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Version 0.5 (protocol not changed; ABI changed)
[simgrid.git] / src / gras / DataDesc / ddt_exchange.c
2004-08-10 mquinson Version 0.5 (protocol not changed; ABI changed)
2004-08-08 mquinsoninline all helping functions
2004-07-27 mquinson2004-07-26 Martin Quinson
2004-07-24 mquinsonFix miscasted logging arguments
2004-07-13 mquinsontake care of the architecture maximal boundary when...
2004-07-11 mquinsonmake sure union and struct are closed before exchange...
2004-07-07 mquinsonOptimization: Send/recv array of scalar in one shoot
2004-07-03 mquinsonFix the ugly case of reference to dynamic array.
2004-06-21 mquinsonremove one indirection of gras_datadesc_recv to ease...
2004-06-11 mquinson [Data description]
2004-06-03 mquinsonAPI cleanup: s/dict_insert/dict_set/ and s/dict_retriev...
2004-04-26 mquinson [Messaging]