.c
2009-03-10 mquinsondon't open master socket before we declared the message...
2009-01-29 mquinsonmemleak founds by cppcheck
2007-11-08 mquinsonBetter fix to the comparison between signed and unsigne...
2007-07-17 mquinsonLet it compile without --disable-compile-optimizations
2007-07-13 mquinsonreduce waiting times during make check
2007-06-06 mquinsonConvert to tesh
2007-03-07 mquinsonadapt to lastest changes in GRAS API
2006-07-12 mquinsons/xbt_host_t/xbt_peer_t/
2006-06-26 mquinsonUseless cosmetics
2006-06-23 amad206Modify the all2all to support all data Message Size
2006-05-19 mquinsonAccept one peer (described as hostname:port) per argument
2006-05-19 mquinsonVarious cleanups; dupplicate the processes on each...
2006-05-19 mquinsoncosmetics: rename alltoall to all2all