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when using doubles, %lg should be used for scanf and %g for printf (which is
[simgrid.git] / testsuite / gras / datadesc_usage.c
2004-12-10 mquinsontest local version of gras, not the installed one;...
2004-12-08 alegrandFixed licence and copyright. No more reference to da...
2004-11-03 alegrandRenamed any gras stuff that was in xbt and should there...
2004-11-02 mquinsonstar eradication, mainly (check changelog)
2004-10-06 mquinsonCurrent state. See changelog, sorry, I'm out of time
2004-10-04 mquinsonInterface revolution: do not try to survive to malloc...
2004-09-28 mquinsonOnly use the C comment style, not the C++ one
2004-09-09 mquinson - Reduce the number of system headers loaded, overloa...
2004-09-07 mquinsonfix paths so that make distcheck works again
2004-09-06 mquinsonFix paths
2004-08-11 mquinson Version 0.6 (protocol not changed; ABI expended)
2004-08-10 mquinson Version 0.5 (protocol not changed; ABI changed)
2004-07-27 mquinson2004-07-26 Martin Quinson
2004-07-24 mquinsonAdd a test about cbps
2004-07-13 mquinsonLet it work for complexe structures
2004-07-11 mquinsonAdd the tests 'double' and 'pbio', the latter testing...
2004-07-08 mquinsonMore explicit error message on failures
2004-07-08 mquinsonStupid me. Using rand to generate the datatest is not...
2004-07-08 mquinsonMore debugging
2004-07-07 mquinsonAccept the filename to use as second argument
2004-07-07 mquinsonIn READ and WRITE mode (instead of RW), the remote_arch...
2004-07-03 mquinsonadapt to the new syntax of socket_close
2004-07-03 mquinsonFix the ugly case of reference to dynamic array.
2004-06-21 mquinsonGive it the possibility to do only writes or only reads...
2004-06-11 mquinson [Data description]
2004-04-26 mquinson [Messaging]
2004-04-21 mquinson [Data description]