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don't do the call if an error is caught before
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2014-06-20 Augustin Degommedon't do the call if an error is caught before
2014-06-20 Augustin DegommeRemove benchmarking calls from cart_create
2014-06-20 Stéphane CastelliRemove some unbreakable spaces breaking the pdf generation
2014-06-18 Paul BédarideMerge branch 'v3_11_x'
2014-06-18 Paul BédarideFix bug with const in java bindings
2014-06-17 Gabriel CoronaAdd some informations/help for the user on SIGSEGV
2014-06-17 Martin Quinsoncosmetics on some error messages
2014-06-17 Stéphane CastelliThis should ease the future implementation of graphes...
2014-06-16 Stéphane CastelliMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-06-16 Stéphane CastelliSome boilerplate around IB networking
2014-06-16 Augustin Degommechange symbol name to match one declared in mpif.h
2014-06-16 Stéphane CastelliUninstall recently added manpages
2014-06-12 Arnaud GierschIncrease size of junk area to 32 KiB in mm_legacy.c.
2014-06-11 degommeadd option to output the right name in smpiff
2014-06-11 Paul BédarideNo rpath in libsimgird-java and libsurf-java
2014-06-11 Paul BédarideNetwork::shareResourcesFull revival
2014-06-11 degommeactivate tests using resized and handle some corner...
2014-06-11 scastelliImplementation of MPI_Type_create_resized
2014-06-10 degommeadd missing prototype
2014-06-10 scastelliWe should'nt allow the use of uncommited datatypes...
2014-06-10 degommetorus should provide better results if latency is taken...
2014-06-05 Arnaud GierschRemove temporary files.
2014-06-05 Arnaud GierschChange non-portable echo -e for printf.
2014-06-05 Arnaud GierschTypo.
2014-06-04 scastelliWell, that happens sometime (bad merge)
2014-06-04 scastelliMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-06-04 scastelliSome minor documentation fixes
2014-06-04 scastelliAdd version notes to smpiXXX scripts
2014-06-04 degommeKill f2c. Finally. I hope.
2014-06-04 degommemake smpiff behave like smpif90, so we don't use f2c...
2014-06-04 degommePrivatization : switch data segments when copying insid...
2014-06-04 Takahiro Hirofuchifix spell and remove trailing space
2014-06-04 scastelliIndentation
2014-06-04 Takahiro HirofuchiMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2014-06-04 scastelliIs seems as right as before, only shorter
2014-06-04 scastelliSome documentation to NetworkModel.
2014-06-03 Martin Quinsonmore informative error message
2014-06-03 Arnaud GierschAdd FIXME.
2014-06-02 Arnaud GierschMake xbt_free a function-like macro.
2014-05-31 Arnaud GierschAdd FIXME.
2014-05-30 suterchange the dict in which parsed properties are stored...
2014-05-30 suterchased tabs while looking for a leak
2014-05-30 suterremove cruft
2014-05-30 suterleak--
2014-05-30 suterreplace sprintf by bprintf
2014-05-30 Pierre VeyreMakes file identifier unique in MSG file lib
2014-05-30 suterremove useless function. private info is already freed...
2014-05-30 Stéphane CastelliVery minor removal of unnecessary comments
2014-05-28 Paul BédarideFix bug windows msg-file
2014-05-28 Augustin DegommeMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-05-28 Stéphane Castellidoc++
2014-05-28 Stéphane Castellileak--
2014-05-27 Martin Quinsonone more line of doc
2014-05-27 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2014-05-27 sutercomment a part that leads to suspect behaviors. write...
2014-05-27 suterunlink can be a remote operation too.
2014-05-27 suterprinting path and not fullpath
2014-05-27 suterbummer, no file descriptor yest in open function
2014-05-27 sutermore information in debug mode
2014-05-27 suterupdating the MSG vision of file size when writing
2014-05-27 suterseek back to the beginning of the file to be sure that...
2014-05-27 sutercommit the output of simcalls.py too
2014-05-27 suterchanging type of offset parameter in file_seek from...
2014-05-27 Stéphane CastelliMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2014-05-27 Stéphane CastelliLoopback links properly added to fat trees.
2014-05-27 Stéphane CastelliAdd limiter and loopback link support in fat trees
2014-05-27 Arnaud GierschConnect new log category.
2014-05-27 Pierre VeyreDocumentation ++
2014-05-27 Augustin Degommeadd rule to handle case where we want a route to router...
2014-05-27 Augustin Degommefix error message
2014-05-26 Stéphane CastelliFix a compilation error regarding logging and strings...
2014-05-26 Stéphane CastelliLots of bugfixes for the fat trees, it should at least...
2014-05-26 Stéphane Castellismall cosmetics to AsClusterFatTree::generateDotFile()
2014-05-26 Stéphane CastelliFix some bugs in fat trees
2014-05-24 Martin Quinsonmake the xbt_os_time module public
2014-05-24 Martin Quinsonupdate the comments of that file
2014-05-23 suterleak--
2014-05-23 suterallow several hosts to open the same file simultaneously
2014-05-23 suterThrow an exception only when it's really not implemented
2014-05-21 Arnaud GierschAdd some words about %e fore spaces in logs.
2014-05-21 Martin QuinsonWhen the parameter parser is jammed, display the full...
2014-05-21 Martin Quinsonadd some doc about the trap I just felt into
2014-05-20 Arnaud GierschFree previously set process data.
2014-05-20 Arnaud GierschFree smpi_instances.
2014-05-20 Arnaud GierschFree powerPeak which is unused here.
2014-05-20 Arnaud GierschSkip simcall when HAVE_TRACING.
2014-05-20 Arnaud GierschCosmetics: reuse already defined variable.
2014-05-20 Arnaud Gierschtask->counter is initialized only when HAVE_TRACING.
2014-05-19 Paul BédarideUse boost::intrusive in CpuTi
2014-05-18 Martin Quinsonfurther document the parmap mess. Next step should...
2014-05-18 Martin Quinsongreatly improve the documentation of the parallel execu...
2014-05-18 Martin Quinsonprevious version was initializing retval=0 and then...
2014-05-16 degommemove a declaration. Should fix compilation bug on MacOS X .
2014-05-16 degommeFix compil without tracing, which was broken multiple...
2014-05-16 Paul BédarideRevert "Replace xbt_heap by boost::heap::fibonacci_heap"
2014-05-16 Paul BédarideReplace xbt_heap by boost::heap::fibonacci_heap
2014-05-16 Paul BédarideRemove unnecessary casts
2014-05-16 Paul BédarideUnify models apis
2014-05-14 Stéphane CastelliFix a bug in SMPI that leads to a segfault when one...
2014-05-14 Stéphane CastelliFat trees may actually be used