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2015-08-05 Martin QuinsonCleanups in the Constant model
2015-08-05 Martin Quinsoninitialize some fields
2015-08-05 Martin Quinsondon't redeclare globals, use headers
2015-08-05 Martin QuinsonReduce the amount of (protected) multiple includes
2015-08-05 Martin QuinsonUpdate copyright notices
2015-08-01 Martin QuinsonRemove GTNetS. It was not working anyway
2015-07-29 degommethese are already defined in public simix.h or surf...
2015-07-28 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[windows] fix a typo in 32bits detection
2015-07-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fail if we can't unprotect the stack guard
2015-07-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not attempt to make the heap writeable
2015-07-28 Martin Quinson[appveyor] be more verbose about what's going on
2015-07-28 Gabriel Corona[mc] Use the real override
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix constness issue in MC_make_functions_index()
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove mc_object_info.cpp
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless functions
2015-07-27 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move Frame, ModelChecker, ObjectInformation, Type...
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonfix the log hierarchy extraction wrt mc_main, that...
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsonget it to compile on clang on my machine
2015-07-25 Martin QuinsonRemove borland-compiler related cruft
2015-07-25 Martin QuinsonRevert "Fix non-MC builds"
2015-07-25 Martin Quinsontry to get Clang happy with our C/C++ bindings
2015-07-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix missing #include in non MC
2015-07-25 Martin QuinsonFix non-MC builds
2015-07-25 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move MC_random is mc_base.cpp
2015-07-25 Gabriel CoronaDisable a XBT_LOG_CONNECT (this one is not in libsimgrid)
2015-07-25 Gabriel Coronas/smx_host/host/ because of API change
2015-07-25 Martin QuinsonRevert "Revert "[mc] Move MC_random() in mc_client_api...
2015-07-24 Martin Quinsonvarious fixups to the surf documentation
2015-07-24 Martin QuinsonRevert "[mc] Move MC_random() in mc_client_api.cpp"
2015-07-24 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not #define __has_feature
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup mc_client_api.cpp
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move MC_random() in mc_client_api.cpp
2015-07-24 kbaatiMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.gforge.inria...
2015-07-24 Martin QuinsonMerge branch 'master' of scm.gforge.inria.fr:/gitroot...
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Do not trigger errors in MC_automaton_new_proposit...
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move the proposition declaration functions in...
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup/simplify liveness property automaton regis...
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_automaton_new_propositional_symbol_callb...
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove HTML in a comment (this is ugly)
2015-07-24 Gabriel Corona[mc] Comment the binary search in ObjectInformation...
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix out of range error in the binary search implem...
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Fix: can't build a std::string with nullptr
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Give a real override if we know it's available
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove a lot of typedefs and typedef usage
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove remainings of an old type
2015-07-23 Gabriel Corona[mc] Simplify lookup of maps
2015-07-21 Martin QuinsonSimplify the process_execute simcall
2015-07-21 Martin Quinsonmassive rename of simcalls: execution is related to...
2015-07-21 Martin Quinsonmake simix more resilient to PEBKAC
2015-07-21 Martin QuinsonNew function: simcall_process_get_kill_time()
2015-07-21 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in debug messages
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove useless/unused stuff
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_post_process_functions()
2015-07-21 Martin Quinsonsanitize the process_create simcall
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Remove MC_dwarf_register_variable()
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Avoid the O(n^2) incremental construction of sorte...
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Add comments on ObjectInformation
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make ObjectInformation::function_index a std:...
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make ObjectInformation::file_names a std::string
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Process::subprograms a std::unordered_map
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make type_is an integer instead of a string and...
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move ObjectInformation methods in mc_object_info.cpp
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Move some declarations in mc_object_info.h
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Make Frame::variables, Frame::scopes and ObjectInf...
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ location lists and expressions
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ify Frame
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ify Variable
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] OOPify/C++ify Type (cont)
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] OOPify/C++ify Type (cont)
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] OOPify/C++ify Type
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] OOPify/C++ify ObjectInformation
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] C++ification of memory_map.cpp
2015-07-21 Gabriel Corona[mc] Cleanup/C++ification of {ModelChecker,PageStore...
2015-07-21 Christian Heinrich[SURF] Callbacks now use the INITIALIZER macros
2015-07-21 Martin Quinsoncosmetics in the check of library version vs. header...
2015-07-20 Martin QuinsonRemove a bunch of stuff from Host that was delegated...
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonfurther doxygen cleanups
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsoncosmetics and documentation around VM parameters
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonkill dead prototypes
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonmore rewrite of the doxygen
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonless void*, more sg_host_t
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonremove Host::communicate() (use network instead)
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsoncode factorization
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonkill an unused field (+cosmetics)
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonactually kill models' names
2015-07-20 Martin QuinsonKill models getName() call sites.
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsontypo in comments
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonkill an unused function
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonkill the sorry remainings of a parallelization of SURF
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsoninline two static functions
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsoninitialize fields at declaration
2015-07-20 Martin QuinsonRemove one of the many pimple: HostModel::p_cpuModel
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonkill unused function
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonmake a pimple smaller
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonreduce a bit the amount of void* (in L07)
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsonrename HostL07Action to L07Action
2015-07-20 Martin Quinsoncode simplification