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msg_simix alpha. All functions implemented.
[simgrid.git] / src / simix / smx_global.c
2007-03-30 donassbrmsg_simix alpha. All functions implemented.
2007-03-29 donassbrMany changes done.
2007-03-27 donassbrAPI changed.
2007-03-23 donassbrNecessity to change the code to implement MSG..
2007-03-09 mquinsonDon't initialize the contextes manually, it will be...
2007-03-09 donassbrModified some functions and datatypes. Simix API change...
2007-03-07 donassbrSome tests done and bugs corrected.
2007-03-05 donassbrNew functions added, changes in the header files, funct...
2007-03-01 donassbrCopyright corrected.
2007-03-01 donassbrInitial structure. Nothing works yet.
2007-02-28 alegrandMaking room for simix.