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update gras architecture macro to 3 for Visual C++ (little endian, 8 bytes alignment)
[simgrid.git] / src / win32 / compiler / borland.h
2007-03-22 mquinsonFactorize the definition of socklen_t between all compilers
2007-03-16 cheriermremove the pragma directives in borland configuration...
2007-03-16 cheriermforce bye alignement to 8 and disable a avertissment
2007-03-13 cheriermdefine CONTEXT_THREADS to 1
2007-03-09 mquinsonBorland uses the thread implementation of the contextes
2007-02-16 cheriermborland compiler use now windows thread (instead of...
2007-02-12 cheriermnow define the macro NEED_ASPRINTF
2007-02-07 mquinsonCleanup XBT_PUBLIC stuff under windows
2006-10-10 cheriermAvoids macro redefinitions in src/win32/compiler/borland.h.
2006-10-10 mquinsonMove to misc.h the definitions needed to define XBT_PUB...
2006-10-06 cheriermSpecific to borland builder configuration.
2006-09-29 cheriermRelocate connected socket macros in Windows configurati...
2006-09-29 cheriermAdd win32/compiler/borland.h for specific borland compi...