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Move tests at proper place.
[simgrid.git] / src / surf / surf_routing.c
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschMove tests at proper place.
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschFix stupid off-by-one error, and make check survive...
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschRegister get_route_latency in global_routing, and use it.
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschDefine get_route_latency.
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschDo not compute a full extended route when it is not...
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschMerge _get_route and _get_latency.
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschSave another few percents in elements_father.
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschSanitize types, slightly improve, and reindent elements...
2011-05-17 Arnaud GierschChange interface for elements_father, and avoid to...
2011-05-10 NavarropOptimisation of get_route.
2011-04-27 NavarropMove src/surf/surf_routing.h in include/surf/surf_routing.h
2011-04-27 NavarropAdd surf_routing.h for extern variables
2011-04-21 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2011-04-21 NavarropPut ns3 sources in place.
2011-04-14 NavarropSplit surf_routing.c
2011-04-12 NavarropRemove link_router from tag cluster.
2011-04-12 NavarropOptimization of get_latency;
2011-04-12 Christophe ThiéryCosmetics
2011-04-12 Christophe ThiéryFix identation of comments.
2011-04-12 NavarropChange eculidean for euclidean.
2011-04-12 Christophe ThiéryTypos
2011-04-12 NavarropVerification of model Vivaldi and no link_ctn for route...
2011-04-11 Lucas Schnorrmerging tracing changes
2011-04-11 Christophe ThiéryMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2011-04-11 NavarropDelete coordinates for AS.
2011-04-11 NavarropCosmetics
2011-04-09 Lucas Schnorrfix compilation error
2011-03-31 NavarropFix memory leack.
2011-03-29 navarropWith the tag peer no need to set fullduplex and routing...
2011-03-24 agierschRemove usage of xbt_assert[0-9].
2011-03-24 agierschUse new macros THROWF and RETHROWF.
2011-03-24 navarropFree char* used by peer tag.
2011-03-24 agierschReplace, when possible, calls to bprintf() by calls...
2011-03-24 navarropsrc and dst can be in host_lib or as_router_lib.
2011-03-24 navarropSet level COORD_HOST_LEVEL and COORD_ASR_LEVEL if there...
2011-03-24 navarropRemove xbt_dict coordinates and move info into host_lib...
2011-03-24 navarropRemove resource_set from surf_model.
2011-03-24 navarropRemove where_network_elements and add element in host_l...
2011-03-23 coldpeaceallow parsing a Router component from lua console also
2011-03-14 navarropRemove xbt_assert from generic_src_dst_check function.
2011-03-14 navarropWe may want to use this function in examples.
2011-03-14 thieryFix a compilation warning (use of an uninitialized...
2011-03-10 navarropForgot one free.
2011-03-10 navarropFree some missing variables.
2011-03-10 navarropFree dict random_value and patterns after the end of...
2011-03-10 navarropFree dynar after use in xbt_dynar_compare.
2011-03-09 navarropVerify if elements src_gateway and dst_gateway are...
2011-03-09 navarropReturn SURF_NETWORK_ELEMENT_NULL if the elements is...
2011-03-09 navarropRevert "Change those functions to public for use extern...
2011-03-01 piniMissing semicolon
2011-03-01 thieryRemove side effects from xbt_asserts calls
2011-02-28 navarropRevert "Remove lua parse functions from simgrid."
2011-02-28 navarropChange those functions to public for use external parser.
2011-02-28 navarropRemove lua parse functions from simgrid.
2011-02-24 navarropWe must set host_coordinates to "" with bypass.
2011-02-22 agierschFree temporary strings.
2011-02-22 agierschsurf_routing: free patterns elements.
2011-02-22 agierschFix replace_random_parameter, and its usage.
2011-02-22 agierschsurf_routing: free coordinates elements.
2011-02-22 agierschReplace xbt_die(bprintf(...)) with xbt_die(...).
2011-02-22 agierschThere is no need to dup the key when using xbt_dict_set.
2011-02-17 navarropRemove all xbt_assert.*(0,FALSE or NULL for xbt_die
2011-02-17 agierschUse new style logging macros.
2011-02-17 navarropNow it compiles with NDEBUG flag
2011-02-17 navarropCompile with flag NDEBUG.
2011-02-15 navarropCorrectely use xbt_str_varsubs
2011-02-14 navarropReimplement old tag random.
2011-02-09 sahuadded jedule output to SimDAG
2011-01-31 navarropAdd token_ring example.
2011-01-21 navarropCorrectly set callbacks for tags.
2011-01-20 navarropMake a function to know if the configuration is set...
2011-01-19 navarropTest if the configuration into tag_config is already...
2011-01-13 navarropNow tag config is available.
2011-01-12 agierschFix debugging message.
2010-12-17 mquinsonexplain clearly when things go wrong just because we...
2010-12-14 navarropFix problem with get_route in Dijkstra.
2010-12-14 navarropFix bug when creating topology graph with model dijkstra.
2010-12-13 schnorr[trace] removing obsolete code (host and link declarati...
2010-12-13 schnorr[trace] using parser callbacks to trace the platform...
2010-12-08 navarropRemove unused variables.
2010-12-08 navarropAdd availability_file and state_file to peer tag.
2010-12-08 navarropAdd availability_file and state_file in cluster.
2010-12-08 thieryDavid's patch: replace != by strcmp
2010-12-07 thieryCall elements_father() only if necessary
2010-12-07 thieryFix more memory leaks
2010-12-07 thieryFix memory leaks
2010-12-07 thieryFix memory leaks
2010-12-05 alegrandAllow cluster tag to use the core tag...
2010-12-02 alegrandForgot to update after recent removal of FATPIPE in...
2010-12-02 alegrandAdd a peer tag to the DTD and make it compatible with...
2010-12-02 alegrandAdd a vivaldi routing model.
2010-12-02 alegrandRead and store coordinates.
2010-12-02 navarropFree those variables after the end of the cluster tag.
2010-12-02 quintin[surf] the second free inside the good #ifdef
2010-12-02 quintinbug correction on a free out of the ifdef PCRE
2010-12-01 agierschFix memory leaks in surf_routing.
2010-12-01 agierschFix, simplify, and reindent surf_*_resource_cmp functions.
2010-12-01 agierschCosmetics: remove useless parentheses.
2010-12-01 agierschFix typos.
2010-12-01 alegrandUse a cleaner function type for get_link_latency functions.