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Fix problem on merge from svn
[simgrid.git] / src / xbt / mmalloc / mmprivate.h
2010-05-18 cristianrosaFix problem on merge from svn
2010-05-18 cristianrosaImport portability macro in mmalloc
2010-05-18 mquinsonImport portability macros in mmalloc
2010-05-06 mquinsonFight for better integration of mmalloc, mc and xbt
2010-05-06 mquinsonImprove the integration of mmalloc and mc_memory into...
2010-05-05 mquinsonUnify the copyright headers of mmalloc with the rest...
2010-05-05 mquinsonchange mmalloc.h into a public header
2010-05-05 mquinsonWe don't intend to support pre-ansi platforms, so clean...
2010-05-05 mquinsonUpdate mmalloc to compile with paranoid flags used...
2010-05-05 mquinsonNew module: mmalloc (mapped malloc)