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Fix SimDag exception test
[simgrid.git] / examples / simdag / sd_test.c
2006-07-18 thieryFix SimDag exception test
2006-07-18 thieryAdd missing xbt_ex_free
2006-07-12 thieryTest functions SD_task_get_start_time and SD_task_get_f...
2006-07-12 thieryStupid bug
2006-07-10 thieryUpdate SimDag example
2006-07-10 thieryFix SimDag example
2006-07-06 thieryRemove a huge memory leak
2006-07-04 thieryAdd functions SD_workstation_get_computation_time,...
2006-07-03 thieryAdd functions SD_link_get_list() and SD_link_get_number...
2006-07-03 thieryAllow how_long to be negative
2006-07-03 thieryUse macros DEBUG and INFO instead of printf
2006-06-30 thieryAmount is finally back
2006-06-30 thieryRemove attribute amount from structure task
2006-06-29 thieryOptimize SD_simulate and fix bugs
2006-06-28 thieryAdd documentation for workstations and fix a few bugs
2006-06-27 thieryMissing cases
2006-06-27 thieryAdd a state SD_READY to the tasks to optimize SD_simulate
2006-06-26 thieryFix SD_simulate return value
2006-06-26 alegrandMoving sd_test.c to examples