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Fix copyright headers in simdag
[simgrid.git] / src / simdag / private.h
2009-10-05 mquinsonFix copyright headers in simdag
2009-05-26 mquinsonReindent everything (possibly breaking all branches...
2008-06-18 alegrandFrederic's patch to get the sharing policy in SimDAG.
2008-06-07 alegrandFix the bug raised by Benjamin Depardon.
2007-02-07 cheriermdo not export private functions in the dll (win32 specific)
2007-02-07 cheriermtake care of new dll import and dll export in Windows
2006-10-06 cheriermOnly adds the XBT_PUBLIC macro decoration a the beginin...
2006-09-28 mquinsoncosmetics
2006-08-04 thieryImprove the function SD_task_get_state
2006-08-04 thieryRemove useless reallocs
2006-08-04 thieryOptimize function SD_route_get_list()
2006-07-31 thieryAdd a sequential mode to the workstations. In this...
2006-07-18 thieryUse exceptions instead of assertions when it is appropriate
2006-07-18 thieryUpdate SD_init() and SD_exit()
2006-07-12 alegrandModify SD_task structures so that get_start_time, get_f...
2006-07-03 thieryAdd functions SD_link_get_list() and SD_link_get_number...
2006-06-30 thieryAmount is finally back
2006-06-30 thieryRemove attribute amount from structure task
2006-06-29 thieryOptimize SD_simulate and fix bugs
2006-06-28 thieryFinish SimDag documentation
2006-06-27 thieryAdd a state SD_READY to the tasks to optimize SD_simulate
2006-06-26 thieryUpdate function SD_simulate.
2006-06-23 thieryDetect when a task reaches a watch point.
2006-06-23 thieryMake private structures SD_link and SD_workstation
2006-06-23 thieryUse swags to handle task states and change structure...
2006-06-22 thieryImplement functions SD_task_dependency_add and SD_task_...
2006-06-21 thieryImplement SD_task_schedule, SD_task_unschedule and...
2006-06-21 thieryImplement functions SD_get_amount, SD_get_remaining_amo...
2006-06-20 thieryUpdate SimDag task structure.
2006-06-20 thieryRemove field name from strucure SD_link_t.
2006-06-19 thieryImplement link names in SimDag.
2006-06-16 thieryFix a memory leak.
2006-06-16 thieryUpdate workstation handling in SimDag. Change the prefi...
2006-06-15 thieryAdd private structures and functions + wrapping for...
2006-06-14 thieryWorking on SimDag.