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MPI_Comm_split is back to life.
[simgrid.git] / src / smpi /
2010-11-18 piniMPI_Comm_split is back to life.
2010-11-15 agierschFix use after free when using SIMIX_network_wait().
2010-10-28 schnorrmoving TRACE_smpi_set_category to smpi_mpi.c so functio...
2010-10-14 schnorrusing mpi_comm_world to get the global rank
2010-10-11 alegrandIndent include and src using this command:
2010-10-06 schnorrcosmetics on tracing mechanism
2010-10-06 piniUpdated README for SMPI.
2010-09-29 piniSqueeze any block with a given delay (in flops).
2010-09-27 piniRemoved unused variables and added missing return call.
2010-09-27 piniAdded local and global sampling.
2010-09-23 navarropInitialize value. Compilation with Full Flags.
2010-09-23 piniTake size into account when building a unique name.
2010-09-22 piniAdded RAM folding to SMPI.
2010-09-15 schnorrwhen smpirun is executed with -trace parameter, activat...
2010-09-15 schnorrnot consider the time spent on SMPI tracing as part...
2010-09-06 piniFixed return type.
2010-09-06 piniAdded missing MPI call.
2010-09-06 piniBugfix: invalid behaviour in datatype_copy.
2010-08-10 schnorrupdate on smpirun script to accept -trace argument...
2010-08-06 schnorrtracing a sub-set of point-to-point mpi functions
2010-08-05 piniAdded MPI_CHAR to predefined reduce operations (not...
2010-08-05 schnorrtracing MPI collective operations implemented in SMPI
2010-08-05 schnorrinitial instrumentation points for the smpi component
2010-08-05 navarropGive LD_LIBRARY_PATH to smpirun.
2010-08-05 piniSemaphores are repaired, so SMPI can safely rely on...
2010-07-29 cristianrosaEnable using the MC with SMPI
2010-06-14 piniAdded new model (default with smpirun) that integrates...
2010-05-21 navarropAdd a path to smpicc for find libsimgrid.
2010-05-07 piniThe eager limit size itself is part of the RDV protocol.
2010-05-05 piniCleanup.
2010-04-25 mquinsonFix copyright headers
2010-04-21 piniAdded persistent communications (working but not yet...
2010-04-21 piniCleanup toward persistent communications.
2010-04-15 piniActually, we want a RDV not a deadlock.
2010-04-15 piniTypos, cosmetics and RDV protocol.
2010-04-13 piniMake SMPI parameters names more consistent.
2010-04-09 piniCompile MPI programs with -O2 by default.
2010-04-09 mquinsonKill a detection of jot, which produce an error message...
2010-04-02 piniPimple to get the message sizes
2010-03-25 piniRemoved trailing whitespace
2010-03-25 piniMore MPI calls support in SMPI
2010-03-25 piniAdded MPI_COMM_SELF.
2010-03-23 genaudOops. Forgot to commit these ones
2010-03-23 genaud- implemented MPI_MAXLOC & MPI_MINLOC in operations
2010-03-22 genaudadded MPI_Get_processor_name()
2010-03-19 piniMaybe this time I got it right.
2010-03-19 piniWe want the output for rank 0 as well...
2010-03-19 piniFix bugs in SMPE.
2010-03-18 piniMake SMPE's output to look more like clog2_print's one
2010-03-13 piniExpand space-separated values of --log and --cfg arguments.
2010-03-13 piniPlug the memleak of smx_rdv_t
2010-03-13 piniKeep SMPI data in the SMPI layer
2010-03-13 piniFixed buggy implementation of MPI_Waitsome
2010-03-13 piniFixed two more unclean execution paths
2010-03-13 piniBugfix to dirty cleanup of SIMIX from SMPI.
2010-03-13 piniMove misplaced memleak fix.
2010-03-12 mquinsonplug a tiny memleak
2010-03-12 mquinsonBummer, that's not the way to change the network model
2010-03-12 mquinsonProtect spaces in arguments forwarded to simgrid
2010-03-12 piniCosmetics in SMPI and bugfix for a nasty bug in SIMIX...
2010-03-11 mquinsonpropagate the network model tweaks to simgrid
2010-03-08 piniCosmetics + basic support for printing the simulated...
2010-03-05 piniFix SIMIX_network_copy_data against SMPI (to be tested...
2010-02-25 piniUse an execute action instead of a sleep action.
2010-02-23 piniAdded implementation of missing case for Alltoall ...
2010-02-22 piniFix bug while counting created requests in alltoallv.
2010-02-08 piniSMPI over SIMIX_network in a two days rush.
2010-01-29 piniAdded some missing MPI calls.
2010-01-28 piniBetter fix for r7026.
2010-01-27 piniFix errors with relative includes with smpicc
2010-01-27 piniIn smpi_mpi.c:
2010-01-20 piniIn smpi_mpi.c:
2010-01-19 piniAdded flag for printing more debug info
2010-01-19 piniFix stripping of first argument.
2009-12-11 mquinsonallow smpicc to survive to non-functionnal readlink...
2009-10-05 mquinsonImprovements to the MSG port on top of SIMIX network...
2009-08-17 mquinsonSMPI: Fix the prototype of SMPI_MPI_Type_get_extent...
2009-08-01 genaudAlltoallv
2009-07-31 genaudstarted alltoallv(). Still some bugs.
2009-07-30 genaudalltoall implemented (almost opmpi algorithms)
2009-07-30 genaudthought this one would fix my long-standing wait_all...
2009-07-21 genaud* minimum of datatype handling for alltoall tuned
2009-07-20 genaud... untested ...
2009-07-16 genaud* MPI_Sendrecv user+internal levels
2009-07-16 genaudupdate test
2009-07-16 genaudseparate user-level and internal-level for SMPI_MPI_...
2009-07-15 mquinsonYet more debug
2009-07-15 mquinsontodo++
2009-07-15 mquinsondo not call smpi_bench_* from SMPI_MPI_Allreduce since...
2009-07-15 mquinsonMore debug
2009-07-15 mquinsonOnly sleep to handle real computation if the time to...
2009-07-15 genaudexamples to demonstrate bugs in sendrecv
2009-07-13 genaud+ MPI_Sendrecv()
2009-07-13 mquinsonsimdata cleanup from smx_action_t. Now all SIMIX's...
2009-07-10 genaud MPI_Scatter() ok
2009-07-09 genaud- MPI_Scatter() /* untested */
2009-07-07 genaudheader to explain
2009-07-07 genaudooops. Forgot this new one.
2009-07-03 genaud- MPI_Barrier() as a collective
2009-07-02 genaud* added support for optimized collectives: